The Most Common Cancer…

By Shane R
(C) Pexels

A new study recently conducted has shown that breast cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer in people worldwide. The most prevalent cancer used to be lung, but it no longer maintains the top mark. Although, more people still succumb to lung cancer than to breast cancers. Overall, with more screenings being done for breast cancer, more and more women are finding out about this prognosis earlier.

There are currently 36 forms of cancers that the American Cancer Society and the International Agency for Research on Cancer took an in-depth look at. 185 countries were documented, and it was found that close to 20 million people developed new cancer. 2 million of the cases involved breast cancer, which accounted for almost 12% of overall cancers. Lung cancer was a close second at 11.4%. But, as stated, lung cancer deaths accounted for 18% of the 10 million cancer deaths, and breast cancer was only 7%.

(C) Pexels

There are a lot of reasons, along with extra screenings, that breast cancer cases are on the rise. Some trends include women drinking more alcohol, childbearing postponement, changing reproductive factors, fewer newborn births, and less breastfeeding. Also, anywhere there are countries with high-incomes, that is where more women are in a better position to survive breast cancer. Sub-Sahara Africa is the area where most women are dying. They are usually finding out about their breast cancer when things are too late, sadly.

To prevent breast cancer, some are linking a diet rich in fruits and vegetables to breast cancer prevention. Working out also helps in the process. Also, even in a COVID-driven world, women need to get in for screenings. If they catch breast cancer sooner rather than later, there are more options and better outcomes on the horizon.