Juice Detox Diets: Are They Safe For Your Body?

By Letizia L

Perhaps you have noticed that you often feel exhausted after a big meal. This happens because the body is totally busy processing everything you have eaten. That’s why a week of juice fasting is just what you need.

The phytochemical compounds (plant chemicals) of fruit and vegetable juices act as natural cleansers. You will feel lighter (in fact you will be) and younger because energy will not be engaged in your digestion. Furthermore, your concentration will also improve. This juice fasting will be a week of purification based on a menu of raw vegetable juices, fruit juices (especially citrus), water, light vegetable broths, herbal teas, and, if desired, tropical drinks.

In addition to cleaning you up, the juices nourish you more completely than solid foods. The body digests, absorbs and assimilates juices in a much more efficient way than it does with solid food. Normally, much of the available energy is consumed to digest and process food. You will be very surprised to see how well you will feel after you will have freed yourself from most of your digestion processes.

Juice fasting heals the immune system and cleanses the organs. It can also help alleviate many health problems. Here are some of the benefits:

What are your experiences with juice fasting?