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What Are the Best Exercises For Older Adults To Follow?

When we turn 50, we enter the “descending” phase of life in which our bodies begin to suffer from the physiological decay of the various organs and systems, in particular at the muscle, bone, and basal metabolism levels.

Over the years, muscle fibers, especially if not adequately stressed, are subject to a progressive decrease in strength, hence the importance of physical activity in adulthood so as to “age well”.

So, what can we do as we are aging, to preserve as much as possible our body strength?

  • Walking and running on the treadmill is an alternative, especially in winter or when the weather is not favorable, to walking or taking a slow run. In fact, it has the great advantage of being able to modulate the speed according to the physical resistance of the person.
  • The advantages of cycling are many, such as the decrease in diastolic blood pressure and the harmonious development of muscles. Stationary bikes can be found at any gym and they are an excellent exercise that even the elderly can do.
  • Many fitness experts and personal trainers believe that Pilates is the best form of gymnastics for the elderly: the movements are controlled and accurate, the exercises strengthen the spine and fight osteoporosis. Besides, pilates reduces joint pain and corrects posture.
  • The main advantage of weight lifting is to keep your muscles toned and responsive while strengthening them. Usually, weight lifting involves hands and arms but some are also very useful for legs and butt.
  • Backstretch, shoulder rotations, and quadriceps stretch are some of the stretching exercises recommended for the elderly. These exercises can represent the physical activity to be carried out in itself, or they can be carried out before other types of exercises such as warm-up.

Exercising is just as important during childhood and adulthood as it is during old age. With these useful tips, you’ll be able to mantain a fit and healthy body!