Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show Hashtag Challenge: RealLifePlotTwist

By Abigail T

If you’re a devoted watcher of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, you’ve probably seen many of the #Hashtag Challenge segments by now. Jimmy often takes to Twitter, calling on his followers to tweet him their stories related to the hashtag that week. We’ve seen tweets from people all over, talking about beach fails, worst inventions, cooking fails, and people’s worst cars to mention just a few. In this article, we will take a deeper dive into the time when Jimmy asked people to send in their #RealLifePlotTwists stories. Tweets flooded the replies, and the show highlighted some of the best ones. Want to stay up to date with this segment? Here are just some of the many real-life plot twists shared by viewers of the show.

Disclaimer: photos in this article are for illustrative purposes. Photos and the people that posted them are not to be associated with the Tweets and Twitter users being discussed in the article.

So this is love

Let’s start with a really sweet one. You’d think that “meet- cutes” are just tropes found in films, but Twitter user @Trishamott shows us that your fairytale can also happen IRL. Her real-life plot twist involved bailing on a potential date.

Bet she’s glad that she almost hit that guy with her car! We mean that in the nicest way possible. How adorable is it that they ended up together? And for 11 years and counting, too! We wish these two many more happy years together.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@afpenni; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Trishamott

Escaping death

We hear stories like this all the time when a perceived plight ended up being the thing that saves a person’s life. Like when a person missed his flight only to find out later on the news that said plane had crashed.

Some of these people are so lucky that they escaped death. On Twitter, @picnicwithanna’s experience is no different. Even though she was badly injured and missed out on her job interview, at least she is still alive to tweet this out.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@lukash007; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@picnicwithanna


See, this is why we need to maintain good family relations, not only with our immediate family but also with our extended ones. Otherwise, you may end up with someone you share genetics with. This isn’t Game Of Thrones – no one wants to see that.

It’s a good thing this Twitter user found out when she did. Imagine if she and this guy actually started dating. Finding out after starting a relationship would have been awkkkward. Like that episode of New Girl where Jess and Robbie found out they’re related.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@lenalovesteaching; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Freak00Music

Parade crashers

It’s always a good time with people who can think on their feet. This family took a turn and found themselves right in the middle of a passing parade. Instead of panicking, they decided to have their day in the sun. It ended up being a memorable trip.

This is such a good way to feel like you’re famous, almost as if you’re the Queen or something. Waving out the window at the crowds pretending the people cheering for you were commoners. All that attention could go to their heads and make them feel way too important!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@baileydoodle; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@AndrewEgg131

Never say never

Let’s return to the romance at the start of this list. Whether you believe in the existence of “The One” or not, you can’t deny that the real ones always surprise you. That’s why you should always give people a chance, especially when someone isn’t your type.

Ending up with someone who wasn’t initially your type is probably the greatest plot twist life throws at lovers. And yet, here are two lovebirds sixteen years into their marriage and raising three children. Lesson learned? Don’t be confined to a type.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@XOLiBar

The voice on the other line

Well, this is awkward. Drive-thru lines are already awkward as it is. You seem always to have to repeat yourself so many times. The server never really gets to hear you clearly. Then you have to greet the person at the other end of the line.

Well, this is unfortunate. No wonder this server was showing some attitude. It’s the same attitude that made these two break up in the first place! This must have been a bizarre exchange. “Ah, you. Still working at McDonald’s, I see.”

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@californiawisconsingirl; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@GoingGonza

Prank gone wrong

Some people take pranks a little bit too far. Other people prank their friends, thinking nothing of it. But nothing can prepare you for a prank that turns out to be real. It’s like the April Fool’s joke that was never revealed as a joke.

Surprise surprise! Imagine the roller coaster the boyfriend was on. His girlfriend tells him,  “Babe, I’m pregnant.” The guy either freaks out or gets excited. “Haha, just kidding, babe,” she tells him, and he’s either relieved or disappointed. And later that day, “Babe… I take it back, and it wasn’t a joke after all.”

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@three_red_hearts; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@chucklefish2113

Taylor Swift

Have you ever wanted to be best buds with your favorite celeb? It would be nice to hang out together, go on adventures, have sleepovers, and share each other’s secrets. You’d be like Kim Kardashian in the early days with Paris Hilton.

