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40+ Photos that Make Us Wonder About Perfection

As a species, we are encouraged to seek out perfection. To try to grasp that idea. The perfect game. The perfect score. The perfect body. The perfect life. The idea alone is a dream. Obtaining perfection is a mirage, an almost impossibility. Still, it’s the journey and not the destination that truly matters. It’s the pursuit of perfection where we as a species find a calling. We don’t give up, we don’t surrender, and more importantly, we know that there is always more to strive for. Perfect might be a pie-in-the-sky model, but the need to obtain it is partly what drives the human race towards a brighter and bolder future… and, if we do, in a sense manage to glance it, even for a fleeting second, than we better stand up and shout the fact to every corner of the globe… To inspire others.  Here are 40+ photos of people that managed to look perfection in the eye and not blink. Photos mostly on the idea of obtaining the PERFECT FIT. And, just for the heck of it, a real honest look at perfection and what it means.

Moving Day Perfect Fit

Have you ever heard of the game TETRIS? Great for spatial analysis and fine-tuning those skills that come in handy once moving day approaches. This lucky fella’ must have reached a super high level and scored a top score… Truly a Tetris moving master.

Image courtesy of reddit user:Projectile0vulation

It takes skill, and iron will, the mind of a genius to have come up with such a perfect assembly of pieces—respect to the hombre or señorita that managed to perfectly box all their belongings in such a manner. 

OCD Cable Organizing

Perfection is nothing more than a symbolic representation of the transitory nature of reality. In a way, if the ideal ever does occur, it’s meant temporary, brief, rapid, and out of our hands in a second. That’s partly why finding such examples is awe-inspiring. 

Image courtesy of reddit user: Buttm0nk3y

Take this jumble of perfectly organized cables. You’re probably thinking: “there’s nothing transitory about them. Tomorrow I’ll come back, and they’ll still be the same.” But will they? There’s dust to take into account, colors diminishing, glue unraveling… Sooner or later, those cables will succumb to the passing of time.

The London Eye Perfect Fit

In all its glory and simply epic perfection, the following picture was taken on a cruise ship down the river Thames. The huge ride? The iconic London Eye just a stone throws away from some of the most prolific landmarks in history. 

Image courtesy of reddit user: Flinnyboi

It’s a satisfying picture that depicts what perfection really is… something that’s hard to attain and impossible to maintain. In a second, that boat will drift, the angle will fade, the possibility of a second photograph will cease to exist. It is exquisite just because of that… it’s transcendent nature.

Hotel Swag Perfect Fit

What is the appeal of looking at someone else’s perfect photos or fixtures or minutia? As a species, what draws us to them? Well, from a psychological point of view, scientists have discovered that, in essence, symmetry and the idea of perfection calm our nerves.

Image courtesy of reddit user: pooka_pook

In a way, this OCD depiction of how a hotel organizes its swag… I mean toiletries … yeah, that’s what I mean, calms us and relaxes us, just by looking at it. Its splendor intoxicates our brain. 

Supermarket Aisle Perfect Fit

Our cerebellum jolts every time we, in this oddly chaotic landscape and the world, gleam perfection. Our brain sees the ultimate expression of organization: Marie Kondo on the same substance that gave Captain America his superpowers. Seeing perfection in a way makes us feel, at a biological level, joyfully good. 

Image courtesy of reddit user: Nxsclothing

Most of those chemicals are anti-depressants and natural mood stabilizers that fight off such cursed maladies as anxiety, depression, nervousness, and unease. Stare into that perfectly arranged supermarket aisle long enough, and the day’s worries will inevitably melt away from your body. 

The Perfect Faucet

Off-topic, we’ll segway for a bit here. We’ll continue all the monk Buddhist philosophy and perfection genuflecting after a careful analysis of this picture. It’s an odd one and really gets you thinking about the way your faucet works. 

Image courtesy of reddit user: Mayyonnaisse

An eye-opener! It’s not only a representation of perfection in the real world but a slap across the face at the weird, odd things lying around the house. It turns out that most faucets are constructed under the same parameters… we, as a species, have simply been installing them wrong. 

