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Can We Get These Peoples’ Faces Redone: 50 Cringy Face Tattoos

People have different standards of beauty. For some, it would be young, flawless skin. For others, it would be a body riddled with art. Others go as far as having their faces inked. They say it frames the face and draws your attention towards the eyes.

We just wish these people thought it well through. For one, tattoos are permanent. It isn’t easy getting ink undone. Second, it’s painful and inconvenient. There are people whose tattoos have given them blisters. Third, their designs are just horrendous. It’s like we can’t see the person underneath.

The Power of The Spirt Compels You

This man is a devout believer. He goes to Church every Sunday with his family. He reads the Bible and more frequently recites it before a group. To encourage other people to learn the word of God, he has taken up missionary service. He knocks on your door one early morning. You open it up and see him beaming at you. Hello, would you like to know more about God?

Image Courtesy of Tattoo Viewer

Would you invite this man for Bible study inside your home? We would be more likely to call the priest for a local exorcism.As much as we respect this man’s enthusiasm for his faith, we don’t understand why he had to defile his face like that. The power did not compel him to hget this tattoo.

Caught In Its Web

Get those dollar bills ready because this show is about to start. It’s a fight between two predators – man versus wild. On the far right is a Black Widow Spider. Its legs look like a widow’s knuckles. This sucker delivers a nasty sting. Victims report severe muscle pain, cramping, and difficulty breathing. It has latched unto its opponent, and you can see the man struggling to break free.

Image Courtesy of Wild Tattoo Art

The two tussle. The man has walked directly inside the spider’s trap. The Black Widow spreads its legs even farther, whereas the man pinches its body away from him. So far, he has been able to avoid its bite. We don’t know for how long, though. In a couple of seconds, he clutches his chest, struggling to breathe. Now we know who’s the victor, folks!

Drake Wasn’t Happy

We love music. Who doesn’t? But love for music depends on one person to another. Some support their favorite artists through Spotify. Others feel the need to follow their artists on a countrywide tour. Some feel that they should have these artists’ names etched on their foreheads. Say what?

Image Courtesy of Information Nigeria

It obviously wasn’t satisfying enough for this woman to strike up a conversation with other Drake fans. Nor was it enough for her to inspire admiration for the singer/ rapper. She felt that she had to announce her obsession with him the moment she walked into a room. We’ve only one thing to say- honey, that will not help him win a Grammy award.

Where’d Blue Go?

If you’re a 90s kid, then you would know the Nickelodeon show Blue’s Clues. With a little help from Steve, you will learn more about your pet, Blue. In each episode, you will go on a mystery hunt to find his pawprints. Then you will piece it all together to decode Blue’s message.

Image courtesy of Tattoos Time

Here’s our first clue – this man’s face. Okay, let’s take out that notepad and draw this figure on it. We’ll start with a round face, a saggy chin, a lot of piercings, and even more tattoos! What do you think Blue is trying to tell us? Well, let’s proceed to find the other clues to make sense of this.

Blending In With The Background

This man may be many things, but he isn’t an attention seeker. He hates being seen in public and being given unnecessary attention. Preferring to work in solitude, he deflects credit even when it’s due. He has gone to such lengths to hide himself in plain sight.

Image courtesy of The Sun Co UK

It’s like he wants to camouflage himself as your room wallpaper. Just blending in, he calls it. To be fair, his artist has done a good job at doing that. We would have to call his name out if he were in our bedroom. There’s no way we can see him even if he were standing right in front of us!

A Disaster of Astronomical Proportions

One of the most popular designs people opt for is stars. Not only are they easy to draw, but they’re small. Just in case you regret having a tattoo done, you can cover it up with make-up or wear some sleeves. This woman thought it was a rad design! So she had the whole galaxy imprinted on her face. Clever, aye?

Image Courtesy of Start Tattoos 555 / Blogspot

How many millions of years will it take for these starts to combust and die fully? Because it’s just not working for her. Sure, we can make out Orion’s belt, but this design isn’t giving us any direction. In fact, we’re just lost. It’s like this constellation of stars is giving us a gravitational push in other directions.

