How To Be Happier Right Now

By Ruby M

Life isn’t always easy, but we can’t wait for life to stop being hard to start feeling happy. We must be proactive. Even in the midst of hardship, we can practice routines within ourselves to feel better and enjoy life more. We’ve put together a few simple steps you can incorporate into your life to help you start feeling happier right now.

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Practice gratitude

Everyday, acknowledge at least 5 things that you are truly grateful for in your life. This can help to rewire the brain positively so that you will approach life in a more positive way. A happy and healthy mindset can open you up to embracing more good things, and help you to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Positive self talk

Be kind to yourself because the first person who needs to believe in yourself is you. Treating yourself in a more positive manner will help you develop a higher self-esteem, and give you the confidence to achieve anything you set your mind to. Positive self talk will also alleviate anxiety, as anxious feelings feed off negative thoughts.

Be OK with some solitude

If you can’t be comfortable with your own company, how can you expect others to? It is so important to enjoy time with yourself and focus on the things you love that bring you joy. Being okay with being alone helps to develop independence and the ability to rely on yourself instead of others for your happiness.

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Take a social media hiatus

Social media allows people to paint a picture of their lives, displaying only the moments that they want the world to see. It is not real life, but we compare ourselves to the bikini-perfect bodies and cushy lifestyles that we see online. It can contribute to low self-esteem and unhappiness, and sometimes it really helps to just take a break and live in the moment for a while where you can focus on your own happiness instead of the joys of others.

Skip the fast food

Despite the brief and fleeting moments of happiness that comes with eating delicious food, fast food is actually a heavy contributor to a negative mindset. Fast food is high in trans fats, which affects the balance of fatty acids in the body. Studies reveal that upsetting this balance can lead to low energy and a sour mood. Rather, take a little more time waiting for your meal if you feel like take-out.