Does Walking Actually Help You Lose Weight?

By Anthony K

Health experts and diet programs will recommend brisk walking as a cardio exercise that helps burn calories on a weight-loss mission. However, we always ask ourselves, what is the appropriate amount of walking needed daily to attain weight loss goals? Below sure some walking-for-weight-loss tips.

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Always hydrate: If you embark on a long walk, drinking two cups of water about 1/2 an hour to an hour before starting the walk will ensure you stay hydrated. After the walk, rehydrate the body by taking a glass of water, and maybe have a light snack, as the salt will help your body absorb the water. Do not take electrolyte-filled or sugary sodas. Instead, water is enough for a moderate-intensity walk.

Set a goal
What distance can you cover in a half an hour or an hour walk? To enhance your walking pace, try out covering 1.5 miles in half an hour and double the distance in an hour. If you cannot commit to half an hour or an hour walk, go for what you can. Just ensure what you choose is reasonable and beneficial. A ten-minute walk is nice but try to aim for half an hour every day.

Choose your pace
To ensure you burn more calories and have an exciting walk, take your walk in intervals. There are different paces you can adopt, including;

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In conclusion, you can start with a stroll and as you get used go for a brisk and finally get to the power walk.