Just Grow One

Some men grow facial hair because women find it attractive. It frames the face and chisels the jawline. It’s a way of establishing dominance – physically and socially. What woman wouldn’t want to seek the protection of a masculine partner?

Image courtesy of The Trend Spotter

Wanting to join in on the fad, this man had a mustache tattooed on his face. We can’t imagine why. He could have just grown one. It’s painless, quick, and inexpensive. Now he’s got bumps over his skin because the needle had inadvertently poked down on his real mustache. Mister, we were rooting for a mustache, not blisters!

Rap Me This – Ice Cream!

Gucci Mane rose to fame as a rapper in the early 2000s and 2010s. He’s a pioneer of the hip-hop genre, putting fellow musicians T.I. and Young Jeezy on the map. As of writing, his current net worth is $12 million. In the world of the rich and the famous that basically translates to-you could do anything you want with your life…

Image Courtesy of City Pages

Including having an ice cream cone inked on your right cheek. There have been several theories about this design. Some claim that it’s simply how he lives his life – cool as ice. Others state that it’s a desperate move to draw attention. After all, nobody can put a face to the name Gucci Mane. If he thought that cone would make him more memorable, it was a wrong move.

20/ 20 Vision

Another great way to frame the face is to use eyeglasses. You could choose a pair that complements your face shape. A few hassles to wearing them are that they may slip-off when you bend down, or you may break them if you forget to take them off in bed. This man found the perfect solution to our daily problems.

Image Courtesy of matthew G / Reddit

Having 20/20 vision, this man didn’t need a pair of eyeglasses. But he was insistent on getting the work done. The only thing that’s lacking is some damage to his eyes. He could have had the tat needlework on his eyeballs so that he would really need a reason to have his vision sorted.

Hide Those Wrinkles

The media has put a prime on beauty standards. Women can only be desirable if they look young. So invest in a good skincare regimen, cover those blemishes, take loads of supplements, and learn to contour the face. There are other ways of maintaining one’s youth. Just ask grandma.

Image Courtesy of Vern Allergy Blogspot

She didn’t want anybody to see her wrinkles or saggy skin. So she had them hidden permanently. Her tats also do a great job of highlighting her eyes, her biggest asset. The best takeaway is that she wouldn’t have to wash her face upon waking up or before sleeping. All those tats cover dirt, sweat, and oil.

Goodbye Kitty

Some people never really outgrow childhood. They sport their love for comics and cartoons in clothes or cars. Some have tattoos done on their wrists or back. Like many, this man has a fondness for Hello Kitty & Friends. But looking at this tat work, it’s more like Goodbye Kitty and Friends.

Image Courtesy of Pulp Tastic

Most Hindus sport a dot on their forehead, just between their eyebrows. They wear the Tilaka for traditional purposes. It symbolizes divine sight. Well, we can only imagine what milk bowls, scratching posts, and catnips this man can see with a Hello Kitty for a Tilaka.

Hear Me Roar

There are so many kinds of cats in the animal kingdom. For practical reasons, this woman nurses kittens in her house. But she has always held a deep fascination for the Bengal Tiger. They’re powerful creatures, able to carry their prey for half a mile even if it’s bigger than them. And a swat from one could kill you.

Image Courtesy of Best Randoms

She couldn’t get enough of them. So she had one tattooed on her cheek. It helps that there’s a wide area to place the design on. But the placement and the tattoo size isn’t flattering on her. Well, she can always use her curls to cover that predator on her cheek.

Warrior Within

After watching 300, every woman was bent on landing a Spartan man while every man was bent on becoming one. In order to unleash the warrior within, this man went to a tat shop and requested that a Corinthian helmet be placed over him. Let’s say it hadn’t been a moment of glory.

Image Courtesy of Best Randoms

It doesn’t even look like a Corinthian helmet! We almost wished he encountered a mishap on the battlefields. At least that way, there would have been some valor in his sacrifice. If there were 300 Spartan men who were enlisted in Thermopylae’s defense, this man would have been the 301st.

Completing The Look

One of the best ways to attract women is to sport a smart, casual look. You wouldn’t want to look like you’ve just got out of bed, but neither do you want to overdo the accessories. It has taken him several attempts, but this man has found the perfect balance. He makes it look so effortless.

