The Ex-Files: 45 Times Exes Had To Take Petty Revenge

By Iulia P July 12, 2021
The Ex-Files: 45 Times Exes Had To Take Petty Revenge

You know what they say, “everything is temporary,” and, guess what?! Love is no exception to this idea. Yes, sad endings are not something one would want to go through, especially when it is about the ending of a relationship and what comes together with it: rage, resentment, and pettiness, a lot of it. So much that some might go really extreme when it comes to disturbing the person that was once their significate other, and, while we do not condone any type of violence, emotional, or physical pain, we have to admit that we love a good passive-aggressive, non-harmful, little not or act that would get someone’s ex real frustrated. Get ready to go on a journey with us into an ocean of petty and hilarious acts people did to get back at their exes.


Rule number one out of the 1000000000 rules of dating a girl: never compare your girl with anybody else. But if you have already done this, you better watch your back because that comment you made will come at you like a boomerang.

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And this right here is an example of why you should never compare your lady with another. This guy kept on doing just that, and his very fed-up girl decided she would not take it anymore. So she wrote a genius “Goodbye” letter and left her ring with it too.

She’s a lady

You just have to love a lady who does not let the emotions show even if she is angry. Because a lady would never want to embarrass herself. In the picture below, we have a case of “angry lady,” and all we have to say is, this is kinda genius.

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Because if this is not the right, legal, and decent way to be petty and revengeful towards your annoying ex, then we don’t know exactly what it is. Just imagine the amount of time her ex-man wasted ripping off all that plastic wrap.

The stalker

If you think that this story is fake or clickbait, don’t worry because we thought the same thing. We did our research, and it is actually true. Knowing this fact, there is one thought that is bugging us right now: When did she have time to do all this?

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Seriously!? We have a hard time completing the three or four things we set out to do during our busy days. And she is out there sending thousands of messages, emails, and even letters like she can stop time or something. We need some tips from her!

Don’t be shy

We are dealing with one of the many passive-aggressive exes who clearly have a hard time getting over their ex. We have no idea who added that little note in the left corner of the page, but we kind of feel like it was a man.

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A very frustrated man, who for some reason could not get over his ex. But, bestie, if you felt the need to add that note, don’t be shy! Drop the name too. Sharing some details about this past relationship would be more than appreciated.

Waste of money

Seriously, we understand that Steven’s wife was angry, but did she really have to do him like this? We mean, the guy cheated on her; he clearly deserves something worse than this. Not to mention, she didn’t even write the full name.

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That billboard was a waste of money, so let us explain why. Instead of paying for it, she could have shared the details online. People would have most likely shared it, and in less than a day, everybody on the internet would have known that Steven is a cheater. All this for free. And this is exactly how marketing works.

Who was it?

This guy has to be sincere and tell us who his ex is. Because we tend to believe that she was, judging by the icy heart, she must have been cold-hearted and mean. She was no Elsa princess! (if you are a Disney fanatic, you know what we are talking about).

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And if it was her, this picture of the frozen heart makes sense. But at the end of the day, it does not matter who his ex is because our advice is going to be the same: Let it goooo, let it gooo!

Impulsive tattoos

One thing about tattoos: never, and we mean NEVER get because of impulsive emotions. And also, maybe you should think twice before getting the name of your girlfriend or boyfriend tattooed on you forever. Nobody wants to regret their decisions.

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This guy pictured above clearly regretted his decision. And not only is he doomed for life having his ex’s name tattooed on him, but he also chose the least talented tattoo artist to cover it. Someone (his ex) is probably laughing out loud right now.

A good one

You just have to love an intelligent person who breaks up with their partner via text message. It’s such a humble way to break up with someone, don’t you think? We might have a case of the geek who dates the popular girl.

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But before we go on, can we take a moment to try and understand why someone would be so rude and annoying to send texts at 4 am in the morning. This is ruder than the way this guy broke up with his now ex.

Petty texter

This chat right here has the word ‘petty’ written all over it. It is petty with a touch of geek and a flavor of 90’s nostalgia. But, we have to admit that the comeback was pretty genius and kind of misleading, too if you’re from North American.

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Blockbuster used to be a chain of movie rental stores that were very popular in the ’80s and 90’s. Nowadays, since everything is digital, the stores closed. Well, that’s a very decent yet petty way to tell someone that a meeting with them is practically impossible.

Hit the block

Listen, most of the relationships that end will eventually have to go through making it official on all the platforms on the Internet, such as Facebook. Ironically, the relationship starts on the internet and ends on the internet too.

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But from our experience, the “Unfriend” button is less efficient than the “Block” one. This is if you really don’t want to burn down all your bridges and never talk to them again. For a permanent and more efficient “Goodbye,” the “block” button is the answer.

