45 Snowy Scenes That Are So Satisfying We Can Almost Smell The Winter Air

By Jhoana C December 28, 2020
45 Snowy Scenes That Are So Satisfying We Can Almost Smell The Winter Air

If you live in a temperate region, winter might not be so exciting anymore. It comes every year, though sometimes more furiously than others. Some people can’t stand it and get the heck out of dodge at the first sign of changing leaves. Others, however, can’t get enough of the wintertime. Putting up with the biting cold is worth it for the chance to see some of the beautiful creations Mother Nature gives us. One of the quintessential parts of winter is, of course, snow! We all know the theory that no two snowflakes are alike, but that’s not the only reason snowfall is beautiful. Just look at some of these stunning and satisfying patterns left on cold winter mornings.

A snowy work of art on the fence

Nature is, and always will be, the first true artist. Just look at this masterpiece that a homeowner from Terschelling, Netherlands, woke up to. Now, this is the first sight we would also like to see when we wake up in the morning.

Image courtesy of osamainpk/Imgur

It’s as if Mother Nature’s delicate hands sculpted the snow for a hauntingly beautiful and unique work of art. You don’t normally see this the morning after a snowy evening, and something as beautiful as this needs documentation.

This pet parent’s kitty abhors snow

Cats are widely believed to dislike water so much, and they attribute this to the cat species evolving in dry climates. Except for drinking, cats had little exposure to lakes or rivers, so water is an element that is not familiar to them.

Image courtesy of DrWhoodles/Imgur

This seems to be the case with this pet parent’s kitty, except that she doesn’t like frozen water or snow. We are thinking of how the cat got from the yard to the house as we only see a single paw print. The cat must have flown!

Straight out of a postcard

One of life’s pleasures is stumbling upon scenes that are straight out of a postcard or a painting. When you wake up after being snowed in during the night, you wouldn’t expect much, but the person who submitted this photo was pleasantly surprised.

Image courtesy of DynamikSan04/Reddit

Whose jaw wouldn’t drop at sight like this? The snow clinging on the branches in this town in Finland is pure perfection. As if each snowflake has been deliberately placed there. This magical scene captured during sunrise deserves to be framed and displayed.

Breathtaking Versailles covered in snow

The Palace of Versailles in France is one of the most visited places in the world. It is also one of the most beautiful. From a seat of power in imperial France, it is now a museum that welcomes millions of visitors every year.

Image courtesy of Simmo5150/Reddit

If you’re wondering what Versailles looks like during the winter time, look no further. It is magical! The snow blanketing the gardens in the palace looks as if it’s nature’s quilt. Anyone would love to get their picture taken there.

A hauntingly beautiful forest

A snowy forest is a sight to behold, and if you are ever lucky to see one, you need to take a photo of it. That might be was this person was thinking when she snapped a photo of these hauntingly beautiful trees.

Image courtesy of dittidot/Reddit

What’s unusual about this photo is that the snow didn’t cover the trees entirely; it only covered the middle part. Wouldn’t this make a nice greeting card? It would also make an excellent wallpaper. We’d love to work on our computer if this was on our desktop.

An apple orchard that’s perfect for Christmas

One of the most recognized symbols of Christmas is the Christmas tree. Believed to have originated in Germany, the tradition of putting up Christmas trees started in the 16th century when devout Christians put up decorated trees in their home.

Image courtesy of unnaturalorder/Reddit

But, if you live in an apple orchard such as this, we guess there is no need for Christmas trees. The apple trees covered in snow and exposing only the fruits look magical. You can sit back and relax; Nature has already arranged the decorations for you.

The snowy mustache

Snow falling on the ground, buildings, and different objects can form interesting and sometimes funny patterns. Snow may be cold, but it brings a few delights too. Just take a look at how melted snow formed a mustache on this car.

Image courtesy of shellderp/Reddit

We can only surmise that this is how French cars look in winter. They may be cold, but they still look classy and posh. We’d love to own of these fancy cars; they must be a joy to drive in the snow.

Snow rolls in winter

If you have ever passed by a farm in the height of summer, you’ll surely see rolls of hay. The rolls are made up of legumes, grass, and other plants that are cut, dried, and rolled. They are used for animals to graze on, especially if the weather hinders access to feeding.

Image courtesy of thewrongun/Reddit

Now imagine these rolls of hay covered in snow. That’s exactly what you get with the photo above. Others say how the snow formed looks like little curls of butter, but we’d say it resembles “winter” rolls of hay better.