Image Courtesy of Top Best Pics

When he got his first face tattoo, he couldn’t help but think that there was something missing. He ran his fingers over his smooth face. It needed texture. So he complimented each ink design with a piercing. The more, the better! We would rate this smart, casual look a classic 10 out of 10.

Losing Allegiance

A person is pretty fluid. You can have many likes, dislikes, political affiliations, and loyalties over the years. You may find yourself rooting for one country at a football match and then hating it the next. That’s probably why this man has so many flags on his face. He’s quick to lose allegiance.

Image courtesy of Tattoo Do

On the other hand, he could simply be growing more inclusive. Why diss on a country when you can have many teams to bet on. Each player has their own style to suit gameplay. Besides, the thrill of watching a game lies in seeing the match unfold. You will be cheering and stomping your feet regardless of the winner!

All She Needs Are Blinders

This woman found her inspiration in horses. They’re loyal, steady, and hard workers. She hadn’t quite known how her design would turn out. But as she told her design artist, the image of her tattoo formed in her mind. Within an hour, she was seated and draped with the artist placing the stencils over her face.

Image Courtesy of

We don’t know about you, but this reminds us of a horse bridle – the way how those straps form over and around the head. She has even got a hexagram for a browband. Where do you think this beast of burden is heading, and how well is she communicating with the rider? All she really needs are blinders.

What Makes You Tick

One of the age-old mysteries in life is what makes people tick, especially men. We can’t count the number of self-help books we’ve bought to figure them out. What do they like, how can we attract them, and most importantly, how do we keep them? It turns out, that all you need is some coolant and brake fluid.

Image courtesy of The Trend Setter

With all those mechanics, you will never go wrong. He will stop by your place every now and then to get his gears checked. Being the master technician, we’re certain we can get that engine running in no time. Watch him rev up and cross that finish line at 120 miles per hour.

A Flower In Full Bloom

This woman had been a cute kid. Strangers at the store would stop to pinch her cute, chubby cheeks. Some would give her treats and coo at her. Others would pet her head. What a lovely girl! Such a cutie! And she had turned out to be one. Here’s a picture of her just a couple of weeks short of her sixteenth birthday.

Image courtesy of LA Muscle

A flower in full bloom! She has lost some of the fullness on her face. But she’s still as pretty as she had been the day she was born. She has even drawn more attention with the tattoo on her forehead. Such a beauty, they say. Whether it be the design or this woman, we can’t tell.

Forget Contact Lenses

Having a certain eye color can be attractive. These people took it to whole new lengths when they decided to have their eyeballs tatted. To be fair, some of them have managed to look alluring – what with their almond, purple- colored eyes. But some, like this guy, make us want to turn away.

Image courtesy of Keep Busy Net

There have been a lot of crazy fads. But this comes in right at the top. The cringe-worthy procedure was created in 2007 by Luna Cobra and Shannon Larratt. They have refined the process on over a hundred clients. Ophthalmologists, however, advise the public to think twice about this procedure. They say if there’s even a possibility you might not want this in the future, ditch it.

Eyes In The Back Of His Head

You wouldn’t want to mess with this old man. He’s got a collection of guns and is a mixed martial artist. Thugs in his neighborhood would shirk at the sight of him. They would scurry away like sewer rats. You could tell by the way he carries himself that he’s all business.

Image Courtesy of Page Six

He’s good at noticing everything that is happening around him. With those eyes, wouldn’t you too? It can be a bit of a hassle. He has to get a trim so that those eyes can have a clear view from the back. But otherwise, they’re a good security measure. Say, how do you think he sleeps?

This Week In Geometry Class…

One of the subjects we hated in school was Geometry. It was probably because we weren’t visual learners. You had to manipulate abstract images in your mind. We can’t even draw boxes without a ruler, let alone imagine a perfect square. But we remember a classmate who loved lines.

Image Courtesy of Iiyanzah / Reddit

Reckon her tattoo artist used a ruler? Given this figure, we can make out the intersecting, parallel, perpendicular, and frown lines. Guess we learned something after all! Maybe we should ring our professor and thank her. While we’re at it, we might as well tell her how much this girl loved her class.

