Wear It Or Toss It: 45 Fashion Fails That Will Either Make You Laugh or Cringe So Hard

By Liezel L

We’ve all got fashion fail moments. Right? Maybe some saggy pants, patterned tights, neon crocs, very low slung jeans, or any ridiculous idea that somehow managed to become a trend. They’re all embarrassing and something we’d rather skip when looking back down memory lane. But we got through it! We started mixing and matching. We started looking for our own unique style. And while not everybody’s a fashionista, many of us did end up with decent senses of fashion. Unfortunately, the memo skips some people from time to time. While we can forgive some of these fashion fails because we’re too busy laughing on the floor, some just begs the question, “Why?” If you’re ever looking to redeem yourself from any fashion fail in the past, look no further and keep scrolling. 

Poop Dress

Just by the first glance, we’re already concerned by the lady who bought it and wore it. Is she ok? And no, we’re not asking because she looked like she rolled around in the mud or got thrown into a septic tank. It’s simply generally concerning why anyone would buy that much less wear it. 

The longer you look at it, the more questions pop up in your mind. Was the fabric just made that way, or is it genuinely soiled? How much was it? Is there more than one piece of this dress? And at the end of all that, why? If there’s one good thing about it, whoever owns it won’t be worrying about washing that piece of clothing. It’s perfect for a rainy, muddy walk, a house cleaning, or you know, reliving childhood and rolling around in the dirt. 

image courtesy of RabiesPositive/ Reddit

Comfy Ankles Anyone?

You know when you’re just done walking on heels or day or when you’re sitting cross-legged on the floor, your ankles get kind of sore, right? Well, here’s a neat solution for you, the comfiest booties in all the world. Now, your ankles can enjoy soft fluffy heaven too!

We love it when designers merge fashion and comfort, especially when it protects our body from getting all banged up. We wonder why no one has ever thought of this before! Now, if you want it, just throw out a little less than a thousand dollars, and you’re walking away in the comfiest booties ever. 

image courtesy of Maison Margiela

Shoe, Bag, Why Not Both

Ah, here is fashion pushing the boundaries once again. Is this a shoe? Is this a bag? No one knows, but you can probably use it either way if you’re desperate enough. It’s also a great weapon to fend off any creeps!

It’s not all bad, though. Look at that design. It’s not the worst on the planet. And though it’s confusing, it has more than one use. When you think of it like that without looking at the picture, it almost passes. We just need some inspo pics to figure out how to get away with this look. 

image courtesy of Han Rose/ Facebook

Kanye’s Yeezy Shoes

We never thought anything could come close to crocs, but apparently, Kanye found one. We’re not hating on anybody’s creations, and we’re trying really hard, but we just can’t seem to figure out what these are supposed to be. 

They look like shoes, and they also look like jelly socks. On the other hand, they also look like fishbones. Sorry Kanye, but maybe you should leave the fashion stuff to Kim because no one in the world can pull off those things.

image courtesy of Kanye West – Twitter

Sporty and Fancy!

Whoever said you can’t cha cha cha and go to a marathon or the gym at the same time is so wrong. This dress just proves it. At a glance, it says, “I’ll be at the gym at 5, and I’ll see you for drinks and some salsa dancing at 6.” 

Someone clearly thought women needed more versatile dresses that they can wear to more than one occasion and did their very best with this pink number. It’s either that or someone with sewing skills got very, very mad at their sister. 

image courtesy of GoFishOldMaid/ Reddit

I Am Racism

If you can’t beat them, join them. What a nice little shirt to rub that point in. As much as we want to make fun of this, this is just too cringe-worthy, and the model, why? Howver, this is one that needs a closer look….