Zen Eggs: The Yin and Yang Of Breakfast

But what is perfection? The term has been around for ages, as a concept and an appellation. The terminology perfection derives from the Latin “perfectio” and “perfectus”. In essence, the expression from its semiotic root means: a “finish”… To complete something. Or like these great eggs, to find something or make something so harmonious that you should just go: “OK, that’s done. Can’t improve on it.”

Image courtesy of reddit user: MrFurrypants

Done in such a matter that there could be no better. The IKEA furniture piece assembled to a T without any extra screws or parts, making you wonder what you did wrong; no, “where does this go? Why do I have that leftover.” No way to improve on its quality. These eggs are a perfect example of the harmony of it all… their shape exquisite.

Every Last Inch Parking Space

Modern languages have adopted the term and, in a sense, corrupted its meaning. The concept of perfection starts to evolve as other languages start to twist what it meant in the first place. It no longer carried the weight of finality but the struggle for something unattainable. 

Image courtesy of reddit user: Troliver_13

Perfection is as unattainable as a freaking PARKING SPACE in the city! You have to kill for those. You just have to worm your way into a parking slot. Take into account every tiny inch and hope it all clicks in. Like a jigsaw puzzle, Reddit user Troliver managed to document an instance like that miraculously. Everything just clicked.

The Perfect Fit Desk, Why get another One?

Nonetheless, the genealogy of perfection began in the Latin world. The Greeks, understanding that the idea was mutating, came up with a way to differentiate between the concept of completion and the state of achieving absolute perfection. 

Image courtesy of reddit user: The_Sexy_Sloth

Some desks are just “complete”; you really can’t add or subtract to their perfection. For Sexy_Sloth, her desk is not only unique but a perfect fit that captures her unique personality and her artistic interest. She has everything she needs; the desk encapsulating her desires. Just perfect.

A Ham That’s Just Right

Have you ever just wanted a sandwich? One that’s just right? The perfect ham and cheese? No leftover bread at the corners, just proteins and dairy on every inch? Well, this Reddit user found the perfect solution… a masterpiece. Every shape is just right.

Image courtesy of reddit user: Stuie356

Aristotle distinguished three meanings to the term – the man less preoccupied with the ergonomics of a sandwich and more concerned with the nutritional value of the ham known as perfection; yes, Aristotle was not high on carbs. The philosopher created 3 different concepts of what perfection might mean and how it applies to daily life.

Couple With the Perfect Jacket for The Occasion

You’re on top of the world, just you, your hubby, and a perfect day. The sun is shining, and BOOM, inspiration hits. Sometimes clothes do make the man or woman… or in this case the internet sensation? You go, girl! Perfectly aligned with the rainbow. That couple really is the pot of gold at the end.

Image courtesy of reddit user: Purp_Skurp_349

Aristotle, yeah, we’re back to that fella’, distinguishes 3 meanings to the perfect. Each one an aspect of the same notion. 1. Which is complete. In other words, something with all its requisite parts and now can function as a whole in harmony, like this photo, which is just complete as it is. You really can’t improve on its majesty. Man, what a happy couple.

You Have Something In Your Ear

The second definition is a bit more vague, and the philosopher acknowledges it, which is so good that nothing of the kind could be better. This is perfectly simple because nothing like it, of its nature, exists in such an ideal state. 

Image courtesy of reddit user: P1xelFang

We normally tell our kids: “don’t stick that in your ears…” and they most often behave, but every-so-often this happens, and even as you want to go all Homer Simpson on his Bart neck, you have to chuckle. You know that it’s a hallmark moment, a pic’ for the history books.

Woke Up One Morning, Van Parked Outside, Me Freaked Out

The third definition, Aristotle says, is simply a thing – artificial or biological – that has, in essence, attained its purpose. Perfection, he says, is simply having understood what your destiny is and embracing it: Yup, metaphysics, and whatnot. You are perfect, or something is perfect as long as it completes its predestined route… unless your route clashes with something like that pic’ below; then it’s just insane.