Beep Beep Beep

People uptown have claimed there was a sighting of an unidentified flying object. They say the spaceship shone its neon green light and hissed a great deal of steam before landing. They couldn’t make out the figure coming out from the rear ramp. It beamed a wide smile and raised its two-pronged hand. Greetings earthlings!

Image Courtesy of Inked Mag

Just like the aliens we see on television, this one sported green-colored skin. It looked almost like us except that it had two antennae by the side of its head. When it was happy, it beamed orange, and when it was sulky, it vibrated like crazy. So far, those are the only two things it can communicate. Wonder which galaxy this alien came from?

Work In Progress

One of the most attractive qualities we look for in partners is a need for self-improvement. They must have clear-cut goals. Driven to accomplish all of them, they consider themselves as works in progress. Look no further than this guy who had spent nearly $28,000 on his tattoos. He says he’s still not finished.

Image courtesy of Bekhaup Hindi News

With the number of designs on his entire body, we can’t imagine where else he’ll have his next artwork done. He’s going to need to clear up space. We suggest he shoo away those butterflies. These pretty little things don’t fit the picture. What do you think?

Most-Feared Man

As Niccolo Machiavelli has put it, it’s better to be feared than to be loved. Most thugs would agree. Whether it be looting, burning cars, or mauling people, they will go to such lengths to inspire residents’ fear. It fills them with power.

Image Courtesy of NPR Org

What better way to do it then by having a Black Widow tattooed on his face? After all, almost everyone fears those eight-legged creatures? Well, the only thing we fear about this man is his poor logic. It’s also unsurprising to mention that his girlfriend did not find this tattoo flattering on him. She wakes up each day crushing that spider with her palm.

Guiding Light In The Dark

This man had been discriminated against during job applications and interviews. He had noticed that other people sporting their own tattoos were treated the same. Since then, he has gone on social media telling them that they shouldn’t be ashamed of their body art. His posts have been a guiding light in the dark.

Image courtesy of The Scottish Sun UK

Look at that flame burning brighter. Many have responded with relief. They claim that they’ve gotten more tattoos done on them ever since they read this man’s posts. They are also calling out employers who discriminate against them for body art. Employment should be based on merit, not ink.

Everlasting Flowers

While other tattoos on this list look like vandalisms, this one almost looks like a masterpiece. You could make out the butterfly, the flowers, and their leaves. The colors are vibrant. And most importantly, the model looks sane. But it’s such a shame that she would place tattoos to draw away attention from her otherwise beautiful face.

Image Courtesy of Universo Paralelo Blogspot

She could have placed them on her chest or down the side of her arms. It would be a stunning contrast to her porcelain complexion. You can imagine the tendrils branching out and spreading across her skin. Meanwhile, she could have left her face bare or highlight it with makeup. She would get the praise that she deserves for her looks and for that magnificent tattoo.

Keep An Air of Mystery

Ask any woman, and they will tell you that they can’t help but be attracted to mysterious men. These are the type of guys who will leave you asking for more. So pro tip? Don’t tell everything about yourself on the first date…especially like this.

Image Courtesy of The Sun UK

That’s for sure! This guy hadn’t even opened his mouth, and he’s confirming what we’re thinking of him. We don’t understand why anyone would sell themselves short. We’re certain this guy knows a thing or two about something. But choosing a tattoo design isn’t one of them.

Why We Had To Make America Colorful Again

Wanting to stir patriotism and national growth, The Donald popularized the campaign slogan- make America gr8 again. It implied that America hadn’t been performing like the first-world country that it was. Just look at this man and you wouldn’t have to wonder why.

Image courtesy of 21 Tattoo WordPress

Sure, mister. But you probably went a bit overboard with your sense of patriotism. America will do just fine without you having this work done on your face. It’s such a painful sacrifice. We can’t imagine who or what it glorifies. It’s not like we can hoist you up the flagpole. ‘Tis the star-spangled banner! May this never wave on any man’s face.

Are You Up For A Game?