Zooming in at the shirt, you’d understand what they were trying to say, but that is what graphic design is for. And even then, you’d wonder how in the world did this get approval for mass production. 

image courtesy of Turb0-Pad/ Reddit

Socks Wearing Feet

These awful things give a new meaning to the word socks. Sure, you can wear them! Just keep them out of everyone else’s sights, though, and neatly tucked under your boots or sneakers. On the other hand, it would be pretty darn funny to confuse the hell out of people.

Imagine wearing this outside with a cute pair of sandals. First, people will notice the nail polish, and next, the weird fishnet thing. That’s when their brain starts getting suspicious. Then, with quickly dawning horror, they’d realize they’ve been staring at feet wearing socks wearing feet. The look on their face would be priceless!

image courtesy of electrolytebitch/ Reddit

Dad Suit

Looks like someone had too much fun making the family merch. It’s either that or this dad has some wicked sense of humor. Anyhow, we’d like to imagine he’s one hell of a dedicated dad because that right there is the most dad thing a dad can do in the whole world.

And look at the way he’s confidently walking around in it. That kid is lucky to inherit even a sliver of that confidence. It becomes a hell of a lot funnier when you look at the other guy. He looks like he’s trying so hard just to look straight ahead and not look at the dad rocking his baby’s face, well, everywhere.

image courtesy of sarayewo/ Reddit

Mad Max Crocs

It’s crocs but make it goth. With every step it takes, it summons the powers of darkness, and with every clink of those chains, you hear the screams of the thousands of souls damned to an eternity of torture. 

Alright, that might have been too much, but what part of all this is cool exactly? Is it the part where those chains get stuck on the gas pedal when you’re driving or the part where you trip multiple times a day? Although if you think about it, being able to back kick someone and inflict real damage is kinda cool.

image courtesy of ghosted_/ Reddit

All Seeing Shoes

Wow, isn’t this one a looker? You probably won’t ever get lost, seeing as there are hundreds of eyes guiding your feet! Big, small, back, front, side – it has got you all covered, and it’s stylish as well with all that 4-inch stiletto action, also covered with eyes.  Nothing like this says, “All eyes on me.”

In all seriousness, though, this is the stuff of nightmares. We bet you can imagine those black circles bouncing around with every step you take and hear all that jiggling sound all those tiny eyes make. That can scar anyone from cute, cuddly googly-eyed stuff toys for life!

image courtesy of Jameel88/ Reddit

Need Hugs?

All hands on deck for a chilly chilly day! Before you start screaming, “Alien!” though, let us calm you by saying no, that is not the body of an extraterrestrial being. That is just a disturbing puffed up green coat.

No matter how you put it, four hands attached to your green puffer coat is just plain creepy. Anyone who wears it looks like they just murdered aliens and decided to make their skin fashionable. In short, it makes them look like a psychopath. No one would want any hugs from that.

image courtesy of Si Chan

Holey Creeps!

The office called, and they wanted their gigantic puncher back. To whoever made this, you don’t need to say anything. You don’t need to justify your vision. Just please surrender the puncher. We need the hole nine yards of that shirt!

This look is sure to give some pretty awkward tan lines and not to mention a couple of awkward nip slips along the way. Plus, can you imagine the tangly nightmare of finding which hole your head is supposed to go through? Just nope. 

image courtesy of I Love Ugly

Great Advice!

Don’t you just love it when your shirts are jumping into the dark side and serving you advice that sends you into a spiral of existential dread? We all need something to pull us out of the clouds every now and then. Plus points if it’s super comfy.

While this might not be that bad a fail and is still wearable, wearing it in public might be a little sadistic. Some will find it funny, but there will definitely be some whose fall from happiness will be plainly visible on their faces. 

image courtesy of zapsquad/ Reddit

Stuffed Pants

Oh, those poor stuffed toys. It seems that they’ve fallen victim to a new manny uniform. When you think about it, though, it is quite useful. It’s warm and soft, and whenever someone pushes you down, you fall on a soft pillow of cuddly goodness. Plus, you can take your favorite stuffed animals with you wherever you go!

