Four Interesting Statistics About Relationships And Divorce

By John A

As humans, we do not exist in a vacuum, and as such, we need and often crave relationships to fill different purposes and voids in our lives. Interestingly, as we grow up and evolve, our relationship needs, and tendencies often change which could disrupt the harmony of a relationship or marriage. Here, we will look at some intriguing relationship, divorce and marriage statistics in modern times. 

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#1 Couples who share mutual ‘bad’ habits are more likely to stay together

A study on addictions conducted at the University of Buffalo Research Institute revealed almost 50% of marriages in which one partner was a heavy drinker ended in divorce. However, the divorce rate was reduced by a whopping 20% when both partners were heavy drinkers or didn’t drink at all. Given this statistic, we can infer that marriages, where both partners hold very different value sets, are more likely to end in divorce. 

#2 Ineffective communication is one of the top five reasons couples get a divorce 

One of the biggest causes of divorces is a lack of proper communication and conflict resolution between couples. Not knowing how to resolve conflict effectively and communicate emotions could be damning for your relationship. 

While the stats often speak for themselves, the truth is you do not need to try and save your marriage or relationship alone if it has hit a bumpy road. What is comforting to know is that new companies like Ritual are helping couples bridge the previously existing communication gaps. Hence, giving couples a second chance at marital and relationship bliss. 

#3 When it comes to marriages, experience isn’t proving to be the best teacher 

Humans think that the second time they try something, it is often better than the first. However, divorce statistics say otherwise, as the numbers show that about 60% of second marriages end in divorce, and 73% of third marriages go the same way. More interesting is that subsequent divorces often happen in a shorter timeframe than the previous ones. Studies have shown that the average length of first-time marriages is eight years. In second marriages, divorces mostly happen before the eighth year, and perhaps this is a result of people being unwilling to suffer as much as they did previously. 

#4 Fewer people are getting married today than they did two decades ago!

The rate of marriage dropped to 5.1 in every 1,000 people (2020 Stats), from the 6.1 that it was in the year 2019. This trend is also being observed in the divorce rates these days with fewer people getting divorced. Studies show that only 2.7 of every 1,000 people get divorced now, as opposed to 4 in 1,000 recorded in the year 2000. 

Final Thoughts

The statistics above show just how much couples need help to navigate their relationships. Thanks to the advent of technology, it is now easier for couples to access the desired help. With the availability of this help, divorce rates could drop even lower over the coming years.

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