Thinking Of Reducing Fat Levels? How To Lower Your Body Fat Percentage

By Anthony K

When it comes to understanding what fat is, we might all have misconstrued information in associating fat with being obese or unhealthy. We must know that everyone’s body stores fat that is ingested from the food we take. This fat is essential as it helps in the production of energy that the body uses on a day to day activities. There are different fat levels in each person’s body. The downside of having an excess fat percentage might lead to health complications such as diabetes, obesity, and even worse health-related diseases.

So How Do We Lower Our Body Fat Percentage?

But did you know you could be healthier than the most masculine man or woman you envy out there? We can already see that calm smile on your face. The truth is fat varies per person, and the acceptable healthy fat percentage for women is 25%-31%, and for men, it is 18%-25%. It can be dangerous if you are below/above these numbers as essential fat is essential for the body.

Here are some tips to lower your body fat percentage;

1. Hello Cardio!

There is nothing bougie about cardio! Well, you don’t need any fancy machines to do cardio since they are exercises you can do at home or around your neighborhood for free! Surprised? Cardio is an exercise that makes your heartbeat and breathing increase. Do you have a staircase or a walking trail near your home? Then let’s start those morning runs, or running up and down the stairs or if that’s too hard, how about fast walking, and we can efficiently burn some body fat.

Image Courtesy of Healthline

2. Have Healthy Sleeping habits

We might all have an idea of how sleep affects many aspects of our lives, from our emotions, mood swings to even our mental health. In the same way, studies show that lack of enough sleep has been associated with higher body fat levels in our bodies.

3. Bye, Bye Junk!

Eating healthy is imperative to contributing to the fat levels in your body. It is advisable you should start consuming foods rich in micronutrients and containing less fat. Having that ice cream every day will only increase your fat levels.