While it may work for some oddball kids, though, we don’t think any self-respecting adult would wear this. It might take a lot of bribing, a smattering of threats, and maybe a few bottles of booze before anyone even considers it. No offense to the model, though. He looks great. 

image courtesy of Adidas Originals

Fashion Mitts

If your hands are feeling a little too cold, worry no more. Here are astonishingly warm and fashionable hand warmers to keep your hands nice and toast warm. Oh, and you get a built-in lunchbox fanny pouch as well.

As much as we love the intention, this is just hilarious. It looks like someone stuffed a couple of surgical gloves, stuck them on some overly long sleeves, and called them the hottest hand warmers of the season. Arms don’t even grow that long. 

image courtesy of Si Chan

Little Black Dress

Once you see it, you just can’t unsee it. That black outline of her collar just isn’t doing the best with the reporter’s dark inner. It just looks like her head is stuck on a papercut of a woman with her hands on her hips.

To make matters worse, it’s on live television. The people sharing the screen with her aren’t helping as well! The girl with the curly hair seems like she’s amused and disappointed at the same time, while the guy just looks downright confused. We can’t say we blame them. 

image courtesy of Lannart/ Reddit

The Circus Is In Town

We’re betting the circus is looking for their tents while the clowns are looking for their balloons. We’re also wondering how these models could continue to walk upright. They look like they should be doing the catwalk upside down. That would be pretty interesting.

No one can say the designer didn’t create something unique, though. Functionality wise, it seems that no one will be hurting their shins with these pants. If you ask us if it’s fashion, though, we’ll just pretend we didn’t hear you. 

image courtesy of harri_ks/ Instagram

Immaculate Gown

This is a tragedy. You can somehow see what the idea was and what the designers were trying to go for but they missed the landing so bad it’s hard to figure out why the girl still chose to wear that dress.

The “angel’s” face just says it all. Joining him is the guy at the side who looks like he’s utterly confused about why he is even there at the moment. The girl looks happy, though, and she’s proudly getting her pictures taken, so maybe she loves it?

image courtesy of Max_1995/ Reddit

Mask of Wonder

There are just some products better left in the packaging to be never thought of again, or else you’d get something like this abomination. This kind of thing is what will really keep people six feet away from you, possibly even more, especially the kids. 

It becomes even sadder if someone does actually wear this not because they’re desperate to protect themselves but because they’re desperate to make the design work. How much do you have to love Elsa to ignore everything wrong with his mask?

image courtesy of FarisFrontiers/ Reddit

Jeweled Fungi

What, why, and gross! It’s hard to believe this actually even got made, and it’s even harder to believe that it made it to the racks. It just makes you wonder what exactly is the standard for despicable in the world of clothes.

As shiny and as bejeweled it may be, no one wants to be seen wearing much less flexing a shirt that makes them look like they’re sweating the world’s next pandemic. No one even knows why there are so many details around those golden orbs, and frankly, we don’t want to. 

image courtesy of hrithikbadass/ Reddit

Hoofin’ Around

We think this might have a logical history behind it. If you remember, in Greek mythology, there were these half-goat, half-man creatures called fauns. These shoes make you look like that. But all the same, why in the world would you want to?

We can imagine Lady Gaga wearing this because this type of odd is her brand. But other than her, we don’t think anybody could pull this off if they’re not going for a costume. It’s definitely something that earns a double take, but it’s not worth faun-ing over. 

iamge courtesy of gardenskate – Instagram

Poop Bag

You can’t have a poop dress without a poop bag. The look just won’t be complete. Fortunately, the fashion fail gods have not disappointed, and here we have the perfect little tote swirled around in just enough mud and poop to match the dress.

