Four Easy Exercises To Improve Your Balance

By Stephen M

How to maintain balance using exercise

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As we grow older, the body becomes weak and our strength wanes. The weak body is normally accompanied by illness including loss of balance. There are several causes of loss of balance including habitual bad body posture or sitting. But the good news is that you can correct or improve your balance with some exercises. Exercising keeps the body in shape and improves your general wellbeing. Now, here are some exercises to improve your body balance.  

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Standing on one leg

This is a very simple exercise, which needs no equipment or external support. You can do this anytime and anywhere including when taking your bath. All you need is to stand upright and lift one foot bend to at least the knee level of the standing foot. Maintain this posture for about 15 seconds, and change over the leg. Repeat this as many times as possible.


A firm and strong legs ensure great body balance, and you can achieve this through squats. Squats can be done anywhere and at any time. Start this easy exercise by first slightly opening up the legs, with the toes pointing forward. Now, with your hands forward and back straight, slowly lower your hips, like you want to sit. Maintain this posture for some seconds, relax, and do it again.

Toe Stands

Toe stands is one of the best exercises used to improve balance and manage joint pains. The exercise toughens the ankle and calf muscles to strengthen the feet and legs. Start this exercise by holding a wall or any stable/firm object. With your leg opened raise your heels off the ground while keeping the toes flat. Hold on for some time, relax your feet, and repeat the process.

Tai chi

The movement training known as Tai chi, is another great way to improve your balance and stay in form. You can follow this exercise by watching videos and other content made in this regard.