The Dangers Of Excessive Milk Intake

By Francis Tunwase

Milk is one of man’s earliest diets. It finds its way into our regular meals right from birth. In whatever form it may come, milk has numerous benefits. Given that it’s a primary source of protein, it helps you build healthy bones. As a plus, milk also strengthens muscles, sharpens your complexion, and gives you strong teeth.

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However, as the old saying goes, an excess of everything is bad. The same goes for milk – excess milk could be disastrous. And the sad part is that you don’t have to be lactose intolerant to experience the dangers of taking too much milk.

Scientists commonly consider taking more than three glasses of milk to be excessive. This large intake of milk in a diet can increase mortality risks in all genders and ages. Besides, there is evidence to show that too much milk can lead to fracture and broken bones__ a direct opposite of one of its primary benefits.

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Other studies show that milk containing high calories or fat may increase obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases. A combination of milk with other dairy diets may also lead to a greater risk of ovarian cancer and prostate cancer.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should stick to a vegan diet or do away with milk entirely. In fact, plant milk, like soy milk, also has its disadvantages. So, since there’s no escape from milk, you should take precautions. Take measured amounts of milk daily and avoid milk with high fat and cholesterol content. That way, you’ll reduce your risks of these dangers.