Don’t judge it so fast, though, because, with a bag like this, you’ll be the talk of the town until you grow old and gray. Thieves would also be highly discouraged to nab it, much less reach into it. Also, you’ll never have to worry about high maintenance care anymore. 

image courtesy of urbanoutfitters.com

Perfect Shirt

With this one, it’s more like “Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit could have been.” And somehow, we’re sincerely hoping this is intentional because otherwise, that is just sad. No one wants some good t-shirt grammar and a straight weird cut wasted after all. 

This shirt is like a uniform for missed opportunities. It does not make us angry. It fills us with regret, guilt, and shame. But look on the bright side. It teaches us that there is no such thing as perfect, it teaches us not to waste money, and it teaches us how to know what sucks. 

image courtesy of munglimaltin/ Reddit

Hair Terror

We have nothing against body hair, but this is just unacceptable. It’s hairy, and it’s scary. This is what you’d want to wear to a date with someone you don’t really like. It’ll make them cringe so hard- out of the date- and out of your life.

The most ridiculous part about this is that this isn’t just a result of someone’s boredom and messed up imagination. This hoodie is truly for sale for around 30 bucks. If there’s one good thing about it, though is that it’s a great gag gift. Just make sure whoever you’re giving it to doesn’t wear it out in public or while hanging out with you. 

image courtesy of Amazon


Clearly, whoever made these sweatshirt shorts were being considerate towards anyone who was a half-giant spider. Is it for the upper body? Is it for the lower? No one really knows. Any way you look at it, it can’t be for the average person. 

We guess it’s the new hip thing to have sleeves hanging on by our sides as we saunter down the streets. It adds a little swagger, you know. We think a lot of people would be pretty interested to see anyone try to pull this off, though. If you can, let us know, please.

image courtesy of danhab99/ Reddit

The Heroic Thread

Oh, that is one strong piece of thread right there. The fact that that is a relatively new iPhone 11, though, doesn’t calm anyone’s nerves. Still, the girl is lucky enough that nobody hasn’t dared tried to nick it from her yet.

In the first place, who would put their phones in a back pocket that has a big old gaping hole underneath? And second, who in the world would think that wearing pants with unflattering rips is a good idea? Then again, maybe we’re just getting too old for that kind of thing. 

image courtesy of agroyle/ Reddit

Redneck Boot Sandals

If you love cowboy fashion and don’t want to sacrifice your style to keep cool in the sweltering heat, this sandal is for you. Be warned, though, not all cowboys might appreciate you messing with their precious and iconic boots.

The interesting thing is while a lot of us would think that this is a one-time thing, the redneck boot sandals actually have a market. People are buying these things, and they’re wearing them out in public. Guess you don’t really need to be a cowboy to channel that cowboy attitude. 

image courtesy of Redneck Boot Sandals- Facebook

Dalek Dress

Exterminate! Exterminate! Fans of Doctor Who would immediately get that reference. If you’re sitting there confused, search up the Daleks of Doctor Who, and you’d get it. That puffer dress looks too much like those darned robots, and it’s not doing them any favors.

It also looks like the Michelin Man’s wife. They weren’t satisfied with one mascot, so they had to make another and in color! Maybe it’s one saving feature is that it does cover up the body quite well. Anyone who wears it looks ready to be shipped off nice and safe.

image courtesy of Moncler

Fart Butt

Manufacturers that get too cheeky are the best. They would have these normal pieces of clothing, and for some weird reason, they would think normal is too overrated, and the next thing you know, they’d have stuck something like a fart bomb cloud in questionable places. 

It’s a little bit confusing as well because it can be cauliflower or the top of a tree. Kinder thinking aside, it convincingly looks like a flashing warning sign to socially distance lest your sense of smell is violently assaulted. The dude seems pretty comfy in it, though. Look at that pose on him. 

image courtesy of unique_creations/ Instagram

Giant Scarf Dress

They call this the “scarf dress,” but it would pretty much be what people would look like if they’re wearing a high quality knitted potato sack. It’s even worse than a potato sack since it doesn’t have armholes! What are your arms supposed to do inside that thing?

