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45 Goosebump-Inducing Corridors That Give Us The Creeps

You might not think that a corridor can be that scary, but we advise you to guess again. Sure, they might not be as terrifying as a plane crash or a zombie attack – these are pretty standard. But some corridors can seem just a little too threatening or spooky to be normal. On the surface, corridors are just a way to connect different rooms in a home or building, and most of them are pretty harmless. But then you have the corridors that just seem a little…off. It might be hard to pinpoint what is so strange about them, but we know they make us feel like we are in a horror film. Since we are having a hard time putting them into words, here are 45 pictures of these creepy corridors.

White walls

Whoever built this corridor does not seem like they had any understanding of design concepts or how to make things look good. It is not that easy to walk through, either, as you might constantly bump into the walls.

Image courtesy of EltioEmiGomez7u7 (Reddit)

Seriously! Who on earth thought that this was a good idea? Walking through here looks more like a punishment than an easy task! They could have at least painted the walls a nice color to make it a bit better.

Leaky Corridor

This one is so unexpected, which is why it is so strange. Imagine walking down a corridor and then suddenly feeling your shoes getting wet. You might just think it is some kind of dangerous liquid, but try looking at this picture a second time.

Image courtesy of lzrp4g (Reddit)

Just what on earth is that huge puddle made from, and where is it coming from?! It might just be water that looks like blood because of the red carpet, but we are not taking any chances. There’s too much!

Crooked Lights

Some design choices just make you think, “what in the world!” and this is certainly one of those. There is no rhyme or reason why someone decided to put these lights on the roof in such a strange pattern. It doesn’t look good!

Image courtesy of Seishin_Yurei (Reddit)

The lights also make the whole corridor look crooked, which might have been what this designer was going for. We have no idea why they want to do this because it makes us feel sick just looking at it.

Red Lights

One good thing about this corridor is that none of the creepiness was on purpose, but that does not make it any less scary, though! This is a hallway in a hospital after an electrical explosion caused the lights to fail.

Image courtesy of Tearmystillhousedown (Reddit)

The only light in the entire corridor is from the exit sign, which obviously makes the whole corridor glow in a deep red hue. It looks like it is in the pits of the underworld and definitely a place we want to avoid.

Corridor of Doom

You might not be able to tell from this picture, but it is actually a photograph of a corridor at a Uhaul center. With most of the lights off, it looks like a pretty creepy place to be, especially if you’re alone.

Image courtesy of Usagi18 (Reddit)

It looks a little bit like a school corridor as well, although it is definitely not somewhere that we would like to visit! It is quite strange how turning off a few lights can make a place instantly spooky.

Forever and ever

Our next corridor looks like something from a movie, but we assure you that it is definitely real. It looks like it stretches on for eternity! We doubt it is actually that long, but the design is not doing anyone any favors.

Image courtesy of Kenopsia (Reddit)

We would not be surprised if someone used this corridor as the set for a horror movie or some kind of thriller. It is definitely messing with our minds just from looking at it! Hopefully, it does not last forever.

Star Wars

You might mistake this corridor for something from the Star Wars films, as the grungy, 70s look of it comes straight out of something from George Lucas’s mind. But you’d be wrong! Can you guess what it really is?

Image courtesy of Incomplete-sentanc (Reddit)

It is actually not anything too interesting – just one of the corridors to get onto a plane. We have no idea why anyone would want to make it look so dull and dreary. A little bit of color never hurt anyone!

Empty corridor

One of the creepiest kinds of corridors is not one that is filled with strange things but actually one that has nothing in it, just like this one! The emptiness of this corridor makes it seem so spooky and desolate.

Image courtesy of Spriteice (Reddit)

The person who posted this picture said that they were lost in a hospital, and their phone reception was getting worse as they tried to find their way out. But we think the spookiest part is definitely that random stain…

Beware the green

There is something so terrifying about train cars. Perhaps it’s all of the metal everywhere or the fact that it looks like a traveling jail cell. Either way, the only way to make these places creepier is by using strange lights…

Image courtesy of JCPhotography_mi (Reddit)

…which is precisely what happened here in this rail car corridor! The green glow caused by the tinted windows gives the whole place an unearthly quality. It doesn’t help that the corridor seems to stretch on forever and ever.

Ghostly hallway

Here is another corridor that is spooky because it is so empty. You might not even be able to tell where this photograph was taken, but it’s inside of the Mall of America! Without all the posters and signs, it seems scary.

Image courtesy of Victoriaxity (Reddit)

We would not be surprised to see this used as the set for the next Silent Hill film. The weird glow and fog make it fit for a horror movie! We’ve got no idea why someone would want to visit this place.