You could win a person’s trust by beating them at their own game. All you have to do is to take out those chess pieces and set the board. Place the timer on the table, and invite your foe. Let them make the first move. And them calmly calculate your gameplay. How many moves will it take to win the game?

Image Courtesy of Fail Blog Cheezburger

Every time this man makes his move, he will have to hold the hand mirror to his face. With some effort, he’ll move the pawn. The rookie moves past his queen. He moves his queen to devour the foe. Within a couple of minutes, he wins the game. All at the expense of lying still on the floor.

All In The Name of Art

John Yuyi is a Taiwanese visual artist. She’s currently based in New York City. Her work heavily relies on the internet to broadcast her online presence. Yuyi’s medium of choice? Her skin! Unlike people on this list, she uses temporary body tattoos, then documents them. The world can’t get enough of her raw artistic interpretation.

Image courtesy of @johnyuyi / Instagram

It’s like a preliminary nip-tuck procedure, and we just happened to barge in the patient’s room. There’s a faint smell of alcohol and bleach. You’ll hear the muffled voice of the cosmetic surgeon saying, We’ll just add a couple of inches to your nose line, add some flab to your chin, and then chisel that cheek.

Here Are A Few samples

After running through the list, you might ask yourself, what should I look for when choosing my design artist? For one, view their social media accounts. Take note of any comments by previous customers – both the good and the bad. Check to see if their store is clean and what disinfection measures are followed. Lastly, does his style jive with yours?

Image courtesy of E Baums World

Does it, really? You should be looking at this man’s face and want to have that tattoo done. If you feel like running out of the store, then thank him for his time and be on your way. Chances are, the design style you see on this man’s face will be similar to the one done on yours.

Dealing With Bad Genes

The gene pool is like one big roulette wheel. Your parents cast their bets, and you’re left to win or lose the moment the ball lands on a number. You can leave the Casino having good looks, intellect, and good temperament in tow. Or you can leave the table with this type of hairline.

Image courtesy of Hair Cut Inspiration

He’s cute. But he hadn’t been lucky inheriting a bad (recessive) gene. To make up for the receding hairline, he had the artist tat his scalp. Make it look clean…and bushy! Well, you can only do so much with 2-dimensional ink. Maybe he’ll fare better using a 3-D printer or a wig.

Just Beneath the Surface

When troubled or bogged down by work, this man would find himself walking by the stream. Those walks would give his mind some breathing space. He could think clearly. It only took a couple of minutes. Sometimes, he would take a bath. He’d float on the water with his face upturned. The water would wash away his troubles.

Image Courtesy of The Scottish Sun UK

Inspired by the calm of freshwater, this man wanted to paint his face blue. He even complimented the design with grass on the side. As you have observed, the tip of his nose is bare. That’s pretty much how he looks when lying afloat on the water. How serene it must be.

Let Me Read Your Thoughts

It can be difficult to communicate with someone who doesn’t want to confide in you. We know how it feels. It can be very frustrating. If only we could unzip the contents of their mind. Then managing our relationships would be a whole lot easier!

Image courtesy of Bekha Up Hindia News

One thing is for sure – this guy has got the initiative. His partner must have repeatedly told him to share his thoughts and feelings. Frustrated that he couldn’t put all of it into words, he had this tattoo drawn to tell her he’s trying. If he had extended the end of the zipper to his mouth, he might be a bit more chatty.

Disowning A Parent

Body art has become more popular over the past decade. It’s estimated that over 20% of voters have at least one tat. People often reserve their faces for never or last. Since you’re going to be seeing that design on your face every time you look in the mirror, you might as well make it count.

Image courtesy of Washington Post

So this man fashioned his tat after his young son. We understand the sentiment. But we would disown this dad even before reaching 16. No, dad, you’re not going to come with us to soccer practice. And you’re not coming to the grad! You should have thought twice about getting my face tattooed on yours.

Just To Even The Odds

There are some people who are way too attractive for their own good. Most flaunt it. To them, it’s an advantage – a cut in the line, a hitched ride, or higher grades. Others, however, even out the odds. Look no further than this guy who has defiled his good looks.

Image Courtesy of Guff

We could stare at those heavy-lidded eyes all day. Those lips are to-die-for, and that complexion is near spotless. Well, he thought, screw the gene pool. This is for those who feel like they’re never enough. All the haters can scream their name.