All you can do is wiggle around like a worm or hop around like an escaped mental asylum patient. Either way, it’s not very flattering. It does look warm and toasty, though, and we can definitely imagine falling asleep wrapped up in this cozy cocoon-like a pretty little butterfly. 

image courtesy of Oukas

Merman Pants

Who said only the mermaids could get all the merch and all the fun? Obviously, merman leggings can be delightful too. They’re just as bright, shiny, and colorful as their mermaid legging counterparts. Even Ariel would want a pair of these.

The real measure if it’s an awesome pair of leggings though, is if it is as comfy as it looks. By the look of that shining, shimmering material, we’re betting it’s not. And, of course, we have to know if it’s squat proof. Unfortunately, just by how tight that is, we’re afraid to ask. 

image courtesy of SmaVolve

Umbrella Crisis

Nobody likes holding umbrellas, especially when their hands are already full of grocery bags or whatnot, right? As much as we like the innovation, we’d maybe take the risk of getting our groceries wet rather than looking like a walking cartoon character failure.

It does leave you hands-free, but in what way does it exactly keep you drier than a perfectly decent umbrella would? And what about the hot and sunny days? We want out umbrellas to keep us nice and comfy in all seasons, not just one. 

image courtesy of Blue Crate

Meaty Hoodie

It seems that Lady Gaga’s controversial meat dress has inspired someone, and they tried to make some streetwear fashion out of it. So that if you’re a big fan of delicious meat, you don’t need a red carpet event to bust out that meaty dress. You can wear it all year round!

The best part is you can absolutely look beefy in this. Say goodbye to the gym and to horrible diets. Your hoodie just spells it all out for you. Just be sure to keep it hidden from your vegan friends, though. 

image courtesy of Gamiss

Better Advice Though

If you think you can’t do it anymore, if people are telling you you can’t succeed, and if your mind is telling you to just stop, just dot. With great advice like that, it’s surprising this bag is just 72% off. It should be 100% off. 

The thing is, “Just don’t quit” was already good enough. They absolutely had zero valid reasons to strike out “n’t qui.” There’s just nothing meant to be struck out in that quote to make it any better. They just committed one of the absolute failest of the fails. 

image courtesy of Mr_Wildcard_/ Reddit

Just to Make Sure

There’s a good reason Calvin Klein manages to make every single one of their boxers and briefs look sexy. And it’s definitely not by naming any pair “sniff.” Then again, maybe it’s some form of help from the manufacturers telling guys what to do to check if it’s been washed. 

Thankfully, the general public won’t need to lay eyes on these. And if you do choose to buy this, you can keep the joke to yourself. Also, it’s better to have sniff than anything worse like crusty, stinks, or wet. 

image courtesy of mccluskey111/ Reddit

This is Called High Fashion

If pants can pull it off, why not knit sweaters. What we can’t understand, however, is why in the world would someone pay almost a thousand bucks for that thing even if it is almost half the original price. 

That sweater looks like it’s been through the jungle and a cat shelter. It also looks like it has been given some time to stew in an old attic. Then again, it looks like a designer just lost their cool for a minute there and went crazy slasher psycho on a great knit and decided their mess looked crazy enough to be high fashion. 

image courtesy of erikajobob/ Reddit

Wedgie Town

Anyone who has ever been bullied and experienced the customary wedgie would know just how painful and embarrassing it can be. Well, if you already look like you have one, maybe the bullies will stay away this time. 

We think that there’s nothing seriously wrong with that shirt, though. It’s just the placement and the color of the design. And it makes it all the more uncomfortable and cringe to look at it on a grown adult man. Maybe check front, back, and side on the mirror net time, sir. 

image courtesy of kdman3/ Reddit

Best Employee Uniform

Pho is absolutely delicious! It comforts the soul on cold rainy nights and on days when a cold beats down your body. That restaurant name, in combination with its placement on the employee uniform, might not be the best idea. 