Snow in the cabbage field

Cabbage is a vegetable that is mainly used in the making of coleslaw. Considered a cool-weather crop, most cabbage production happens in the spring, fall, and winter months. In the USA, five states grow cabbage, namely, Florida, Texas, California, Wisconsin, and New York.

Image courtesy of 9999monkeys/Reddit

If you are wondering what cabbage fields look like when there’s snow, we have sights to show you. The cabbages covered in snow look like one of those mattress ads where they show all the different layers, down to the springs.

It’s windy where they live

Wind direction influences snowfall accumulation at ski areas, but how does it affect places that are not meant for skiing? They say a picture paints a thousand words, and looking at this picture will tell you that this place is windy.

Image courtesy of Zevediah/Reddit

The Chevy looks like it’s wearing a giant baseball cap, but it also looks like a giant baseball cap is growing a Chevy. Regardless of which way you look at it, you better bring thick jackets if you’re headed to this place.

A snow-covered cabin

At first glance, this might look like a luxurious dog house for the pooches of millionaires, but it isn’t. This cabin is meant for humans. A warm and toasty cabin is a great thought when you’re freezing outside in a blizzard.

Image courtesy of DynamikSan04/Reddit

The cabin must be a welcoming place that the kind dog is even beckoning us to go in. We’d love to get a spot near the fireplace so we can hear the crackling of the dry wood as they burn. The next thing we want to do is curl up in a blanket while sipping a cup of hot chocolate.

Picture-perfect street in Finland

Famous for being the happiest nation in the world, Finland also has the cleanest air and the best education system. Finland is also known for having some of the cleanest streets in the world. A great destination to visit during the summer, you might also consider going there in winter.

Image courtesy of Luciphyr729/Reddit

This picture-perfect scene of a peaceful and gorgeous Finnish street in winter is something we would love to see. The cars have all been snowed, the street is quiet, and the brightly colored houses make a great contrast to the sterile color of the snow.

White train trestle

There are plenty of scenic train routes all over the world, and those in Europe are some of the most beautiful. Passengers get to sit comfortably and gorge on delicious food while enjoying some of the most glorious sights that the earth has to offer.

Image courtesy of wistfullycountry/Tumblr

This picture of a snow-covered forest and railway is enchanting, to say the least. We are expecting a fairy or some magical creature to reveal itself at any moment. This beautiful photo deserves to be framed.

Snowballs on a tree

Snowballs are one of the things kids look forward to making during wintertime, aside from snow angels. Snowballs make great projectiles if you want to play dodgeball with other children during winter. But, are you ever curious if Mother Nature can create the perfect snowballs?

Image courtesy of IHaeTypos/Reddit

The sight of several snowballs of different sizes piled on top of another is what greeted this homeowner. Some say it looks like a pearl necklace, but it also looks like a uterus with out-of-control fibrosis. We leave it up to you to decide if this was made by nature overnight or not.

Snow outlining bricks on a patio

Winter can be magical, but it can also be bitterly cold, especially if you live somewhere in Siberia. The best consolation you get from the coldest season of the year is that it allows you to indulge in skiing, sledding, ice skating, and other winter sports.

Image courtesy of calmdownlad/Reddit

You can also make a nice Snowman in your yard with friends and family. The only thing difficult about winter is you have to clear your driveway and sometimes shovel inches of snow in your yard. This person got a nice surprise because the snow only settled on the outline of the bricks. What sorcery is this?

Alien stop sign

This stop sign covered in snow after a whole week with no sun in sight – it almost looks like an alien creature about to devour passers-by. It also seems like it’s wearing a feather boa to keep itself toasty and warm.

Image courtesy of Tacos_and_weed/Reddit

Some eagle-eyed people on the Internet say that the sign has a resemblance to Bjork’s swan dress, which we cannot deny at all. Others say it’s like mold growth, the hood of an anorak with fur, and even a punk band in snow.

The perfect tiny snowflake

Each snowflake is unique. A myriad of amazing patterns forms depending on the weather conditions. Regardless of how many billions of snowflakes fall from the sky, you will never find any two that are completely the same.

Image courtesy of Robertson_Bit4Life/Reddit

Our naked eyes see snowflakes as just little dots, but if you have ever had the chance to capture a close picture of one, you will be amazed at how it looks. This person had the perfect snowflake land on her, and it was gorgeous, to say the least.

