What Are Weight Loss Patches and Do They Really Work?

By Letizia L

Weight-loss patches are medical devices that promise fast weight loss in the most critical parts of your body.
These products have been on the market for several years and certainly do not represent a novelty in the world of diets, and are instead cyclically back in fashion.

They are treatments that contain active ingredients capable of penetrating the body through the skin. The substances contained in the patch, combined, help to keep the sense of hunger under control, improve metabolism, and allow the body to drain excess liquids, eliminating fat.

What do weight loss patches contain?

They are usually composed of substances of plant origin that stimulate subcutaneous circulation and regulate appetite, acting on the nerve centers. Among the most famous components, there is green tea, which improves metabolism, garcinia, that regulates the sense of hunger and helps to fight the formation of fat pads, fucus seaweed, that burns fat and acts on the thyroid, guarana, which improves mood, acai berries, that provide a good dose of antioxidants, and capsaicin, which stimulate circulation and counteracts fluid retention.

There are many types of weight loss patches on the market, more or less effective in weight control. As always, before purchasing any medical product it is essential to contact a professional. Weight loss patches can have side effects ranging from insomnia to tachycardia, anxiety, and nausea.

They are also not recommended for people suffering from certain diseases and for those who take specific drugs. Finally, it is good to remember that in order to be useful, slimming patches must be combined with a healthy and balanced diet and sport.