Not for you

This guy thought he did something when he decided to post the engagement ring he was going to propose with to his new girlfriend. Instead, all he managed to do was to embarrass himself and make his ex laugh out loud.

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And on top of this, we have a feeling that he also managed to make his new girl angry. No woman on this Earth is okay with their man bringing up the ghost of their past relationship, especially if it sparks some sort of emotion. What a memorable fail!

Nobody better

Imagine being so sour that you still feel the need to post memes concerning your ex, even months after the break-up. All this while your ex is most probably enjoying their life to the fullest, going to parties and going on dates.

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But, we do have to appreciate that, despite the break-up, this poor guy went through and the stress that came along with it, the person managed to keep his head up and deal with it by laughing. That’s a good coping mechanism.

Like the the ex, right?

There is a period of time after every break-up in which both individuals are going through some grief-related phase, whether that be denial, anger, depression, and acceptance. And one has to go through all of them in order to heal.

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Now, looking at the picture above, we can only assume that the person who took it is in the angry phase. They are still affected by the break-up and will do anything to release the rage that has built up inside them. And that is ok. It is just a phase, and it will pass.

The lawyer was lit

There are only two words that are necessary for us to understand that this woman, who drives this awesome car, had one good lawyer to represent her. Not only did the man lose his marriage and his wife, but he also lost his car.

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And, if you ask us, judging by how vile and petty his ex-wife is, we tend to believe that he lost other precious items and important things after their divorce. Oh well, you know what they say: never mess with a broken-hearted woman.

The comeback

Here we have a case of two exes who clearly could not get over each other, so they both decided to be petty. She started this cold war on Snapchat, and he continued it. The funny thing is that they were really serious about it.

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But, from the outside, this little war is beyond funny. As a matter of fact, it’s hilarious how she actually bought herself gifts for Valentine’s day just to prove a point. Also, this guy is living in a movie if he thinks 60 bucks is enough to buy a nice gift for himself.

Someone was angry

It is fair to say that someone was furious on this day. So angry that he did not even think about the possible consequences that he would face if he gets revenge on his ex. Not only that, but he also thought it was a great idea to steal construction equipment.

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Well, the police and the law always have a good way of calming down angry people and making them think twice about what they did. All jokes aside, we hope that nobody was injured and that justice was finally served.

Uhm, still no!

This ex-husband thought he was going somewhere with this very arrogant chain of texts. Instead, all he managed to do was embarrass himself and give his ex-wife another reason to laugh at him and consider herself lucky she left the relationship.

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Looking at her response (which was very decent, by the way), it is clear who was the adult in that relationship, who got over it, and who did not. The good thing is, he moved far away, and we are sure that both of them lived happily ever after, separately.


And this, people, is why the “Block” button should be what you click on instead of the “Unfriend” button. And this because by blocking the ex, you block all the negativity and the possibility of them trying to contact you.

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Although it is amusing and somehow empowering to know that your ex still has a picture of you in his wallet, his reaching out to her could have totally been avoided just by a quick click on the magical button.

Bad decision?

Getting a tattoo of your girlfriend or boyfriend is never a good idea. And, if you still have doubts about what we said, check out the picture below. It speaks a thousand words of why you should just think about your actions twice.

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Because nobody would want to have their ex tattooed on them for the rest of their life or, even worse, have to cover it with an even uglier tattoo. We see what this guy did here when he decided to get the evil face tattoo.

Regina of the pettiness

Her name is Regina, and she can easily be identified by being the Regina (queen, in Spanish) of the pettiness. And boy, her revenge will be sweeter than honey because we all know that not being able to binge-watch our favorite series (breakup dram) would be a downer.

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It seems like her plan was well-planned. She will let her ex enjoy the Netflix account she pays for to watch her favorite TV series. But, only until she gets to the second to last episode because she is willing to change her password for her ex not to be able to see it. That is pure evil. We love it!

Good decision

Until now, we have stated that getting a tattoo of your girlfriend or boyfriend is a bad idea because getting rid of it can worsen the situation. But now, we surely have to change our opinion. This cover-up was much needed and pretty incredible.

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And, we are not saying this because the first tattoo was a tattoo of an ex-girlfriend. We are saying this because whoever did that tattoo was clearly a beginner. After all, we have never seen such a bad portrait of someone. The new tattoo is a piece of art.

Uhm, never?!

If you still don’t believe that the block button saves lives, we are here to give you another reason to believe it does. Well maybe, “saves lives” is too dramatic, but it definitely saves one from having their day unexpectedly ruined.