Well, this Taylor Swift found out that not only is there a famous singer with the exact same name as her, but that the same famous singer is related to her as well. Being named Taylor Swift, whose cousin is the Taylor Swift, is probably the biggest plot twist to ever happen to this person.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@taylorswift; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@tayraeswift

Two weeks

Perhaps the most enraging plot twist that happened to every single person this year is the initial two-week isolation period imposed in most countries last March. A year later, we’re still isolating indoors, and everyone has had enough. Get us out of here!

Covid-19 really put a dent in everybody’s life plans, and it continues to until the vaccine is available everywhere. Until then, here’s a PSA to everyone to please stay indoors as much as you can and adhere to safety protocols in your area.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@cwolfyy

Just having a look

If you’re toying around with the idea of doing something, chances are you’re probably going to end up doing it. It’s like saying you’re just “going window shopping” and then walking out of the store with three shopping bags full of new stuff.

The same thing happened with this family when they considered getting a dog. Sure, they said they were just going to “have a look,” but look what they came home with? Honestly, it’s worth it. Woody is such a cutie!

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Optimisti_Eeyore

It’s a small world

Even if you don’t find a match that ends up being the real thing, dating apps are still a good way to make new friends and expand your circle. If you’re smart with how you go about it, you can end up being friends with people you matched with but didn’t actually go on to have a relationship with.

But dating apps will also quickly make you realize that the world isn’t as big as you think it is. People you casually date on the apps so often turn out to share mutuals with you. Or, like @Amine_snaky, you could end up matching with someone you absolutely cannot take things further with.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Amine_snaky

Way too invested

You ever overhear a conversation in public or pass by two people having a really heated argument and decided to stick around just to see how it will all play out? The inner gossip in us will always convince us to stick around and see how it ends. We don’t want to be wondering about the outcome all day, now do we?

This Twitter user was so invested in the argument between these two lovers that he missed his bus stop. We hope the tea, in the end, was worth showing up late to work and getting scolded by the boss.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@boystownjerusalem_; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@notjustarand0

Being way too nice

It really is difficult to say no to older people. If an older adult stopped you in the street and asked for help, you would, or should at least be moved by concern. This person and her date were just trying to be nice.

Unfortunately, sometimes you can be way too nice for your own good. Your innocence and kindness could come back to bite you in the ass, just like it did for these two. This already sounds like the start of a thriller or horror movie.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@harriontheroad; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@natashaham74

Wrong species

This one real-life plot twist really baffles us, mainly because we don’t see how this mistake could have been made in the first place. When you go to adopt a pet, surely the adoption center would provide you with specific details about the animal.

How on earth did this person end up with a wild possum as a pet? The only reasonable explanation would be that he picked it up from the side of the road and brought it home, thinking it was a dog. Excuse me, Mr. Mike Suarez, we need answers here.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@themanwho66; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MikeSua43775530

Disney emergency

Bags left unattended in public are always cause for suspicion, especially in places like airports. Disney World is no exception. Wherever you are, if you see a suspicious item unattended, it’s best practice to report it to the authorities immediately.

This person must have been so embarrassed. He even felt the need to alert security. He probably caused a little bit of a scene as security came to check on the potential threat. How mortifying to have to admit that it was actually his own camera bag?

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@hootmon

Be careful what you wish for

…it might just come true. Genies in bottles aren’t the only ones who can grant you your three wishes. This next Twitter user had always had a childhood dream to be a twin. She wished to the universe, and it came back to her in a way she least expected it.

Having twins on your first pregnancy is like having to run without knowing how to crawl. You don’t even know what to do with one baby; how are you supposed to handle two? Karma comes around, guys. This is a true, real-life plot twist.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@twinning_in_texas; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@TaFaRi0301

Showing off new skills

As a kid, it’s always thrilling when you learn to do something new. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, chances are you’ll want to do it again and again. You ride your new bike around the neighborhood all day or rollerskate around the house until you annoy your parents.