Image courtesy of reddit user: Opfaff

You wake up one morning, stumble downstairs, eyes bleary, in need of Java. Suddenly, you swirl, look to the right, and “ahhhh”. Your wife comes down, you’re on the floor about to wet your pants… “what’s that!?” You point at the door. Well, that’s exactly what happened to this user when a truck with a full baby stencil parked outside his door.

The Perfect Fit Vacuum Cleaner; Corner Duster

Nonetheless, in Aristotle’s definition, there arises a duality in notion. And that’s when Thomas Aquinas comes in. He sees the problem and instantly decides to come up with his own solution to the age old riddle of perception. 

Image courtesy of Reddit user: OlgierdTheOldest

There’s nothing worse than those hard to reach spots. The corners that somehow become magnets for all manner of dirt and detritus and whatnot where the broom just doesn’t fit. You vacuum around them but never, ever manage to capture all the dust bunnies. THEN, lol and behold, like a gift from the Gods, your vacuum cleaner maker comes up with a new-fangled perfect head for your instrument.

Perfect Fit Parking Lot

Thomas Aquinas expresses Aristotle’s duality in his pivotal book, the SUMMA THEOLOGICA. He distinguishes a twofold perception; when a thing is perfect by itself and in substance; and when a thing is perfect in its purpose. Whew, we needed to read that twice!

Image courtesy of Reddit user: newmacbookpro

Almost like the tree was carved so the car could fit. It really is a perfect fit; both just click into place. Nature and machine meeting head-on and just meshing into something incredible. Still, you wonder, “how exactly did the driver calculate space and the trajectory so precisely?”

The Dragon’s Breath

The Paradox continued to exist. For Eons, there really wasn’t a way to separate the 3 definitions of perfection. Particularly the twofold confusion. Something is perfect when it’s total; something is perfect when it has reached its purpose; something is perfect because it’s better than its equals. A temple with a huge Harry Potter-like Dragon is perfect just as it is.  

Image courtesy of Reddit user: Neighborino2000

The Wat Samphran temple in the heart of Thailand is one of the most impressive temples in the world. Sitting atop a massive building, the templet was crafted with a giant dragon that guards its monks and statues. The most impressive thing, the big surprise… The dragon serves as a winding staircase to reach the temple.  

The Price Of Gasoline

It’s a stupid thing, but let’s be honest whenever something like that depicted on the pic below happens to any of us, we simply break out in a smile. Like the universe just patted us on the back. Not a red cent more, just a perfect little number you can dot off with a crisp bill. A perfect moment.

Image courtesy of Reddit user:mr_GFYS

Scholars came up with the existence of two terms/ideas for each of the parallel concepts. Two ideas to encapsulate that moment when hitting a perfect round number at the gas station. One strict, which they would define as PERFECTION; something that’s inherently flawlessness and of supreme excellence.

One Wedding Ring Inside An Other; Husband and Wife.

They defined perfection as something that could hit the high marks in a designated range of diverse and often related notions. Notions and ideas such as mathematics, physics, theology, aesthetics, ontology, theology, and art. All disciplines strive to reach a semblance of perfection.

Image courtesy of Reddit user: Meteorsaresexy

Meteoraresexy, a user of Reddit with one the coolest names out there, took the photo above. His wife’s wedding ring snuggled closely inside of his. A great way to really capture their love. If a picture could speak, this one would perform ballads on the nature of their love.

Staying out in the Sun Perfect Fit

Less the work of human ingenuity and more along the lines of a heavenly sign. GOD chose that car… Or, as a user quite aptly said it: “the devil chose it, not the Creator. Has to be hot all the time.”

Image courtesy of reddit user:dwydwy555555

That car must be scorching. Hot as hell and sizzling in the noon heat. No doubt about that. Sometimes perfection happens in an off-the-cuff manner. Not ours to direct but for nature to spearhead and line everything just right. 

The Thin Shadowed Line

The thin shadowed line, the sun backing the structure just right. Cutting the sidewalk in two and leaving half in the shade, and half in light. A perfect example of something that’s intangible and fleeting, but for that moment in time, just right… picture perfect and wonderous.

