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Types Of Stress: Good Vs. Bad Stress

Stress is a silent killer, and everyone’s wish is to live free from it. As much as possible, we try to do away with things that bring frustration or anxiety. However, this seems inevitable since our daily life activities constitute stress. Stress can be positive and negative depending on what is at stake.

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Negative or Bad stress

Negative stress or distress results from unemployment, death of a loved one, injury, false accusation, and divorce. Falling into a distress situation can cause hopelessness, where you feel all is lost. It can therefore throw you into overthinking or having negative thoughts. When you fall into a distress situation, you may not find a lasting solution to the problem and start thinking about the worse scenario.

Positive or Good Stress

Also known as eustress, positive stress is triggered by good stressors. This can be your wedding day, starting a new job, learning something new, gaining college admission, and meeting someone you love. Positives stress improves performance and productivity. Here, the stressor becomes a catalyst to enhance your delivery.

Some stressors can also be both negative and positive, depending on your approach towards them. This is mostly dependent on the mindset of the person in question. If you are a pessimist, even a dream job with a high salary can cause you bad stress. However, that same offer can bring an optimist the joy to perform to the fullest.

 Types of stress

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There are several types of stress, and each comes with its own effects. These include

  • Environmental stress: This results from things happening around you. It could be a conflict among the people around you or moving into a new area, which requires that you adjust yourself to suit the environment.
  • Performance stress: This kind of stress is mostly related to the academic and professional fields. It is when you need to up your game to meet a deadline, gain promotion, or impress a new supervisor.
  • Interpersonal: Since we all have different upbringing and orientations, it is sometimes very difficult to relate with some people. The arguments and disagreements that come from your interaction with others can cause great stress.
  • Intrapersonal: this is when you are having problems within yourself. It could result from an illness, a bad habit, financial issues, and mental health-related challenges.