The snowy, stone arch

This sight seems to be straight out of a Japanese zen garden. The carefully composed arrangements of moss, pruned trees, rocks, and sand are very calming and are things which plenty of people like to see. If they looked nice during warm weather, they also look equally charming in winter.

Image courtesy of Gravity Glue/Facebook

Look at how the snow is resting on the arch. They look like gloved fingers holding up the stones, but they also look like something alien. It would be nice if a picture of the stones can be taken during different seasons at the same angle for comparison.

A beautifully decorated patio tables

Depending on weather conditions, snowfall can be as little as a few inches to as high as meters. There are times when you go to sleep and wake up surprised that your entire driveway and yard is already buried under inches of snow.

Image courtesy of elephantcel/Reddit

This homeowner woke up to this sight on her patio. There may be inches of snow, but the pattern on the patio table is remarkable. It’s like Nature was busy decorating the entire night and came up with this creation.

Snowed in

Sometimes the snow during winter gets so bad that people can’t go anywhere. People get stuck in their homes, and they face the prospect of having to clean their yards and shove inches of snow. Well, what happened to this man was even worse.

Image courtesy of Xingua92/Reddit

When he opened his door, he couldn’t even see anything outside. It was blocked with not inches but meters of snow. Yup, the white thing there, which is like a mirror image of the door, is snow. Well, we guess he isn’t going anywhere.   

Christmas lights covered in snow

Chicago, the Windy City, didn’t get its moniker for no reason. The powerful winds can be especially difficult to deal with during winter. If you are headed there, you better pack clothes and suits that can help keep you warm.

Image courtesy of alikeannoyance/Reddit

This homeowner saw something she didn’t expect when she woke up. The sight that greeted her is that of her Christmas lights perfectly encased in the snow after a snowstorm. Fortunately, they were still working fine. She didn’t have to buy a new set of lights for the holidays.

A coke machine chilling in the cold

Japan has always been known as a land of futuristic inventions, where almost anything is automated. Wanna have some noodles for lunch? Go order at the machine. Wanna get a drink to go with your fluffy pancakes? Go get some from the machine.

Image courtesy of Eiji Ohashi/shashasha.co

The Land of the Rising Sun also enjoys a good amount of snowfall during winter. Nothing screams Japanese more than this Coke machine outside covered in thick snow. We bet the Coke machine was just chilling and enjoying his time in the cold.

Snow sneaking in through the door crack

If you want to keep the cold outside and don’t want the chill to come creeping up in your home, you better make sure that you seal all entries to your house. You will be wasting a lot of electricity on heating if you don’t seal the door shut.

Image courtesy of Death_Proof_EP/Reddit

That’s apparently what happened to this homeowner. It seems that she needs weather stripping because the snow got in the house through the crack on the door. We are wondering if the house was warm in the first place because the snow didn’t even melt.

The pastry pie made of snow

Heavy snow can be dangerous at times. It can paralyze an entire city, close borders, strand commuters, stop the flow of supplies, and even disrupt emergency medical services. If your house is not sturdy or is made of non-durable materials, your roof can collapse.

Image courtesy of dosoc/Reddit

Fortunately for this homeowner, none of those dire predicaments befell her. What she got was a pastry made of snow on her patio table. If you ask us, it looks very much like a frozen ravioli. This is a lot better than a collapsing roof.

A lone tree in the snow

Being snowed in and cut off from civilization during a snowstorm can be dangerous and lonely at the same time. Having no one to talk to and no one that can help you is even direr if you don’t have enough supplies to last you a few days until help gets to you.

Image courtesy of earthmoonsun/Reddit

This lone tree in the middle of nowhere doesn’t seem to mind, though. It seems to like standing alone and having the land all to itself. This serene picture is not manipulated. It’s a real photo of what seems to be a pine tree surrounded by curvy snow waves.

Snowy deck

It must have been a frigid and windy night for this family who woke up to the screen around their decks covered in snowy spikes. Careful with them; you just might hurt yourself. The homeowner was so amazed that he just had to take a picture and share it with everyone.

Image courtesy of DonOf952/Reddit

This is called a hoar frost. It is the dew drops that have frozen into ice crystals to form white deposits on various exposed surfaces. They get more remarkable-looking when they get thick. We’re not saying this isn’t impressive enough, though.

A very creative way of clearing the driveway

Anyone who’s lived in a cold climate will tell you that it’s such a pain to clear driveways after a heavy snowstorm. You can be mad about it, but it’s still something you still have to do if you wish to go to work or the grocery.