Image courtesy of Reddit user: McFilip7

Excellence that buzzword was crafted by those scholars of the post-Dark Ages as a way to define Perfection. They defined it as something akin to talent or characteristic that is surprisingly good and transcends ordinary standards. A measure of performance in a discipline. Not a prerequisite to perfection, but a way to measure will and your performance in a given field.

Perfect Fit Television Set In Cabinet

This picture is just great. We love it! Why… well, think about it, what happens when they want to upgrade? Buy a TV with an inch or more of real-estate? The whole concept goes belly-up. Still, for now, it’s just great, a perfect fit.

Image courtesy of Reddit user:Manny_is_Back

In the 16th century Lucilo Vanini, an Italian philosopher, physician, and free-thinker, representatives of intellectual libertinism – came up with the radical idea of “the greatest perfection is imperfection.” It was a revolutionary idea that, in part, took into account the observer, not just the article claiming to be perfect. 

The Honda Hatchback And The Box

MakachuPikachu, another great Reddit name, needed to transport a box and luck it seemed smiled on him. The box fit perfectly in his hatchback, and he didn’t even have to throwback the seats. A match made in heaven as it were, simply glorious.

Image courtesy of Reddit user: MakachuPikachu

The idea was simple, and in a way, it is a paradox that basically plagues all perfectionists. Here it is: “if the world were perfect, it could not improve and so would lack ‘true perfection’ which depends on progress.”

Where Is The Rug? Perfect Fit Naturally

The smart cookies understand the perfection isn’t an endpoint but something that’s pursued no matter what. Its power, and meaning, lies not in finding it but in the hunt for it. Since it is temporal and unobtainable, the best we can do is strive to glimpse it, knowing that we will never hold it. 

Image courtesy of Reddit user: MadeKiffer

MadeKiffer, in this photo, goes on to explain that they were stumped as to where their rug had gone off to. There were sure they had cleaned the thing. One minute it was there, the next gone! It took them a couple of minutes, but they finally managed to find it… nestled inside the washer like a chameleon.

The Perfect Fit Cat House; Happenstance By Way of Amazon Delivery

Cats and kittens, the internet is full of them. Makes you wonder if this little barrier was placed by happenstance and serendipity or if it was a deliberate act, a cat-trap just so the user could score some primo feline pics’. Whichever the case might be, the outcome still rocks.

Image courtesy of Reddit user:lowend311

“Perfectio propter imperfectionem,” you are never perfect because you are always incomplete, and because you are incomplete is the reason why you can still strive to be perfect. It’s a mess of a concept and one that boggles the mind. 

All The Cushions Miraculously Entered and Fit Perfectly

Loudsound07 explains that this little miracle at organization wasn’t preconceived… it wasn’t thought of beforehand. It just happened. He happened to have the right amount of cushions that fit in the right amount of space. No leftovers, no extra space… just snuggled perfection.

Image courtesy of Reddit user: Loudsound07

Well, artistically speaking, even the most “perfect” picture or model or platform or system loses its transcendent quality the second it’s observed. We, as a species, filter perfection through our senses. We use our own minds, our own carefully and uniquely calibrated senses, emotions, and psychological hang-ups to properly place a value on something. 

The Light At The End Of The Road. The Perfect Camping Spot where the User Has Been Spending His Vacation

In a way, nothing is really perfect because everything – every work of art, of tech, of interaction in the human plane – requires an active observer. We will always judge something, no matter how passive we want to be. 

Image courtesy of Reddit user: Lil-Wad

Lil-Wad, every summer, goes on vacation to this darling spot in the middle of nowhere to unwind. Just the wood and themselves. And the sun always dips in the perfect spot at the end of the road, just where the camp’s entrance is. That light at the end, they say, “sort of seems to draw them in.” Like a moth to a flame, his little oasis is always inviting him; a blessed moment if ever there was one.

Perfect Fit Dog Bed, Isn’t it Comfy?

Everything demands us to complete it. Artworks, for example, force us to interpret them. They galvanize us to impart on them a measure of effort, will, mind, and imagination. We complete them, and we qualify them and give them value. 