Or, if you’re like this Twitter user and you had just learned how to read, you would probably read everything out loud. Sadly, this little showing off of new skills can lead to disaster. The disaster in question? Setting off the fire alarm.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@brettcallero; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@thehicklife

Can’t say no to dogs

This is by far the most adorable real-life plot twist tweet we’ve come across. All a dog wants is to be with his human all day. It’s difficult for them when their humans leave the house in the morning. So this dog followed his kid to school!

You would think the principal would get mad and demand that the dog be sent home. Luckily at this particular school, the principal is a dog person. The dog had a nice day out while his human was in class, how adorable!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cocoschulhund; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@pawpurr4321

Fake ID

Jimmy Fallon also took to Twitter to share his #RealLifePlotTwist moment that his friend had involving a fake ID. Just hearing these words, we can already assume this ends in someone getting found out. And as we’ve guessed, someone did get exposed.

The lesson here is to keep using your fake ID for life unless you want to get kicked out and banned from your favorite bar. That must have been one hell of a 21st birthday party. It does make for a good anecdote, though!

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@jimmyfallon


The front row at any concert is the most coveted spot. It’s such a big thing for hardcore fans to be able to see the artist, maybe touch their hand when they reach down, take a selfie with the artist when they’re just close enough.

These two really got the thrill of a lifetime. We’re sure artists notice people in the front rows trying to take a selfie with them. Well, Michael Buble decided to make the event a little bit more special for these women. How lucky are they?

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MaryCuddMorgan

The ex

Last-minute changes are always high-pressure and difficult to deal with. Big events such as weddings, concerts, and exhibitions always require fast thinking and quick action in case anything goes wrong. When the minister called in sick last-minute at the wedding below, they quickly called in a replacement.

Lo and behold, the person marrying these two lovebirds was the bride’s first husband. Did somebody say aaaawkward? When the new minister said, “You may kiss the bride,” was he thinking, “No, you may not”? That’s all we’re thinking about.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@clarkandrecs; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@LukeThatHunts

I don’t know him

Learning to drive is a struggle in itself. Even when you’ve gotten the hang of it and have qualified for a permit, you’re still worried about people on the road getting annoyed at the way you drive. Most new drivers overcorrect and follow traffic signs to a T.

More seasoned drivers care a little less. The contrast is clearly seen in this father-daughter duo. We’re sure @jesskane31 didn’t tell her driving instructor that the person who violated traffic signs was actually her dad. How embarrassing for her!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@harroldthehonda; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@jesskane31

Not my fault

Ah yes, the classic teenage rager. Party at someone’s home while their parents aren’t there. These kinds of house parties almost always go awry. Either something breaks, or the neighbors files a noise complaint and calls the cops to shut it all down.

There’s a panic that settles in the morning after waking up hungover and seeing the state the house is in. You would clean everything the best you can and fix whatever needs fixing. It turns out, @justinskube didn’t do anything wrong. It was his dad all along!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@letsliveandlearn; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@justinskube


This is what happens when you subtweet a guy about your love life as a joke and tag The Tonight Show on it. While it might be a thrilling experience to go viral and have Jimmy Fallon and The Roots laugh at you on TV, it can also be a little awks.

Actually, it’s only awkward if you make it awkward. It seems like the guy is just innocently taking the entire occurrence as a wild thing to happen to his friend and nothing more. If the shoe fits, wear it. But clearly, he does not think it fits.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ShiRobison

Starstruck, part 2

Stan culture has become such a part of everyday life now. Whatever musician, actor, or influencer you stan, you would, of course, dream of being able to meet them someday. Maybe hang out, have a coffee together, get married… we digress.

Imagine thinking something, saying it out loud, and having that exact thing happen in real life, not moments later. We believe that’s what people call manifestation. So, what are you waiting for? Manifest bumping into your favorite artists at the mall today!

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@KrKarenKr

Gold finds

Have you ever thanked your past self for doing something that ended up being to your advantage in the present? It can be big things, like thanking the college you went to for working you hard to get you to a CEO position. It can also be little things, like thanking yourself from 10 minutes ago for hiding Oreos from your kids.

