How to Lose Weight at Home

By Letizia L

Running, lunges, push-ups: these are all exercises for weight loss that we can do at home, both with dumbbells and body weight. Tools Needed? Constancy and willpower!

Exercising at home to lose weight is an excellent remedy for those who usually surrender to laziness after a tiring day, and they can also be of assistance when you are needing to diet, because to lose weight you need to train, even if at home, and follow a healthy diet.

The goal of these exercises is to lose weight on your belly and thighs, and to tighten your butt, to have a complete workout involving multiple parts of the body. We can decide to divide our training in different days, dedicating each day to a part of the body, or to make a circuit, 2-3 times a week, training different muscle groups at the same time.

The important thing for any type of exercise, even those at home, is to warm up beforehand to prepare the body for bending and stretching.

If your goal is to tone up and lose weight, choose a cardio routine to do every day for at least 30 minutes: a morning run, a cardio circuit, a fast-paced walk, or exercise on a stationary bike. The important thing is to be consistent and work at least half an hour a day, so as to burn about 300 calories and shape up your body!

Before your workout, treat yourself to a cup of coffee, that will give you more energy to tackle the activity. Happy training!