Fresh Out Of Prison

There was a time that people who sported tattoos were criminals. You could tell which gang they belonged to just by looking at the design. Some high-profile crime syndicates or gangsters would do the same. Yakuzas would bare dragons, koi fishes, and other mythological creatures.

Image Courtesy of The Sun UK

Which tribe do you think this guy belonged to? We don’t know if there’s a prison group featuring Marvel Comics, but that’s all we can make of his face. It doesn’t help that he’s got a PVC pipe thrusting from his lower lip or a nose ring up top. There’s just a lot of things going on here. Someone has got heavy baggage.

Quick, Take it Off

This daddy was taking a much-deserved sleep when he felt a smack right across his face. His eyes fluttered for a few seconds and adjusted to his toddler staring at him. He noticed that she was drawing her hand back again. Just hold still, Daddy!

Image Courtesy of @UnbalancedMemes / Twitter

And in that second, he sat up fully and caught his daughter’s wrist in time. This new tattoo was going to take some adjusting. With his other hand, he rubbed his nose. It felt like it had gotten flat. She swatted it, alright. But this fly is going to stay buzzing for the next couple of years at least.

Making A Deal With The Devil

You see a flyer, and you find yourself heading over to the junkyard. You’re short of cash, but you need a ride. As you walk past the rows of cars, you can’t help but imagine the feel of the steering wheel in your hands. Finally, you come across the car of your dreams. Sure, there are a few dents, but it’s totally manageable. Then this man comes out of nowhere.

Image courtesy of The Trend Spotter

That’s quite the beauty! You sure know how to pick a car. It can run up to 70 miles per hour on a good day. Most importantly, it’ll get you there in one piece. You nod your head and look at the car once more. He says, how about we close the deal in my office. I’ll have you sign the paperwork, and you’ll be out of here in a jiffy! As you walk towards his desk, you can’t help but feel you’re making a deal with the devil.

Cover It All Up

There seems to be a trend amongst people who have more than one tattoo. They will fill any square inch of space with one. It’s as if seeing their natural skin color is unattractive to them. So this guy went to his design artist and told him to go all crazy with the ink.

Image courtesy of Best Randoms

Just cover it all up! That way, you can hide all the other designs you’ve grown to dislike. That includes the name of your exes and cliche life mottos. It’s a long, messy process. But we’re certain this guy will get there. It may take rounds before he’s able to sport black inked skin.

Why Spoil A Pretty Face

This woman has had many suitors. She’s easy on the eyes and has a bubbly personality. But she has set her sights on an ambitious goal. When she told those men what it was, they just laughed at her. Get real, they said. It doesn’t suit you. Well, here she is, proving them wrong…err, right?

Image Courtesy of Guff

Whether or not this tattoo suits her is relative. We would rather see her face bare than have it covered by ink. It’s not like she has anything to hide. But as we said, she has set her sights on becoming a muse. She’s the blank canvass to a tattoo artist’s design.

Get Him His Gauntlet

This massive supervillain had every Marvel hero’s knees buckling. They had to put aside their differences and plan together. At headquarters, they would arrive bruised or limping, proof of their defeat under the hands of Thanos and The Black Order.

Image Courtesy of Soul Patch Tattoo / Facebook

We don’t know what had happened to this Titanian Eternal. When we last saw him, he was purple all over. That had been due to a genetic disorder. It seems like he has found a cure with the gauntlet. His face only appears to be half-purple now. With that much power, we would have colored ourselves a rainbow.

Jekyll and Hyde

Everyone has a good and bad side to them. It’s just that some people can pass off their Jekyll side better and more frequently than others. Our Jekylls are in conflict with the evil inside of us. It’s best to learn to accept both sides of our nature, kind of like how this man has accepted his whole self.

Image courtesy of Death To Boredom

One thing is for sure, our knees are buckling, and our palms are sweating. He hasn’t even opened his mouth to speak. If the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde were a person, it would be this guy. His alter ego doesn’t repent for the tattoo design that he has chosen for himself.