When you have kids, sweets are basically the most coveted commodity. You have to ration them because you wouldn’t want multiple kids on a sugar rush at the same time. You’re almost left with nothing, so it’s always important to set aside some sweets for yourself before you give them to the kids!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@farmfitcourtney; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@vangoesboom

Pregnancy scare switch up

This is the second time on this list that a pregnancy switch has happened to someone. Although, this time around, it did not start out as a prank. Imagine if @StarGzr1321 hadn’t gotten that pregnancy test, even if it was done just because it still saved her.

What an emotional roller coaster it must have been for these two girls. The friend had a pregnancy scare and found out that she wasn’t pregnant. But it wasn’t all over, because then she had to support her friend, who turned out to be pregnant.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@firsttimemum_andeverythingelse; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@StarGzr1321

Bad mom

Oh, kids. They say the darnedest things! They’re not afraid to tell it like it is, and they speak their minds on most matters because they’re not concerned about what other people would think. This Twitter user’s 5-year old is no exception.

Whoops. Now the teachers and the sheriff all think that she’s a bad mom when in truth, she just has a soft drink every day to relieve the stresses of work. Of course, to her kid, a drink is a drink, whether alcoholic or not.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@angeg86; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@kperry4


This one doesn’t particularly feel like a plot twist to us, but we’ll include it anyway for the sentimentality of it. People say never to meet your idols because their real selves will disappoint you. But it seems like this person was far from disappointed.

How cool was it that his dad just happened to be hanging around in the same bar as basketball legend Larry Bird? Either Larry Bird is actually a pretty low-key guy, or this kid’s dad hangs out at high-end bars.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@GBPackers724

A year too young

We’re unsure whether to categorize this tweet as a real-life plot twist or a real-life fail. The plot twist is actually caused by the failure during the creation of the fake ID, so maybe it’s both? We’ll let you decide once you’ve taken it all in.

So, plot twist or fail? It must have been such a bummer to realize your fake ID put you at a year too young to be drinking and going out to bars. Everyone else was probably enjoying New York bar crawls with their new fake IDs, but @amyschwert had to sit this one out.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@amyschwert

The toughest guy

Perhaps the most annoying thing about driving is when other drivers cut you off. When you’re having a particularly bad day, and someone pulls this kind of thing on the I-95, it can get on your nerves. So this guy decided to try and see who dared to cut him off like that.

This really does read like a plot twist moment. You would think it’s some dude in a sports car with the top down blasting music from the speakers. But nope, just a renegade 80-year older man who still had enough energy to drive that fast and flip the bird.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cherokeebloomdmj; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@mjblzin27

Visiting Dad

There’s nothing sweeter than coming to visit your parents after you’ve moved out. The only thing that can make it better is seeing them before you expected to. On Twitter, @SusanSPatt shared how she bumped into her dad while on her way to visit him.

Out of all the carriages on the train, the father and daughter somehow managed to end up in the same one. Not only that, they ended up in the exact same area, right next to each other—what a happy coincidence.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pazeriforme; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@SusanSPatt

Thanks a lot, boss

There’s no denying that the pandemic has caused a significant amount of people to lose their jobs. Everyone is getting laid off or furloughed at best, and it doesn’t matter what position you hold. It’s been a tough year for workers across the board.

Just as 2021 rolled around, this Twitter user found herself leaving her European working vacation to come back to work. But alas, the company wanted to go in a “new direction,” which we suspect may be code for, “Actually, we can’t afford to pay you anymore.” What a bummer. She could have stayed in Europe!

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Madzirov_Nina

Anything can happen

You can plan your life as thoroughly as possible. You can have a 5-year plan for your individual goals and family goals. But at the end of the day, if the universe wants it to happen, it will happen. All you can do is roll with the punches.

Just like @dancingmonsters on Twitter, who, after everything she went through, thought that she and her husband wouldn’t have another child. But again, if the universe wills it. We hope she updates us on what they decide to name their Plot Twist baby.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@dancingmonsters

The fallen hero

Health and safety divisions in high school sports matches play a more important part than you think. Even if statistically, the chances of anyone getting seriously injured was small, you still have to standby because you’ll never know when you’ll be needed.

