Socks Help You Sleep Better, And Here Is How They Do That

By Anthony K

Are you among those people who have trouble sleeping at night? If so, you might be capable of improving your sleeping patterns by putting on a pair of socks when it is bedtime. To understand why, it is essential to comprehend the relationship between sleep and core body temperature.

Source: @shvetsa / Pexels

Your body’s temperature levels tend to differ during nighttime. It turns out that the gradual decline in core body temperature is an important part of the complex neurobehavioral dance of falling and staying asleep. And the faster you can reduce your body temperature, the quicker you will nap.

Your body controls its temperature in part through blood vessels in your skin. If the brain determines that the body is overheating, it will inflate (widen) blood vessels, spreading warmer blood from the center of the body across the rest of the body to cool it down.

If the body is excessively cold, the brain sends the reverse signal, limiting blood flow to the surface. Heating the feet before going to sleep with a warm foot bath or wearing socks stimulates the dilation of the vessels, reducing the body’s core temperature faster than sleeping with cold, bare feet.

Source: @karolina-grabowska / Pexels

It turns out that the temperature differential seen between the surface skin of your limbs and your abdomen, known as DPG by sleep experts, is the best predictor of your ability to fall asleep quickly.

In fact, some claim that this is even more powerful than methods like hypnosis or taking a melatonin pill before night.