Not so friendly shop

One thing that is pretty common with the places on this list is that so many of them are pretty innocent normally. But, with the bad lighting, they become completely different. The next entry is no exception to this!

Image courtesy of Harukegay (Reddit)

This photograph is of a shop in Brazil. Normally, it would probably look quite fun and inviting if the lights were on, but the darkness in the back seems like it’s getting closer and closer. We wonder what monsters are hiding in there!

Empty hospital

It is time for another empty corridor now. For this one, it feels like a corridor from a dream. All the white on the walls and the strange clock on the side is freaky. We wonder who designed it this way!

Image courtesy of Stalker_Bleach (Reddit)

This photo was taken inside of a hospital, which is a little hard to believe. There is nothing safe nor comforting about walking somewhere like this. We think the walls could do with a bit more color or a few inviting photos.

Abandoned AMC

The user who took this picture was at their local AMC theatre, which had been abandoned. We are not surprised that people decided to leave as it looks super spooky in there! The dark lights make it look so mysterious.

Image courtesy of MrNebularGuy (Reddit)

It is unclear when or why this place was abandoned, but we reckon they made the right choice because it does not look like a fun place to visit. It is probably great for watching a horror film, though.

Apartment balcony

If you look at this picture, you would be forgiven for thinking that it is a prison because of the layout. However, you would be wrong as it is actually an apartment complex! Those balconies make us feel anxious.

Image courtesy of ThatWillBuffOut (Reddit)

We are not sure why anyone would want to have an indoor balcony, as it seems completely pointless. The whole place gives us major creepy vibes, and we definitely would not like to stay somewhere as strange as this.

Choose a side

This museum hallway looks like it is giving a choice to its customers – either you can walk on the dark side, or you can choose the light side. We know which one we would pick, the light side, of course!

Image courtesy of Oop_kms (Reddit)

Seriously, though, would it kill the museum owners to use a bit more light for the corridor on the left-hand side? It does not exactly help to have a dark red carpet, making things extra creepy. Sort it out!

Mysterious Place

This corridor looks pretty mysterious as we have absolutely no idea where it was taken. It looks like it could be on a cruise ship, but it also looks like some kind of hotel. Either way, it is spooky!

Image courtesy of Zoop-Loop (Reddit)

It would not be so bad if it were not for the ugly carpet design and fake wooden walls. They look like they are made of plastic instead. This designer needs to go back to the drawing board with this.

Porthole Problems

This corridor looks like it belongs on a cruise ship with those giant portholes, but it is actually from a train station. We are not sure why anyone would want such huge windows under the ground – there’s nothing to see!

Image courtesy of Mr_PoodlePants (Reddit)

Honestly, we would not be surprised to see a shark or other sea animal swimming past the window since it really does look like the station is underwater. Some better lighting would easily make this place much less creepy.

Metal box

There is something so strange about airport corridors. They are just so cold and lifeless, and this one is the perfect example of that. It looks so empty, and we cannot imagine anyone going through here and being happy about boarding a plane.

Image courtesy of [Deleted User] (Reddit)

All they need to do is add a little bit of color to the walls and floor, or even just put a few posters up to make things seem a bit better. Right now, it feels like a metal can!

Curvy Carpet

This one is just downright confusing, and it makes our eyes hurt. The owners of this hotel in Cologne, Germany, decided to freak their customers out by putting in the carpet that makes the floor look curvy. Take a look!

Image courtesy of Majoranese (Reddit)

We can imagine a lot of people feeling pretty queasy walking down this corridor, as it looks like you might fall over at any point. There is no way you would catch us staying at a place like this!

Stay in the light!

This one looks like something from a horror film or even a scary video game, but we assure you that it is very real. Whoever took this picture is seriously brave for staying in the darkness to shoot it.

Image courtesy of Blue_Sky_27 (Reddit)

We definitely do not have the guts to do something like this! There could be any manner of things hiding in the shadows, from vampires to zombies. We would not like to stick around and find out who is in the abyss.

No, thanks

Just what is it about hospitals being so creepy?! It is almost like all the designers of hospitals decided to come together to make them look extra scary. They even did it for the exits, like in this picture.

Image courtesy of ArtyInACarty (Reddit)

It is pretty jarring to see how dark and gloomy the exit is compared to the regular hospital corridor. If we had to go through there, we would be running scared the entire time. It looks so horrible and freaky!

Terrifying Throwback

If you were around in the mid-1990s, then you will probably be familiar with this style of décor, as it is pretty strange since it combines a mishmash of styles. But today, it just looks really strange and completely out of place.

Image courtesy of Toothgrinder90 (Reddit)

It’s difficult to pinpoint even one style or pattern these designers were going for because there is just so much going on! The person who posted it said it was their hometown movie theatre. Funnily enough, we don’t want to visit.

