Diet And Alcohol: Which Drinks Can You Have?

By Letizia L

A weight-loss diet can sometimes feel a little depressing, due to all the food restrictions it entails, therefore you should feel free to have an alcoholic beverage once in a while. The important thing is that the alcoholic beverage you choose isn’t too high in sugar and calories and that the recommended serving size is respected so that the efforts of your diet don’t go to waste.

Alcohol is not a nutrient; it is not essential to the body. Furthermore, our body only digests small amounts of it, and it does so better during meals. The combination of diet and alcoholic beverages is possible, but the important thing is to combine them sparingly, respecting the recommended allowances, not only to keep your weight under control but also to avoid the risk of slowing down your metabolism.

Can you have wine?

Those on a diet can safely indulge in a glass (125 ml) of red wine a day. Compared to white, red is preferable because it contains a higher amount of polyphenols (natural antioxidants). Drinking wine in limited doses is good for your health. Exceeding the recommended doses, on the other hand, can increase weight and cause serious damage, especially to the liver, pancreas, nervous, and heart system.

What about beer?

Beer is rich in vitamins and minerals, but it is also high in calories. The alcohol content (and therefore the calories) of a beer depends on the malt that is mixed with water: the more there is, the higher it is. In addition to alcohol, beer contains several other substances, coming from hops and yeast, as well as from malt, which protect the heart.

Furthermore, beer contains high amounts of potassium (which helps to keep blood pressure within the right limits). We can, therefore, say that beer, if taken in moderation, can only offer a positive contribution to the proper functioning of the body.

Are liqueurs allowed?

They contain fewer calories than double malt beers or other alcoholic beverages, therefore if you are on a diet you can opt for whiskey, Brandy, or Tequila. But what we said about wine and beer also applies to liqueurs: they can be taken every now and then and in moderation.