Image courtesy of Reddit user: jo_ftw

Those of us that have a dog know that they have this power to, well, sort of, transfigure their whole body so they’ll fit anywhere; when it comes to nap time, they always find a way to snuggle and feel at ease. Jo-FTW’s Golden takes that known quality and simply runs with it. He perfects it.

Curved TV In The Wall; Perfect Fit

Curved TV screens are a relatively new future in certain brands. As a whole, they aren’t well known or ubiquitous in tech’ nature. Only a few brands actually have them. That alone makes this fit that much more impressive. Not only finding a brand but one whose screen fits to a T in that corner. Kudos to Jesseb1988.

Image courtesy of Reddit user: Jesseb1988

If you’re blue, if you’ve had a bad day, if you appreciate the pictures through a faulty computer screen or a cracked cellphone, if you woke up with a hangover… all of these, plus millions of other pressures – unrelating to the photo – paint whether they are perfect or not. Your views and interpretations differing wildly from the person sitting next to you.

Curb In The Parking Lot That Snuggles the Car Just Perfectly

That is why most Eastern religions and practices focus not on the obtention of perfection but on the path to perfection. It is not, like they say, the end that matters but the journey there. It is in the struggle that the value is found. 

Image courtesy of Reddit user: Hue_Jorgan

Hue_Jorgan not only manages to find a picture-perfect example of a great FIT., but he also manages to write a delightful little comment on what most of us feel. The need to just pack it up and move out of town. Chuck everything and start a simpler life. Why did we ever come down from the trees in the first place?

The Truck Entered Perfectly In The Tunnel; Look at That!

This picture really blows the mind to smithereens. We’ve all seen it, a truck coming up to a tunnel, us in the seat of our car calculating the heigh and going: “it’s not going to fit. It’s not going to fit.” And THEN, whammo!

Image courtesy of Reddit user: hn_ns

We’re left dumbfounded trailing the truck marveling at the ingenuity of its makers, the tunnel’s designer, and the grit in the driver’s maneuverability. We can’t really obtain perfection because we are always bound to our individuality, to our conceits, and to our self-image.

Camouflaged Shoes & Escalator

Still, in spite of all that rhetoric and philosophical induced foreplay, the term perfection has been used to designate a variety of concepts. Precepts that to some in that particular field have either obtained perfection or could in fact, become perfect. 

Image courtesy of Reddit user: hemanth_k

Hemanth_K wasn’t really looking for it but, it sort of happened. One second he was walking around the mall; the next, he was like a kid in Woodstock that took too many recreational substances, looking at his feet and wondering where they went off to. His shoes mimicking the escalator and leaving him with his mouth open in amazement.

Perfect Fit Bookshelf; Like A Charm

In mathematics, the term is used to designate certain numbers that demonstrate uncommon properties. It is not an adjective but a noun, a proper name. One of those examples is PERFECT NUMBERS. You’ve probably heard of those things, right?

Image courtesy of Reddit user: GuineaFowlItch

Board games, books, novels, and knick-knacks; we all have too many to quantify, and most of the time, we kick them in disarray into a closet and hope that they will somehow organize themselves. That or that elves might come along with a copy of Marie Kondo’s book and get inspired. This user when and put in the elbow grease. Now, let’s hope he doesn’t get any new games because there really isn’t any more space.

Looking At Blue Waters Through Perfection

In physics and chemistry, among other areas of study, a variety of concepts include the word “perfect.” Concepts that, to a certain degree, as far as these two studies are concerned, manage to integrate what it truly means to be PERFECT.

Image courtesy of Reddit user: growup_andblowaway

Reddit user growup_andblowaway was already in paradise when this little postcard reared its head. It perfectly captures what it means to be in a place with such heavenly colors and lovely shades of blue. Some places are just slices from the great beyond.

Can Perfect Fit In Guard Rail

This one picture is just too much. It’s so bizarre and odd, and out-there. It just blows our minds and leaves us spellbound. How many times have we come up to something of this nature, out in the wild open? Something just like this and wondered: “what the hell was passing through the fella’s mind?”

Image courtesy of Reddit user: discardedsock

Reddit User discardedsock photographed this masterpiece, and it instantly rocked his feed. There’s just something hypnotic about the way the shape of the can fits perfectly in the guard rails, almost as if they were both made for one another.