Claustrophobic Corridors

The user who posted this said they felt pretty freaked out as they walked down these corridors because they kept hearing the bricks move. They also felt like the hallways were changing. We have only two words – get out!

Image courtesy of DaveoftheMoon (Reddit)

Okay, so they were probably joking about the things they experienced down there, but we would not be surprised if it were true. The whole place has a creepy feeling to it, and it is definitely not for any claustrophobes.

Fake exit

What is worse than going down a creepy-looking corridor by yourself? Well, going down one that has a bunch of fake exit signs around it, too! That is what happened to this user, who said each sign was fake.

Image courtesy of okonkwos_gun (Reddit)

Not one of those doors leads to an actual exit, which just seems like a cruel joke and really adds to the creepiness of this whole place. We sincerely hope that they managed to get out of here somehow.

Dark Dentist

So far, we have seen quite a few hospitals that are pretty freaky, but it turns out that a dentist’s office can be just as strange. This one looks like it came straight out of a movie by Stanley Kubrick.

Image courtesy of Calmblue1968 (Reddit)

Looking at those bizarre patterns on the carpet and the long, empty corridor, you can almost hear the creepy music playing! If we were this user, we would think about changing our dentist for someone who works someplace nicer.

Creepy Cemetery

Cemeteries are not meant to be inviting places, but that does not make them seem any less spooky. Take this one in Buenos Aires, for example. It was daytime when the user snapped this photo, and it does not seem that welcoming for anyone to visit….

Image courtesy of Kennythor (Reddit)

…but can you imagine how terrifying this place is at night-time? We completely understand that the owners wanted to help people to pay their respects, but this just seems so unnaturally scary. Use some better lights next time!

Run, run, run!

This user posted this picture of the hallway at their new job, and we just have one word for this – nope. There’s absolutely no way that we would go down this corridor. In fact, we’d look for a new job!

Image courtesy of EfficientBrother_ (Reddit)

That red lighting just seems so creepy and mysterious. We would not be surprised if they filmed part of The Exorcist here, as it looks like the perfect place for something demonic to exist. We recommend looking for a new place of work!


What makes this corridor so spooky is not really the design. Sure, it looks a little dated, but it is not terrifying. The signs, however, tell a different story – what on earth is “no re-entry” supposed to mean?!

Image courtesy of Heytheretherehey (Reddit)

Perhaps they mean that once you go past this sign, you cannot turn around and go back. However, it would be helpful if they could explain why not, otherwise, it seems like there is something there to catch you.

Waiting below

If you have a kid, then you will know that sometimes they can do the freakiest things without meaning to. Sometimes, that includes leaving their toys in strange places, such as the foot of the stairs, as this kid did.

Image courtesy of Plays_with_wood (Reddit)

Naturally, their mother was pretty freaked out when she came around the corner and saw it in the morning. It looks like it was waiting there for her! Although, we guess she should be grateful that it was not a creepy doll instead…

Infinite door

There are quite a few uncanny things that make this corridor look strange. To start with, there are endless doors on the right-hand side, which look almost identical to each other. Then there are the lights in the middle…

Image courtesy of CreamyKerem (Reddit)

Somehow, these lights make the corridor look like it is curving to the side! We have no idea where this corridor leads, but we do know one thing – we would want to get straight out of there! It is too scary.

Doorway to the underworld

Tunnels are always a pretty freaky place to be, but this one definitely takes the cake for being the scariest. The red lights glowing from under the road make it look like a doorway that leads straight into the underworld.

Image courtesy of qupdub9006 (Reddit)

It is probably just a strange light, but we would really like to know why they chose this color. Did they not have a different shade that would make things a little less scary?! That red just has to go.

Dimensional shift

This user went to deliver a pizza but could not help being freaked out by the layout of this weird apartment complex. It seems to stretch out for eternity, and almost like you are travelling in between different dimensions!

Image courtesy of SamboNashville (Reddit)

This could easily be a set for an episode of The Twilight Zone! It would probably be a full workout having to walk along a corridor this long when going to work in the morning. Why make it so big?!

Round and round

The user who posted this picture said they feel like they have been going around in circles for many hours. Unfortunately, their journey has not ended yet. How they ended up somewhere like this is a complete mystery to us!

Image courtesy of Cherry-doot (Reddit)

In all seriousness, though – who builds a corridor like this? There is not even a single piece of decoration on the wall, and there is nothing at all to make this experience seem pleasant. It is a nasty place!

Hold on, Jack!

If you look at this photograph with a quick glance, you could easily think that it was a picture from James Cameron’s Titanic. Unfortunately, it is nothing as romantic as that. It is actually an apartment complex hallway in Dallas, Texas!