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But, before we continue, we should take a moment to appreciate this person’s humor. You can tell that she definitely prepared this surprise specifically for an occasion like this one. And boy, she sure had her moment of deserved revenge.

Goodbye, Chloe!

This guy pictured below managed to say Goodbye to his ex, Chloe, not just once, but twice, and if you ask us, we think that the second time went way better than the first. Not to mention the result looks like something we would love to get as well.

Photo courtesy of tattoo for roots/Facebook

After seeing all those tattoo fails, we have to take a moment to appreciate the tattoo artist behind this work of art. Some of the people out there were not as lucky to get such a perfect cover-up for their tattoos.

The religious ex boyfriend

Imagine being asleep and getting a text from your ex. She can not sleep, and she feels like you shouldn’t sleep either. That sounds fair. Maybe she intends to start a convo that will eventually end up with you two getting back together.

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This guy saw the future and what his ex wanted to do to him. He automatically said, “nope, not today.” So, when his ex texted him that she could not sleep, he recommended she look up a verse from the Bible that will help her go to sleep. And all this time we thought that being petty was a sin.


It was enough for us to read one text from the conversation below to understand why the two decided to part ways. The ex is surely the type of person who thinks that they are irreplaceable. Hate to break it to you, but there are billions of people in the world…you are replaceable.

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While having self-confidence is good for one’s mental health, too much of it can be harmful to them and to their relationships with others. We may have to break it to them one more time: nobody is ever irreplaceable. Sorry!


This is Jen! And back in 2019, she had her moment of glory the moment she was looking for. It has been a long time coming. Let’s say it was in that moment that Jen finally got her revenge on her ex-boyfriend.

Photo courtesy of textsfromurex/Twitter

And, if you ask us, we think that she got back at him for whatever he did in the past, the right way. Fake amnesia can be the right answer to unexpected encounters with your ex. We might use this technique to one day.

Was it necessary?

We mean, we understand that this is how the person who got this tattoo sees their ex. But was it vital to cover it with a portrait of the Grimm Ripper? There would have been so many other solutions to this problem.

Photo courtesy of s_Allahverdi/Twitter

But we kind of understand why he did this. He wanted to prove a point and make a statement, and this, with the cost of that scary tattoo that he got definitely makes his intentions clear. He is indeed the passive-aggressive ex no one would want to have to deal with.

The petty in pettiness

Nothing is better than a petty ex that has an extremely developed sense of humor. This man pictured below decided to be the scariest person he has ever had the pleasure of knowing for Halloween. So he turned himself into his very scary ex-wife.

Photo courtesy of Karma/Reddit

His hair and make-up are on point, and so is his attitude. His attitude has his angry ex-wife written all over it. It is fair to say that this guy and his awesome idea won the Halloween costume contest that year. We think that even his ex-wife laughed at his costume.

Boring sponge

This man right here might be one of the pettiest geek ex-boyfriends that we have seen up until this point. He visited The National Museum only to find out the stone version of his ex-girlfriend exists.

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It could be the fact that the stone was not that impressive, or it could be the name of it. We don’t know. But something about this rock reminded this guy of his ex-girlfriend, who, by the way, would not be pleased if she found out about the comparison.


Someone, who was probably not in the best shape, went to take an X-ray of their backbone. Assuming that they were in pain, this still did not stop them from making a very sour yet funny remark about his ex.

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We are sure that if his ex-wife saw this post, she would have been shocked and really angry to find out that he proved her wrong. We are sure that he feels way better now that he managed to prove her wrong. Go ahead and enjoy your moment of glory!

Coping excellently

After a nasty breakup that included the end of an engagement, this man decided to sell the ring he proposed with to his ex. The money he got for it was used therapeutically in order for him to heal his deep wound.

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And, what is more therapeutic and healing than a good ol’ trip to the favorite fast food joint? Let us tell you, nothing. Well, maybe the Spa, but if you want our honest opinion, we think both are necessary to help one get over a break-up.

Double trouble

One of the perks of knowing how to edit pictures in Photoshop is can be seen in the photo below. Nobody would want to waste a good photo of themselves just because their ex happens to be in it, too, right?

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So, he jumped on the editing application and started to create art. And, when we say art, we meant it, because he photoshopped his face on all the pictures he had with his ex. Not only did he make something funny out of something that probably used to make him angry, but he also managed to make them two times better.

Divorce selfie

Judging by this picture, we can only assume who wanted the divorce and who did not. This man’s name is Mike, and clearly, that was one of the best days of his entire life. We can not say the same about his wife.

Photo courtesy of Russel Hovencamp/Pinterest

Because she clearly looks like she was not okay with this decision. A year after the divorced Mike stated that he was just as happy about the decision as he was in this selfie. We can only hope that his ex-wife has comes to peace with it too.