Perfect Fit Jigsaw Crafted Table

In biology, the concept grows new legs. In this branch of science, the model becomes less fictitious and more of an actual approximation to the true spirit of the ideal. Biology basing its argument on the fact that certain entities and organisms actually do manage to achieve their purpose completely and efficiently.

Image courtesy of Reddit user: crabio

Pieter Brueghel the Elder, The Tower of Babel, c. 1563, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, that’s the jigsaw that Crabio has decided to perfectly fit on his table. The oil painting, a masterpiece, somehow managing to swallow up every corner of the table. Image eating a Subway meatball sub on that beauty.  

The Perfectly Aligned Wrapping Paper

In tech’ perfection is an ideal, something that can’t be properly qualified, let alone easily obtained. There are always new and better ways to improve on the current model. That’s part of the paradox of perfection in this branch. 

Image courtesy of Reddit user: charlespax 1

We’ve all done that, what Charlespax1 just did. Try our level best to make the wrapping paper align. We’ve all tried it, and most of us have failed. Partway into it, our nerves are shot, and we decide to say, “the hell with it!” Out goes the wrapping paper in comes a gift bag. Done and done. Still, when it does occur when both halves meet up, well, there really is nothing more beautiful than that.

Perfect Chaos. Kid Finally Picks Up His Toys & Baffles Parents

Given that perfection, or the ideal, is unattainable, then why do we strive to be perfect? Or, for that matter, is there an essential problem in our need for perfection? Is perfectionism holding us back? Or worse, causing us irreparable damage?

Image courtesy of Reddit user: chachisco

There’s so much to unravel in this picture. SO, SO, SO Much. Let’s all be honest; If we ever came into our kid’s room and found something like that waiting for us, we’d all be a bit freaked, right? Backing up looking at that perfectly organized spectacle, thinking: “what happened to junior.” Still, props’ to the time for making all his Transformers and toys align in such a shape. Notice how everything fits and how there is a chromatic descend. That takes mad skills.

Friend Found A Perfect Hiding Place; Fits Like A Glove

Usually, according to studies published in various physiological magazines and peer papers, we strive to be perfect to compensate for a sense of inadequacy. Folks who want to be perfect normally have an inflated sense of their own shortcomings. 

Image courtesy of Reddit user: byeseeyoulater

User byeseeyoulater’s friend found the perfect space to hide. Her shape fitting with such ease into the small tiny cavern, almost as if they were made for one another. A great pic’. It’s artistic, perfectly calibrated – colorwise – and really hits you and grabs your attention. Hats off to them

A Perfectly Happy Breakfast; Mom Goes All Out With Her Props’

Perfectionists tend to be held back. To never expose themselves, let alone risk for their plans and goals. That’s what most shrinks tell us… Then we get a photo like this one and simply say, “screw it, perfectionists are great.” This mom’s way of preparing breakfast is by far the most interesting and fun out there—her utensils and kitchen instruments complementing her happy nature. Just look at the way the spatula synchs up to the hashbrowns; perfect in every way.

Image courtesy of Reddit user: beefintearsofsoy

From a psychological point of view, the pursuit of perfection quite literally robs us of the vitality of life. It is a model that is unachievable, unimaginable, and undesirable. It masks our insecurities and deprives us of our need to heal what caused those insecurities in the first place.

The Balance Fit Like A Charm

Studies by Thomas Curran, a social psychologist from the London School of Economics and Political Science, actually calls into question our aim to see perfectionism as a virtue meriting our effort. It’s something that in all sense of the word should be avoided. Perfect isn’t a sign of worth, let alone success.

Image courtesy of Reddit user: BananimusPrime

Reddit User BananimusPrime uploaded the pic’ above and made her own perfect statement on the Reddit subgroup on perfection. Her scale’s shape fitting perfectly, without a millimeter to spare, on her tile floor. Further investigation actually came up with the following piece of insight: did you know that most scale manufacturers actually consider tile designs and shapes? Yeah, when they create their scales, they try to find a golden ratio/proportion that’s an average in tile size; that way, it will either align or fit in normal tile size.