It is pretty hilarious, though, especially if you say it quickly or read it in a Birmingham accent. We bet a lot of customers have gotten a good kick out of it, and we hope they haven’t changed it in any way. It’s pretty catchy. 

image courtesy of Sphinx74/ Reddit

Kitty Socks

That just went from absolutely adorable “I also want a pair of those they look so cute I love kittie” to hell no, no thanks. It’s just bad. Any dignified cat lover would surely get themselves something that doesn’t look like an alien monster kitty. 

We don’t think the cats would also like that either. It’ll be like staring at the worst possible version of themselves. They’ll probably love to toss this balled up pair around, scratch it, and gnaw on it though, so there’s a plus, we guess. 

image courtesy of KevlarYarmulke/ Reddit

Chewbacca’s Creepy Twin

First of all, we apologize, and no, we don’t take responsibility for all the nightmares this costume causes and all the offense to all the Star Wars fans out there. This is what Chewbacca would look like if someone took him to the groomers and gave him a shave. 

The smoothness of it makes it all the more terrifying. And don’t get us started on the face. This is worse than a killer clown costume. This is what you’d wear to traumatize kids (and grown adults) for life. It’s also your golden ticket to never get invited to any parties ever again and maybe lose a couple of friends. 

image courtesy of IcyyHott_Viper/ Reddit

Pretty Authentic Looking Fakes

Sometimes, it’s just not worth buying something original if you can get something just as good from cheaper stores or even knockoffs. Seriously, they serve the same purpose. At times though, you just have to take a pause with those fakes. 

Even in buying fakes, people want it to be as close as possible to the original. Nothing missed the mark as much as this one, though. Two letters are all it’s missing, and all we can say is Nooooo. Stop. Why does it even have to be those two specific letters in the middle? Why?

image courtesy of CamRourke23/ Reddit

Run Jesus Run!

Is that “Real Men Bowhunting Love Jesus” or “Real Men Love Bowhunting Jesus?” Either way, the holy son better run for cover fast because these men look like they mean business. They even have a little “Shoot it straight” slogan at the bottom. 

The men wearing these shirts also better watch out because while they’re chasing Jesus, they’ll also have an angry mom of Catholics right behind them. Seriously though, no matter which way you flip the words, this shirt needs a miracle to get itself right. 

image courtesy of tonytwobits/ Reddit

The New Useless Pocket

Women always have it bad in the pocket department. It’s rare to see any kind of women’s pants with pockets that are more than an inch deep, and it’s more common to see those fake pockets with zippers on them. This, though, takes that to another level.

You’d probably need to have superhuman flexibility to get something in and out of that pocket while you’re wearing that dress. And if you’re a high school kid wearing this, you’d probably be the new target of pranks all around. Let’s see just how many pieces of gum or trash can that pocket carry, eh?

image courtesy of orionsbelt05/ Reddit

Curtain Pantsuit

Pantsuits are extremely comfy given how breathable they are and how they allow women a lot more stomach space during lunches. But that doesn’t mean anyone should be overextending the bounds of comfiness into something like this.

It just looks like someone took down a curtain, snipped away, and resewn everything back together as best they could. It’s just not flattering for anybody—the poor dear looks like a huge pair of walking pants with a floating head on top. 

image courtesy of blobby_the_fish/ Reddit

This Is Called Fashion

We don’t know what’s more awkward, the fact that it’s a long-sleeve button-up, or that it’s only pinned by the shoulders onto the blue shirt underneath. And we’re pretty sure no one could exactly explain the thought process behind all this. Even the model looks like he’s clueless. Sorry, man. 

Then again, maybe the designer was thinking of a handy change of clothes. Just think about it. When you just came from doing errands, and you’d need to change into something nice, presto, you got one. Now, you’ll have an awkward shirt hanging off your back, though. Who cares? It’s fashion. 

image courtesy of DB Static