Image courtesy of Jeromiewhalen/Reddit

You can do it as everyone does, or you can be creative about it and have some fun in the process. Just take this man who shoveled snow on his driveway in a “chevron” pattern. We bet he is a fun neighbor to have.

Melting ribbon of snow

There is just no predicting or explaining where snow will fall and what patterns it will make. Winter is full of surprises; some of them are pleasant, while others are devastating. This homeowner was gifted by Mother Nature with a ribbon of snow.

Image courtesy of doodlebeanz/Reddit

The snow looked like melted marshmallows on his fence. We would have also said it’s impossible if we didn’t see it. This view is more than worth the trouble of taking a picture, and we are sure artists will agree with us.

The cloth of ice

Ice and snow can take several forms. Some might just fall and form a neat blanket on the ground, but others take strange forms. This is because, according to science, the molecular makeup of snow crystals can differ from one another.

Image courtesy of KevlarYarmulke/Reddit

Just look at the photo above. It’s like the ice decided to slide off the chair and fold itself. While many of us wish our laundry did the same thing, so we don’t have to go through the trouble of folding them and putting them away, they won’t. We can only wish for now.

Wanna go skiing on the roof?

Not only does the sky in this photo look like snow-capped mountains and hills, but the roof of the house also has perfect waves. Strangely, the snow didn’t take the form of the roof; it became an entirely different thing.

Image courtesy of troynole/Reddit

If you are a winter sports fan, you might just want to go get your gear out and go snowboarding or skiing on the roof. We’re sure the homeowner must be thinking about how he is going to get the roof cleared of all the ice.

A freshly groomed farm of snow

Beaver Creek is a town in Colorado that offers a world-class and luxurious skiing experience for guests. It is popular for its breathtaking views, fine dining, as well as soothing spas. If you want to have some respite during the holidays, you should go there.

Image courtesy of spicedpumpkins/Reddit

If you don’t believe what we told you about the view, you can take this photo as proof. Doesn’t it look enchanting? It’s like a freshly plowed field, manicured to perfection. Don’t you just want to start rolling on the snow?

Snow crepes on the windshield

Clearing ice from your car windshield is a must if you want to stay safe while driving. There are right and wrong ways to clear ice, as well as snow from your car, and it doesn’t involve reaching for salt from your kitchen.

Image courtesy of sigmar_ernir/Reddit

However, if the snow on your windshield looks like a crepe, you might want to grab your phone and take a photo first. After all, they say if there is no picture, it didn’t happen. Now you can proceed to clear the ‘snownammon’ off your car’s windshield.

Trampoline covered in snowfall

In yet another picture of snow taking odd shapes and weird figures, this is what happened to one homeowner after a night of heavy snowfall. The trampoline in the backyard is covered with thick snow and looks like a flan.

Image courtesy of Exonerable/Reddit

We don’t know what the other thing is in the backyard, but it looks like a mochi ball. If you’re not familiar with mochi balls, go look it up, and you’ll see what we mean. A mochi isn’t a bad idea for these cold, winter months, though.

Snow curling off the roof

There must have been heavy snowfall the night before because when this homeowner woke up and went out to inspect the yard, there’s thick snow not only on the ground but also on the roof. Fortunately, their roof is made of sturdy material, and it didn’t collapse.

Image courtesy of Echobrocation/Reddit

The snow on the roof is as thick as a mattress, and it looked like the barrel of a wave that surfers love. It’s gonna be tough to get that much snow off the roof. We can hope that this isn’t a one-person job for the homeowner.

Frozen lake covered with snow

Most ponds and lakes don’t completely freeze during winter because the ice on top serves as insulation for the water below. However, in areas where the winter is cold and if the temperatures drop low enough, they do turn completely solid.

Image courtesy of wecontroleverything/Reddit

The lake in this photo is completely frozen and it is also covered with a blanket of snow. We can hardly make out the platform beneath all the white snow. This pristine and clean image almost makes any vibrant colors out of place.

The soft curves of untouched snow

We are not sure if these are hills covered in snow or if the curves are just the difference in the amount of snowfall. This sterile and pristine photo of untouched snow is very calming. Imagine if this is the view outside your window.

Image courtesy of iLikeChickens123/Reddit

Some people on the Internet think the curves resemble buttocks covered in snow. Well, now that they pointed it out, we can no longer unsee it. Regardless of what you see in the photo, we think it’s a beauty.

