The Bathroom No-Nos: 5 Items To Keep Out Of The Bathroom

By Danel M October 23, 2023

The bathroom—that hallowed realm where we embark on our daily quests for grooming glory. It’s where we assemble our arsenal of essentials, from makeup to medication, ensuring our readiness for whatever the day throws our way. But hold onto your loofah because here’s a twist: some of your favorite bathroom buddies might be better off elsewhere, according to the expert advice we’ve unearthed.

The Bacterial Breeding Ground

Dr. Peter Michael, the chief medical officer of VUE and a practicing physician, has a rather shocking revelation for all of us bathroom loyalists. He points out that the bathroom is a hub for bacteria, including unwelcome guests like E. coli, salmonella, and staphylococcus. If left unattended, these invaders can cause infections and illnesses. It’s like a microcosm of the wild outdoors right in the middle of your hygiene haven! So, are you ready to learn which five unsuspecting items should hightail it out of your bathroom?

1. Vitamins and Supplements

Picture this: you keep your vitamins in the bathroom, thinking it’s a genius move to help you remember to take them. Unfortunately, it turns out your beloved pills dislike the steamy atmosphere just as much as your hair. Nutritionist Maria Marlowe, founder of Kuma, hilariously explains that your bathroom’s humidity and heat turn these capsules into wilting divas, depleting their nutrients and sending them towards a swift expiration date. Fish oil pills, in particular, are not fans of a hot and steamy shower – they tend to turn rancid, becoming the unwanted guests of the supplement world. And don’t even get us started on probiotics—they’re sensitive to light, heat, humidity, and even the oxygen-filled sighs of your shower. So, if you want to keep those friendly bacteria alive and kicking, they’d be much happier outside the steamy bathroom scene.

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2. Prescription Medication

Now, we all know the bathroom cabinet is the go-to spot for our prescriptions, but hold on just a second! Turns out, your medications aren’t thrilled with the idea. Dr. Peter Michael explains that the bathroom’s tropical climate can lead to meds throwing in the towel faster than a tap-dancing sloth. Moisture and steam are like kryptonite for these tiny superheroes, making them less effective. Even birth control pills, with their mighty mission to prevent surprises, can lose their potency when exposed to bathroom moisture and heat. And let’s not forget about insulin, nitroglycerin, EpiPens, and controlled substances. These substances suffer both in efficacy and safety when housed in a steamy bathroom. Not only can humidity and warmth dampen their effectiveness, but an unsecured bathroom storage spot presents an opportunity for unauthorized access, especially when it comes to those coveted controlled substances.

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3. Makeup

Our trusty bathroom serves as the designated beauty battleground for makeup application. It’s got great lighting and the perfect mirrors, but it might not be the best location for your cherished cosmetic collection. Dr. Peter Michael dishes the dirt, explaining that the bathroom’s humidity and moisture create a breeding ground for bacteria. Every time you unscrew that makeup container, you’re inviting a bit of air and moisture to join the party. It’s like an open invitation for these uninvited microscopic guests, particularly for products you scoop out with your hands, like a pot of lip balm. This influx of bacteria can lead to unsightly skin irritation and a world of other makeup mishaps.

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4. Electronics

You probably already know to keep your toaster away from the bathtub, but how about your hair tools and trusty cell phone? It turns out they’d rather not be part of your bathroom entourage. Dr. Peter Michael chimes in, reminding us that the bathroom isn’t the ideal place for your gadgets. The humidity and moisture can turn your electronic buddies into digital divas, leading to malfunctions or a sudden tech tantrum that could rival a toddler’s.

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5. Jewelry

Finally, it’s a tempting thought to keep your bling and baubles in the bathroom, easily accessible while you primp and prep. But, be warned, it’s not the best spot for your prized possessions. Dr. Peter Michael advises that bathrooms can be more of a Bermuda Triangle for your jewelry than a safe haven. Pieces can mysteriously disappear, be tarnished, or lose their luster thanks to the moisture and humidity. So, maybe your jewelry’s best life isn’t in the heart of your bathroom.

The bathroom might be your grooming command center, but it’s not always the right place for certain items. By shuffling your vitamins, supplements, medications, makeup, electronics, and jewelry to more suitable spaces, you can extend their shelf life and decrease the risk of bacterial mischief, gadget malfunctions, and bling blunders. So, let’s rethink the bathroom cast and find them new roles outside the steamy confines. Your bathroom might just thank you for the decluttering.

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