Mental Health Tips

By Shane R
(C) Pexels

The University of Michigan put out a great article on ways to manage your mental health in 2020 and beyond. Here are some helpful tips to help you improve and increase your well being -both emotionally and psychologically. You will soon see drastic changes in your mind, body, and soul

1 – Stop Watching The News

The news can be really depressing in this day and age, can’t it? If you do want to take in some news, make sure you are getting sources that are not sensationalized and are super reputable. Doing this, will help set your mind at ease. Also, if you can cut the news altogether, get outside and unwind away from the world for positive results.

2 – Body Self-Care

Making sure that your body is in order is a big deal in the 21st Century. So, take some deep inhales and exhales, focus on a regular rhythmic breathing, meditate, stretch, exercise, and get plenty of rest. This way, you will boost your immunity and resilience, even if you do get sick at some point in time.

3 – Coping Plan

With a drop in physical contact between family and friends, things can start to get hard really fast. That is why you need a coping plan if you get quarantined. Have a plan like making phone calls daily, social distancing when possible, and doing the things that keep you positive and not depressed.

(C) Pexels

4 – Drop Your Worries

When you are able to drop your worries at the door, everything changes. This is the way life should be. We all have worries. But, when we are able to take a step back, remove them, and move on, things get better and better in the world, don’t they?