How Laughter Affects Your Health

By Francis Tunwase

People laugh for different reasons. While some find it a good way to have fun, some are just naturally disposed to it. But do you know there’s more to laughter than just the fun? Oh well, there is.

 Laughter is medicine—a good one, in fact, and it affects your health in ways you probably do not know about.

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First, laughter keeps your entire body relaxed:

It is normal to appear gloomy and straight-faced after a very stressful or bad day—you probably do not have any cause to curve up your lips in excitement or expose that set of teeth hiding under your lips. But hey! Laughter really is the best medicine. By maintaining a good and hearty laugh, you can rid yourself of all tension and keep your whole spirit, soul, and body relaxed.

Laughter improves your immune system:

Strange but true. Laughter improves your resistance to various diseases by increasing immune cells. And not only that; it adds to the number of antibodies that fight infections in your body and helps you live healthily.

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Laughter helps to protect your heart:

Just a ‘simple’ laugh can increase blood flow in your body and protect your heart against any form of cardiovascular problem. So it would help if you laughed more.

And ultimately, laughter increases the average human lifespan:

According to a study in Norway, those who laugh more often live longer. It is quite simple. Laughter keeps you alive and helps you to focus better. Laugh more, it doesn’t hurt.