Don’t Have Your Lunch At Your Desk: Here’s Why

By Anthony K
Image Courtesy Rise People

It is always easy to eat lunch at your desk. In fact, statistics indicate that about two-thirds of workers take their lunch at their desks. You may tend to think that by having your meal at your desk, you will go through your work as you eat and thus work faster, or it might show your commitment to your boss. However, the reality is, having your lunch at your desk is disadvantageous. Below are some of the reasons to avoid having lunch at your desk.

Your brains need to take a break

It is always tempting to fill your lunch break with activities like scrolling through your social media accounts and catching on your to-do list. However, failing to give your mind a break will only leave you overwhelmed and stressed. Instead, it would be best to utilize your lunchtime to break out from your day’s routine by getting out of your office. Try engaging in some refreshing activities during your lunch break.

You will sit for prolonged periods

Statistics show that a typical office worker spends a whopping 15 hours daily sitting. We sit a lot of the day, driving, watching television, or eating dinner. All that sitting can be quite harmful to a person’s long-term wellbeing and health. By moving out of your office during lunch breaks to a café, you are taking a walk. Even more, after you’ve had your meal, take some time during the lunch break and walk around. You can fund a  nearby park that you can walk through. This helps your body in burning calories which is key for a healthy body.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock / Yuricazac

 You tend to overeat

Having your meal while being distracted by work is harmful. Research has established that eating while you are distracted causes overeating. Practice mindful eating, switch off your smartphone, computer and move out of your desk. This will ensure that you focus and enjoy your food.  It will also help you get the appropriate satisfaction.