Embracing Loneliness And Reinventing Oneself

By Anthony K

People who have experienced loneliness know how it hurts. Particularly, during Covid-19 times when quarantine is one of the measures to prevent the spread, loneliness may be an adverse effect of something that was supposed to be positive. Another factor is the emergence of social media that accompanied the advent of technology. Social media tends to make us interconnected all through; however, on the other hand, this has come with its disadvantages, and real face-to-face moments are increasingly becoming rare. Several factors may have you feeling lonely. Steps you can take to embrace loneliness and reinvent yourself include:

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Take your time and think about what you want

Being lonely comes with the fact that you have time to listen to your innermost voice. Take this time to inspect yourself, breathe, and look inside yourself. Think of the aspects of your life that you want to change, and think of what steps would get you there. Try to find out what you are by meditating and searching your soul. You will grow to love yourself.

Turn your dreams into goals

Here you need to know what your dreams are and focus on making these dreams manageable goals. This should include setting time targets for each goal. Ensure that your mind is aligned and can be focused on your goals. One important aspect of follow-through and achieving goals is to believe that you can achieve them. It is your time to prove that you can actually rely on yourself. No one else is responsible for achieving your goals except you. Stick to your goals and keep going. Ignore any negativity you may find along the way.

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Invest time in your friendships

It’s time for you to create your circle. Spot toxic friends, those who don’t add value, and some who might be responsible for your woes, or who bring negative energy everywhere they go. Trust your gut and move on from that friendship. You should be ready to make more effort to connect with those friends you value most. Only ensure the friends you remain with are those who add value to your life.

By heeding these suggestions, you’ll be able to get the best out of your loneliness.