Discover The Importance Of Naming Your Items

By Anthony K

What criteria do you prefer when naming the valuable items in your possession? You may start interacting with them differently when christening instruments, cars, and other valued possessions. In due time you shall begin appreciating them as important parts of your life.

Kyra Sims is a New York City-based musician who never went on tour without her buddy Otto. Sims describes Otto as a noisy but dependable friend with a funny sense of humor. At one time, they were left stranded in East Germany amid a train strike forcing them to hitchhike, and Otto helped her keep her cool.

Otto had present for Sim’s career milestones like long practice sessions, auditions, concerts, and performances with big names like Lizzo at the Grammys. Sims bought a case inscribed OTTO on the front. The label features an affectionate name but also references the horn brand Dieter Otto. Friends also ask about Ottow when checking up on her.

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You are likely to form complex and intimate relationships with your valuables and manifest the bond in the form of a name. Naming an item helps you reframe it as an individual rather than a generic part of your life. The name shows that it is important and special and could inform your interaction with the item in question as your bond grows stronger.

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People have named houses, ships, weapons, and tools with time. You are less likely to name items you use all the time like doors, phones, lamps, and handles as they are easily replaceable. We hope that Sims can maintain a healthy and productive relationship with Otto.