Strengthening Hips For Runners

By Shane R
(C) Pexels

Hips are a vital part of the human body. Often times, we forget their value until they start to cause us issues. But, when your hips are aligned, you can avoid injury and stay in proper form. Nothing is worse than getting sidelined by injuries. So, try out some of these tests to keep your hips stronger than ever.

Deep Squats

With your feet spread apart, start to squat down to the lowest point you can. If you can get your butt down to your feet, the better. This will help fight against stiffness and muscle tightness.

(C) Pexels

The Clamshell

The Clamshell is an exercise where you lay down on one side of your body. With your knees, hips, and ankles stacked upon one another, you will start to bend your knees to have your feet at the back of you. Have your back arm holding up your head, while your top arm rests on the top of your hip. As you keep your feet together, you can pause, lower your knees, and do again and again.

Walking With A Band

With the help of a resistance band, have it right next to your knees. Work by doing a little squat. Bend your hips gingerly to help work the glutes. While you maintain the tension, your legs will need to be apart in a purposeful way. It is a workout with a band that will be a game-changer in your life as a runner. Without this exercise, you may start to suffer.