A Joker Kid Perfectly Aligns The Boxes; Blows Everyone Away At The Supermarket

Dr. Curran is not the first to quarrel against perfectionism. Over the span of centuries and primarily in the 20th century, there are mountains of great research papers and data-backed analysis that have liked perfectionism to many other mental health issues. 

Image courtesy of Reddit user: Awesactus

This isn’t so much an example of perfectionism or perfect fit, but what happens when a joker has too much time on his hands, and they are stuck in a supermarket. This is just a funny little jest. Still, you have to wonder, is the cow part nut or is the nut part cow? And given that, what’s even more troubling is, what sort of milk would an animal of this nature produce? Almond or Dairy? Something to ponder.

The Album Fits Perfectly and, Better Still, Meshes With The Decor

What’s really great about this perfect fit is that it somehow manages to mesh with the box’s decor. The odd nature of the album cover clicks and mixes with the box’s patterns and colors. It’s beautiful and, given the perspective, almost hypnotic. Dr. Curran’s chief concern with perfectionists is that enough is never enough. “At its root, perfectionism is about perfecting the self or perfecting an imperfect self. Once I reach this summit, people will see I’m not flawed, and I will be worth something.” 

Image courtesy of Reddit user: absp2006

A perfectionist is more prone to set themselves very rigid goals and into rigid life models. They tend to have an all-or-nothing mindset that deprives them of actually taking action. A perfectionist sees only the destination and not the journey, and, in planning the journey, they hardly if ever set out on it. 

The Odd Hole And The Perfect Fit Can

As Brené Brown once wrote: “Imperfections are not inadequacies. They are reminders that we are all in this together”. We are all on this planet, walking about making mistakes and dealing with the consequences. One of life’s toughest lessons is to learn to let go of our crusade for perfection and have more self-compassion.

Image courtesy of Reddit user: amullfilms

Perrier is a French brand of natural bottled mineral water captured at the source in Vergèze. Perrier is best known for its natural carbonation and distinctive green bottle… not for the fact that it somehow manages to fit the little hole underneath traffic lights. Maybe the company should re-evaluate its marketing strategy and focus on that niche.

The Nighthawks

Nighthawks is a 1942 oil portrait by Edward Hopper that depicts people in a downtown diner late at night as viewed through the diner’s large glass window. It’s a masterpiece and one of the most recognizable art paintings out there

Image courtesy of reddit user: rPerfectFit

The light coming from the diner illuminates a blackened and abandoned urban streetscape. What makes this picture even more bewildering is the way the photographer manages to add layers of dimension to an already captivating scene.

Perfect Fit Wood Planks; Like It Was Planned

So, once more, don’t strive to be perfect. Take comfort in these photos and understand their significance. They are fleeting, transient, and, in many cases, not perfect at all. Take this photo, for example, its a great bird’s eye view of what can be accomplished with a little preparation, but the real merit stands in the fact that dying_pau got up that morning and hauled wood around the state. He did his job, and yes, they fit perfectly into place, but that was secondary to the objective… get the job done.

Image courtesy of Reddit user: dying_pau

Perfection is an ideal we should strive for but one that shouldn’t drive our lives. It is something that can, in fact, be rather odious and hurtful in the long run. It fails to teach us self-compassion and resiliency.

Ramsay Taking A Chill And Fitting Perfect, And Easily, On The Shelf

When you aim for perfection, it can often mean that we are not comfortable with negative emotions. If we deprive ourselves of experiencing painful emotions, of overcoming them, and of accepting them, we are also losing our capacity to be at ease with the world… we won’t be happy. 

Image courtesy of Reddit user: Muse_22

In a way, that’s why we ended this article with Gordon Ramsay. A man that is known for being everything BUT easy. A man known for being a perfectionist BUT also known for his cantankerous attitude, irascible nature, and nerve-wracking needs to excel above all others. He’s a great cook, a perfect chef, but most of the time not exactly a perfect human being. And he’s everything BUT easy. Your cracks, your bumps, the punches you’ve received are what ultimately makes you Perfect… True perfection lies in imperfection; remember that!