The Benefits of Reducing Red Meat from your Diet

By Divya G

You may be a hardcore meat eater, and there might not be a single day that goes without you eating meat. But please note that our body is not designed for digesting meat because our body has a digestive system that of herbivores. In short, a carnivorous animal may only take 3-4 hours to digest its food, and us, humans, may take an entire day. When the food is not digested in time, it starts to rot, causing several health complications.   

With that said, in this post, we will discuss the benefits of reducing red meat from your diet. 

  1. Controlling your cravings for meat may result in faster weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. There are studies that show that obese or overweight individuals who followed a meat-less program lost more weight than those who consumed meat. 
  1. Eating less meat also helps in reducing your risk of diabetes. Consuming less meat or no meat altogether tends to lower triglycerides, blood sugar, and blood pressure. This ultimately decreases your risk of metabolic syndrome, including type-II diabetes.  
  1. When you eat red meat, your body has to work a lot harder than usual to digest the meat. This can cause a lot of energy drainage and make you feel less energetic. 
  1. Following a vegetarian diet decreases your risk of all types of cancers. Eating red meat has been associated with gastrointestinal cancer. 
  1. As previously said, eating less meat means you will likely suffer from fewer diseases. This ultimately means that you will have a longer life span. 

The choice is yours. Slowly make this change you will see some positive results.