This nurse very heroically ran to the umpire’s aid during one high school baseball game. She was supposed to save the kid. But, plot twist, she ended up being the one that needed saving instead. That just comes with the job. But on the bright side, at least she’s a nurse and knows what to do?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@kcatmommy; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@rluesebrink

Unusual morning drive

The drive to work is usually an uneventful one. You get in the car, somebody cuts you off, maybe you spill your coffee all over your clothes. That’s pretty much the extent of a usual morning drive. But for this Twitter user, things jumped the other direction.

Was the frog already there in the car before they got in that morning? Or were they driving a convertible, and a frog had jumped into the car and onto their lap on the way? We have so many questions. We just hope everyone was safe and no one got injured.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@katie.delrio; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@HarmonMSG

“Sorry, we can’t attend”

Wedding RSVPs are so important because the bride and groom need to know how many people to provide food and space for. If you ever receive one, it’s best practice to RSVP sooner than later, as it will help the planners greatly.

Whoever was rude enough to send an RSVP seven years later clearly was never invested in the happy couple, to begin with. Also, how did this person not realize that the wedding in question was seven years ago? Maybe read the invite before responding.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@baileystationery; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@tyson_c

“Hi, son!”

Is the plot twist in this tweet the fact that both she and her son survived? Because reading this, it does not look like a situation where both parties could have made it out unscathed. No matter how much of a skilled driver you are, you should always be driving carefully in cold weather.

Thankfully these two made it out alive. This tweet serves as a PSA to keep your eyes on the road and both hands on the steering wheel. All she wanted to do was say hi, and that could have cost her son’s life and her own.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Heidi_Gray_

That would have been bad

Here’s another instance where a person could have ended up in a romantic relationship with a relative. No family is exempt from lies, secrecy, and bad relations. But the effects of this could be fatal, especially when the world isn’t as small as you think it is.

It’s a good thing @PaulaNKOTB’s mom had good eyes to notice the little details. Otherwise, things could have gone bad. Imagine finding out your significant other is actually your half-brother halfway into the relationship.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@PaulaNKOTB

The annoying intern

Ah, the unexpected love. It’s like the plot of a rom-com which starts with a push-and-pull type of attraction. She’s annoying, he doesn’t like her, but they’re interns in the same church, so they’re forced to spend all this time together.

Eventually, somebody is bound to catch feelings. And then it’s just a matter of time before a proximity crush turns into something more. The first date, the first kiss, the meeting the family… and finally, 14 years of being happily married.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@prevuew; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@RyanBartholomee

World’s least stylish stylist

The way you look in your loungewear at home and the way you look on a long flight isn’t that much different. No one cares how you look on a plane. Everyone is exhausted, dreary, and dehydrated. That’s why this person decided to ex the makeup for the flight.

Maybe a little bit of no-makeup-makeup would have been a good idea. But then again, how was she to know that she would be bumping into international superstars? Also, not sure how the paparazzi could have thought she was the group’s stylist, but okay.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@aptkul; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@c_0rpsecard

Jumping the gun

The dating game is emotionally exhausting. Meeting new people, having to introduce yourself to them all over again, being in the talking phase waiting for certainty… we’d rather skip the entire thing, which is probably the motivation behind this girl’s quick advances.

On a separate note, it’s a little jarring that a guy in his mid-30’s is hitting on a girl in her early 20’s. Are we the only ones who think this is a cause for concern? Bit sus. Maybe the girl only pretended to jump the gun to freak him out. In which case, that’s a stellar mode of self-defense.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@DudeFromBurg

They’re firing me

Well, this is awkward. While it is completely normal to be applying for jobs while you’re currently holding a full-time position, it is usually because you are genuinely unhappy there or you know that your contract is about to end.

It is very rarely ever because you’re aware of potentially getting fired. So when the job that @carriesmith1123 applied for turned out to be for the position she is currently holding, we can only imagine the conversation between her and her boss. “Carrie, we didn’t want you to find out this way…”

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@carriesmith1123

Marley and me

Some people prefer to name their dogs very human names, like Isaac or Gordon or Mary. It’s really not that big of a deal. Until, of course, you’re at the park, and you call your dog, and about three different Marys at the park turn their heads.

Reading this story, we’re almost convinced that the dog Marley living next door to the human Marley is the iconic Labrador from the book-turned-movie Marley & Me. If this turns out to be true, we would lose our minds.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@lolatheblondlab; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MarleyShowler