Reasons Why The Circadian Rhythm Is Beneficial For Your Mental Health.

By Anthony K

Ever wondered why we sleep and keep awake during the day and at night? Did you know that everyone has a circadian clock in their body system that controls their rhythm? A body clock? You are so confused right now. We were too, when we learned about it. It is an internal body clock we all have, and it controls your responsiveness to light and dark, and every living thing has it. It helps you regulate your sleep-wake cycles, and this usually has a negative effect on a person’s life if their rhythm is affected. Let’s look at some of the things we can do to improve our mental health by maintaining our circadian rhythm.

It’s critical to develop the following daily habits to support your sleep-wake cycle to keep your circadian rhythm in check;

Have a Consistent Sleep and Wake-up Schedule

People probably assume that those people who have a specific bedtime might be lame or nerdy, right? But have you ever thought why sometimes you are so grumpy and irritable when you wake up? The reason behind this is your inconsistency in your sleeping and waking up habits. The circadian rhythm in our body makes our bodies produce different hormones that affect our emotions. So ensure you have a consistent sleeping pattern to elevate your moods positively.

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Avoid Caffeine before Bedtime

Anything you drink or eat before going to bed impacts your sleep. We all know that when we feel sleepy and have work to do, we drink coffee to keep us up all night. Caffeine helps people be more alert, and you should avoid anything that has caffeine in it before bed to fall asleep easily.

Sun Bask in the Morning

We all heard about resetting our brains, right? After your alarm clock goes off, ensure you draw your curtains, let the sun rays in, and when possible go out for a walk so that your brain resets your internal clock and helps you refocus on the day. Morning light exposure causes your brain to produce less melatonin.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock / vvvita