Image courtesy of Valpaal (Reddit)

We have no idea why so much ice is dripping from the ceiling. We’re also confused why there is a ton of water on the floor. Something tells us this corridor would look just as scary without all this!

It’s all sideways

Looking down this corridor, it feels like you are walking on one of the walls. The glass wall on the right feels like it should be the ceiling instead! It makes our heads hurt just looking at this picture.

Image courtesy of SpookyThermos (Reddit)

We reckon that actually walking down this corridor would be an even worse experience. We feel suffocated like the user who posted it, who said that they could not breathe walking down here. In all honesty, we are not surprised!

Bye, Pennywise

This picture is pretty freaky on its own, but the story that goes with it is even scarier. The user works the graveyard shift at the mall, all by themselves. They went downstairs at 4 o’clock in the morning…

Image courtesy of Wheezybee (Reddit)

…only to see this red balloon, all by itself in the middle! It seems like Pennywise, the clown, might be paying a visit. We would phone our boss straight away and get out of there if we walked into this!

Airport Mystery

This airport just looks plain freaky, which is probably because there does not seem to be anyone around. There is also the fact that the roof looks almost unfinished, with that strange design and those neon wires hanging everywhere!

Image courtesy of diggadodd (Reddit)

We are not sure why you would, but if you fancy taking a trip here, then you can see this strange sight at O’Hare airport in Chicago. We would probably take a fresh pair of underwear, just in case!

You are here

For once, this one is not a hospital or a medical facility, but that does not make it any less spooky. This photo is of a university dormitory, and the user who took it was the last one to leave.

Image courtesy of Nopingoutagain (Reddit)

If the weird shade of green for the lights was not scary enough, the giant sign saying “YOU ARE HERE” makes our skin crawl, too. It almost feels like a threat, like we could never leave this place if we tried!

Mall Corridor

It’s a fact. Malls are really spooky places. This user was walking down the corridor to the bathroom and was instantly freaked out by the way it looked. The door at the end seems like it’s a million miles away!

Image courtesy of Fun_With_Cats (Reddit)

If that was not enough, they also said that the sound of Christmas music almost completely faded away when they went through here, and all they could hear was the lights overhead. Suddenly, we don’t need the bathroom anymore!

Library Shelves

The library seems like it would be a safe place to rest, right? Wrong! Just look at the way that these shelves are all in the same row and missing books. There is something really quite unnatural about this!

Image courtesy of Shainese (Reddit)

We would love to know why someone would design the shelves this way – perhaps they are a huge fan of the sci-fi film, Interstellar! Whatever the reason, it certainly has us feeling freaked out and worried about things we shouldn’t be worrying about.

Apartment Corridor

There is nothing quite as scary as darkness. As humans, we fear darkness from a very young age, and it continues right up until we are adults. The darkness of this apartment corridor has our skin-crawling, for sure!

Image courtesy of Tcheddarlordy2 (Reddit)

We really hope that it is just one light that went out and that it does not usually look like this. If it did, we would start looking for a new place to stay immediately, as it is too scary!

Freaky Mall

It is now time for a picture of another freaky mall. This time, it is an outdoor mall, but we think it is just as spooky as those that are inside. Do you see all the blackness at the top?

Image courtesy of Teh_herper (Reddit)

That is not a roof…it is actually the night sky! It does not help the scene to look any less freaky, though, as these outside corridors look so intimidating. It is almost like something is waiting to jump out…

Down where?

This escalator looks like it stretches on for eternity, and we have absolutely no clue where it actually leads to. It feels like you would get on it and never get off! Seriously, who designs things like this?

Image courtesy of DarkPant (Reddit)

We appreciate the fact that they have tried to make it a little prettier with the lights and designs, but they could have changed parts of it more. Right now, the escalator looks like it goes down into the abyss!

The Red Door

Here is another location that seems to be from a movie – this time, it is from Insidious. Why on earth would you not put more lights down this corridor?! That exit sign makes everything in the corridor look utterly horrifying.

Image courtesy of Kalovo (Reddit)

We have no idea where this random exit leads, but we reckon that it is not anywhere that safe. What is even worse is that the longer you look at this picture, the closer the door seems to get…

The middle of the night

This user took this photo somewhere at 5 o’clock in the morning. We are not sure where they were, but judging by the picture, we reckon that Area 51 is probably a good guess. Just look at those windows!

Image courtesy of MisterNumber2 (Reddit)

It looks like some kind of top-secret, underground facility for holding aliens. Why anyone would be walking around at 5AM is a mystery to us. We strongly recommend that they get straight out of there, because who knows what will happen?!