The nice ex

We don’t know about you, but we thought this was such a thoughtful and nice gesture. Well, until we read that it came from an ex. Now, we think that something might be fishy about this cake and we, personally, would not eat it.

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Yes, maybe the ex had a genuine intention of making her former boyfriend’s bday a bit better, but with some women out there, you can never know what ingredients were used for baking that cake. The message on the cake is cute, though!

No he did not

It is fair to say the title of “King of pettiness” should definitely go to this freshly divorced and remarried guy who decided to be petty and customize his cheques with pictures of him and of his new wife.

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In case you are wondering where the pettiness is in this, well it turns out that he has to pay child support monthly to his first wife. Poor woman. She has to see her ex and his new wife every month when she receives the check.

Not the toilet!

You may discover a picture that you just don’t understand even if you stare at it awhile. Many pictures like this exist, but this picture right here is worth more than 1 thousand words + a description of the person who did it.

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There was probably a man who took the toilet out of that bathroom but listen to us; the idea most likely belonged to a woman. A very vile woman who knew that she would hurt her ex ten times more by taking the toilet away than if she would punch him.

Favorite picture

The passive-aggressiveness behind this picture is real. The person who posted this claimed that this was his favorite picture of his former wife, and we get why. Someone got really soaked that day and maybe received some bruises too.

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Actually, this might be one of our favorite pictures of an ex, too because the timing in which it was taken was just perfect. We do hope that nobody got injured that day. And by nobody, we mean the husband who probably laughed out loud and got his wife even angrier.

Mr. Petty

The modern pettiness of the 21st century has to be one of our most favorite of all time. It is very passive-aggressive and, legally speaking, mostly very safe for both of the parties. Back in the day, things went south really quickly.

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But not in the 21st century where exes decide to block each other from social media and to delete and deactivate each other from every device, such as Netflix. Because people in the 21st century know exactly how to hurt other people properly.

Sincerity at its finest

Imagine waking up in the morning. It’s a gorgeous day outside, and you are in such a good mood. You are sure that your whole day will go smoothly with no worries. You check the mailbox, and there goes your great day that didn’t even start.

Photo courtesy of destinationdogsphilly/Facebook

Your ex, who is on a vacay somewhere very exotic, thought about you and decided to show you that she is having the best time of her life. Best time of her life, and she is so glad that you are not there with her. Thoughtful, right?

Work of art

The wound that comes from being dumped by a person with who you once wanted to have a future can haunt one for life. And even if we never thought otherwise, it turns out that even celebrities and well-known personalities get dumped too.

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Well, at least after the break-up, he did not lose his self-confidence and remained cool about it. So cool that he is able to make fun of it and even share it with the internet to laugh with him too.

Photoshop master

Here we have another Photoshop master who decided to take the matter into his own hands and repair a past mistake: a picture with him, his best friend, and their two girlfriends who are clearly not in their lives anymore.

Photo courtesy of

A good half an hour spent on the editing application, and the result is just WOW. Plus, you can not tell at all that it was edited in the first place. So, if you ever think of deleting a good picture, you should consider Photoshopping it instead.

What a curse

Imagine your girlfriend stalking the page of your former girlfriend and comes to the conclusion that she is hilarious. Not only this, but she feels like letting you know how she feels about her. Even though the ex never thought she was actually funny.

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Now we understand why this woman feels glorious and empowered. But, there is one thing we can not understand. Was he aware that he will actually make his ex feel like she won by telling her about all that happened?

This one is tricky

This guy pictured below got a special delivery for his one-year divorce anniversary from none other than his actual ex-wife. He looks pretty happy and surprised. In a way, it’s kind of thoughtful. We, on the other hand are terrified for this guy’s well-being.

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He looks hungry, and we hope that someone had stopped him in time before he dug into that pizza. We all know that women are really vengeful, and we don’t know what exactly was in that pizza. Better safe than sorry.

Well done!

This man pictured below is not even a graphic designer, and for his first attempt, we can only agree that he has done a pretty amazing job. He managed to remove his ex-wife while conserving the cool photo he took in Mexico.

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And the other people on Reddit think the same. Now that he got confidence in his editing skills, he can now go on and edit all the pictures he has with his ex. It would be a pity to delete such memories.

The gem

Garage sales are fascinating, especially if you are lucky enough to find a gem like this one in the picture below. A gem that is worth nothing more and nothing less than 130.000$ and for which only 2$ was paid.

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That gift came from a “worthless ex,” and the woman who sold it was ready to let it go after 8 years of keeping it in her closet. At least she was really nice to sell it for literally nothing in order for a man to make his wife or girlfriend happy.