You’ll Only Regret This For The Rest Of Your Life

Ever since rapper/singer/songwriter Drake popularized YOLO, people couldn’t get enough of it. The idea of living your life to the fullest is addictive. People started ditching jobs they disliked and pursued their passions. It didn’t, however, fare well for impulsive people. These are people who don’t think about the consequences of their actions a few years from now.

Image Courtesy of Cheez Burger

You’re only going to regret this tattoo for the rest of your life, Mister. For one, it doesn’t look like it was made by a tattoo artist. It’s like he had handed the tattoo machine to an 8-year old and said, go crazy! Second, acronyms such as this are only a fad. Ten years from now, people are going to ask what yolo even stood for. Carpe diem would have been a better option.

Show Us Some Tricks

After being bullied in school, this guy decided that he would do anything to make people happy. That’s because he knows what it feels like to be alone. With a smile, he often approaches strangers and mid-year transferees. He shows them around town. He throws a few punchlines, and most importantly, he shows them a few tricks.

Image Courtesy of Afternoon Special

He’s supposed to look like a clown with red, ruddy cheeks and wide eyes. That had been the plan. The tattoo artist thought differently. In the latter’s mind, this would appear funnier. To be honest, it looks like someone had plastered electric tape over this man’s face. Guess the joke is on him.

Bringing Shame To The Family

At a family reunion, relatives discuss who amongst their nephews and nieces are the most successful. There’s Karen, who’s a mom of four. She’s married to a lawyer. There’s Billy, who distributes goods statewide. And then there’s Tommy, who’s keen on keeping the family tradition alive.

Image Courtesy of Just Something

We don’t know if there are other relatives who sport a face tattoo. But we’ll take Tommy’s word for it. So far, his aunts and uncles are turning their heads away. They can’t manage to speak to him with a serious face. It seems that instead of making his parents proud, he had muddied their name.

Bad Call

If there’s anything we have learned, it’s to never get your partner’s face or initials tattooed on you. Relationships nowadays last a couple of months. You may love that tattoo, but you may hate it a year from now. Look no further than this woman, who is using her mane of hair to cover her regret.

Image Courtesy of Guff

We can’t believe such an attractive woman would consent to someone trashing their face. She can do with makeup for now. Then she could undergo laser therapy to remove it. We have heard it’s more expensive than getting a tattoo and thrice more painful. The latter is just to reinforce the lesson.

Having A Bad Rep

If you want to see how a person has evolved over the years, look at their mugshots. For a petty misdemeanor, they’ll be looking shyly at the camera. There might even be a bit of remorse in their eyes. As the nature of their crimes worsen, you’ll see them sporting more outrageous tattoos. At this point, police officers know them by sight. Their tattoos become the main personal identifier.

Image courtesy of News Break

This man had been a Latino gang member. He was part of the Mara Salvatrucha AKA the MS-13. The gang has spread to over 46 states. So it’s safe to say there are a lot of its members within different security facilities. Within each prison, they would smuggle in drugs and gun parts.

No Repeat Orders

This woman decided to become vegan shortly after turning 20. She thought it was a wise life decision. After seating herself at a restaurant, she would curtly ask the waiter if they had any food recommendations for vegans. No pork, please! She got so tired of telling people that she has some dietary restrictions. So she had it tattooed on her face.

Image courtesy of Pharma Ninja / Reddit

Despite this tattoo, she might still find herself telling people she’s vegan. They may not believe that tat or the story behind it. We know we wouldn’t. We’ve seen people decorate themselves as chess boards and Thanos, but that doesn’t make them part of a game or a supervillain. So how about a repeat order?

Far From It

Eagles are one of the best predators in the animal kingdom. They’re smart, cunning, and bold. Once they lock in on a target, they’re certain those claws will secure it. They also have high visual acuity. How else would they be able to hunt? Wanting to mimic the prowess of these birds, this man had this face tattooed on his forehead.

Image courtesy of Infidel C8 / Reddit

We’re not sure where we should make eye contact. Should we look at either one of this man’s eyes or this hawk’s merciless stare? As if that’s not dumbfounding enough, we can’t understand why he would place it on his forehead. It’s better to have its wings tattooed on his back.