Learn How You Can Defeat Your Hangover Before It Defeats You

By Divya G

Ancient Sanskrit medical book reveals that the ancient sages and yogis also had a preoccupation with alcohol poisoning. They even had answers to the ways to deal with it. So alcohol consumption and hangover is not a new trend amongst millennials but has existed for thousands of years.

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It is demoralizing to know that, on average, people roughly spend two years of their lives hungover. That is a lot of time to bear with a headache and tipsy life.

Brain performance becomes impaired both when mildly drunk and hungover. Studies reveal that hungover people are less coordinated and tenser. So they require lots of effort to perform any given task they ought to do.

What is the reason behind hangovers?

Hangover symptoms are only felt when the alcohol blood levels become zero. Since our liver deals with ethanol first and then the toxic methanol after 10 hours of drinking, that is precisely when our bodies experience the symptoms of hangovers.

Consuming breakfast the following morning is highly beneficial. It efficiently rebalances the blood sugar level, thus making you feel a lot better. The water-absorbing hormones are also reduced, and electrolytes within the body flow away whenever you pee. This leads to nausea, thirst, fatigue, dizziness, and headaches after consuming alcohol.

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How to eliminate hangovers?

At least 60% to 70% of the entire population holds their genes responsible for the severe hangovers. So the only way to not experience hangovers is by not consuming alcohol. And if you can’t do away with it, we’d suggest you drink a bit less.