The lone leaf that carved a circle in the snow

The lonely leaf in this picture seems to be so in despair that it looks like it’s given up. Or it could just be the strong wind; we’re not sure. The ground is thick with inches of snow, and the leaf carved a perfect circle.

Image courtesy of miserendino/Reddit

On second thought, the dried leaf also looks like a point in the compass leading travelers to go a certain way. We wonder what is waiting in the direction the leaf is pointing to. Wherever it leads, better bring a jacket.

Soft served snow

Although most would rather stay somewhere warm and escape the cold months, there are plenty of things to love during winter. You get to make snowmen, sled, ski, and snowboard, warm yourself in front of the fire, and drink endless cups of hot chocolate.

Image courtesy of TheNewGuyNickD/Reddit

Another thing to watch out for is the interesting pattern the snow makes on different surfaces. The snowfall on the tree stumps in this photo looks so much like soft served ice cream. They look pretty enough to eat.

Snowy shadows of trees

We have never seen anything quite as awesome as this. Everyone knows that snow melts once there is heat, but in this picture, the snow that has been covered by the shadow of the tree branches have remained intact.

Image courtesy of the_cloud_gaming/Reddit

The outline that the snow made on the grass is something to see. We reckon that it might not be that warm since some of the snow is still solid. If there were no pictures, we’d find it hard to believe if someone told us about this.

The last remnants of snow in Scotland

The alien-like photo below was taken in Carn Ban Mor in Scotland. The mountain has an elevation of 1052 meters and is one of the top attractions for locals and tourists alike. There are numerous activities for people who love the outdoors, such as mountain biking and hill bagging. 

Image courtesy of IceBean/Reddit

The snow in the photo has formed what people call a melt tunnel. It is eerie looking, but it is also perilous because it is quite unstable and can collapse anytime. Hopefully, the lady in the photo quickly got out of the melt tunnel after having her picture taken.

Winter wonderland

This picture is the exact definition of a winter wonderland. The photo looks so surreal as if it was the work of someone who has excellent Photoshop skills. However, this is an actual place in the northeast part of China.

Image courtesy of DrFetusRN/Reddit

Just look at the thick snow covering the roofs and the ground and the little red lanterns hanging outside the homes. The snow looks like marshmallow frosting on a gingerbread village. It’s straight out of a Disney movie. We expect to see Mulan coming out of one of the houses anytime.

Wires covered in spiral snow

Here is another one of those weird forms and shapes snow takes when it falls on surfaces. Although the wire is straight, the snow that covers it has taken a spiral form that people have given it a new name, snow snake.

Image courtesy of kubricks_cube/Reddit

The shape of the snow also resembles the sort of sweet you can buy at carnivals when they swirl candy around a stick. Nature is remarkable that she can create something marvelous from things we don’t always pay attention to.

Structures from a snow carving event in Canada

There are numerous snow sculpture contests all over the world, and some of the most popular are in Harbin in China, Sapporo in Japan, Grindelwald in Switzerland, and Yekaterinburg in Russia. Ice sculptures have a rich history, and there is evidence that suggests people have been carving ice since 600 B.C.

Image courtesy of dittidot/Reddit

This work of art made of snow slabs seemingly stacked perfectly on top of each other is hardly done by Mother Nature. It is most likely an entry in one of the ice sculpture contests that take place every winter. 

Snow dunes in the yard after a cold night

If there are sand dunes, there are also snow dunes in neighborhoods during winter. It would be nice to wake up after a stormy and snowy night to a sight like this in your yard. Not only is the amount of snowfall not too much, but they also formed snow dunes.

Image courtesy of Drift180sx/Reddit

The snow looks like icing sugar on top of a cake, delicate and fragile. Looking at it will make you not want to touch and disturb it. However, if you need to step out of the house, you have no choice.

Unique patterns of snow

No two snowflakes are alike. They might look similar to the naked eye, but when you take a closer look, you’ll see the differences. What his guy captured with his camera was not the unique pattern of a snowflake, but something close to it, the geometric pattern of the snow when he went skiing.

Image courtesy of kuroi_/Reddit

Many things come to mind when you look at the picture. It resembles a beautiful tree ornament, expensive jewelry, a rock candy, and even chunks of bismuth. It’s absolutely gorgeous and very cool indeed. One cannot help but marvel at the perfection of nature that is nestled in the palm of his hand.