40+ Cartoon Logic That Left Us Scratching Our Heads

By Nikita D May 19, 2021
40+ Cartoon Logic That Left Us Scratching Our Heads

 Cartoons have always had special memories for everyone. Whether it was a specific cartoon that made you smile when you were a kid or a cartoon that you used to enjoy with your friends, cartoons have a special place in everyone’s heart. However, cartoons have always had weird logic that, as kids, we could not understand. But, when we look back, that logic seems really strange, and we wonder why did the creators do such things? Whether it was Spongebob soaking his dishes when he lives underwater to The Powerpuff girls eating noodles with chopsticks when they had no fingers! All of these situations make us facepalm hard. Let us have a look at some of the cartoon logic that just makes no sense.

1. Spongebob’s Underwater Adventures

If you have ever seen Spongebob Squarepants, you know that no logic exists in this sea. He is a sponge who lives in a Pineapple house with his pet snail. He also works in a restaurant which serves “Krabby Patty”. 

Image: reddit.com/r/BikiniBottomTwitter

Spongebob Squarepants loves to blow bubbles under the sea while wearing his water helmet! He also has a best friend who is a squirrel who lives underwater with all the sea animals and seems to be doing fine while wearing a helmet!

2. Donald Duck Defying Logic

Donald Duck is the classic example of ridiculous Disney logic. If you have paid attention to his wardrobe choices, then you know that he never really wears pants. But, when he gets out of the shower, he is always embarrassed by his naked body. 

Image: Jalopnik

We really don’t get the reasoning as to why he does that. Only Donal Duck Disney creators know the actual logic behind his bashful shower scenes. Maybe, it’s just there to look funny. Well, it definitely makes us laugh. What about you? 

3. Forgetful Prince

Cinderella is a classic Disney fairytale. There’s a prince who falls in love with an ordinary girl, and they live happily ever after. But, even in this story, there is a flawed aspect. This Prince does not really remember what his love interest looked like!

Image: Cosmopolitan

His memory is so bad that he roams the entire city carrying just one single shoe and tries to fit it on all the ladies’ feet in order to search for his dream girl. What kind of logic is that, really? Truly hilarious. 

4. A Dog’s Life

Remember Goofy and Pluto? That series is truly terrific. Both are dogs, but one is the owner while the other is a pet. Who decided that?! Goofy is known for being, well, goofy. And he wears pants. Guess that qualifies him to become the owner. 

Image: Tapiture

Plus, he also walks on two feet and wears clothes. The pair is genuinely hilarious and defies all logic in the world. But, everything is possible in the Disney world, isn’t it? No matter the logic, this cartoon duo is classically funny.

5. Three Little Pigs

Remember the Three Little Pigs? These little piggies in action have been seen by almost everyone growing up.  Fifer, Fiddler, and Practical Pig are always trying to protect themselves from the Big Bad Wolf, who is always after them to eat them up.

Image: twitter.com/heyblockhead

The Big Bad Wolf is able to destroy a house made of sticks, but not one made of bricks. That logic is sure flawed, and how! They always manage to escape by using funny tricks, but their dad could not manage to get out of being turned into a variety of pork products.

6. The Unending Electric bill

Remember Dexter’s Secret Laboratory? The entire premise is that Dexter is a really smart kid who has made a secret lab in his own house, and even his parents do not know about it. How does that even happen? 

Image: awwmemes.com

They clearly do not pay much attention to their kids or even their electric bills! With a huge secret lab, the electric bill of that house must be never-ending. Somehow the parents who are not the most well-off always manage to pay it. 

7. The Earphones Which Don’t Do Much

The Disney cartoon, Arthur, loves listening to music with headphones on. But, wait, have you looked at those headphones closely? They are nowhere even close to his ears! Clearly, they are just for show. The fact that he wears them so often is insane and pretty pointless. 

Image: sk-sk.facebook.com

Not cool, Arthur. He is just pretending to listen to music but is actually listening to everyone’s conversations! We all know one person in real life who does that!  Clearly, it’s a time-old trick which not only Arthur but many people are guilty of doing. 

8. Aquaman, How Is This Possible?

Kids and adults alike are fascinated by superhero comics and TV shows. The whole idea that someone can have supernatural powers and can save good from evil is fabulous. However, the creators do take it a bit too far sometimes.

Image: Lolzepic

For example, let us take the marine superhero Aquaman. For some reason, he loves riding on fish in the sea like a chariot. Why is this even plausible in the superhero world? And who is behind this- wouldn’t riding a shark or a killer whale be much more impressive? 

9. Cute Power Puff Girls

Every girl certainly remembers these three adorable superheroes called the Power Puff Girls. They were small, fought crime and were incredibly cute! However, there were many flaws in them, as is the case in many of the animated characters on our list. For starters, they had no fingers!


There are many problems that could arise from that condition. Like how were they holding on to any object at all? Let alone eating noodles while using chopsticks! Even people with fingers struggle with this. Maybe, it was just adding to the element of cuteness. 

10. Shaving in the Jungle

Tarzan was every small girl’s cartoon crush. Those bulging biceps and long hair certainly made females swoon even in the cartoon. But wait, how was Tarzan so well-groomed even though he was raised by apes? Maybe the apes knew how to use a razor to shave!

Image: womenadvance.com

Of course, small kids will not notice this. But, as an adult, this part of the cartoon sure seems really whacky. Plus, those silky, long locks look great! We definitely want the name of the conditioner and shampoo he is using in the jungle.

11. The Relativity of Time

Time is relative, according to the characters in The Simpsons. Even though The Simpsons has been predicting world events for many years, there are some things that even The Simpsons cannot explain—case in point being, Maggi Simpsons never changing age. 

Image: womenadvance.com

Even though the children of Apu and Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon seem to age at a normal rate, Maggie Simpson has been one year old since…well, forever. She is stuck in some alternate universe where she just does not get older! Strange cartoon logic indeed. 

12. Imprisonment of The Smurfs

If you have seen The Smurfs, you know how small they are, and in one incident, they get stuck behind bars. However, if you closely look at the distance between the bars- it is wide enough for them to get out easily! Well, someone needs to tell them this.  

Image: Taringa.net

Sometimes people get stuck behind bars metaphorically, and it is all in their head. Maybe, this is what they want to signify? But then, this show is for really small children, and they would not understand that philosophy. So, it’s just flawed cartoon logic. 

13. That Disney logic

The Sleeping Beauty has drawn a lot of flak for its flawed logic and its also extraordinary circumstances. It can be a real eye-opener to watch Disney movies and cartoons as an adult. What we never saw as kids, we suddenly see in a new light as adults. 

Image: thechive.com/

For example, why is the Prince in The Sleeping Beauty creepy and kissing random unconscious girls in the woods without their consent?! Don’t do that, please. Also, please do not teach kids to behave like that either. Of course, it ends as a happy ending, but it would probably have ended in a lawsuit in real life!

14. A Talking Pokemon 

Pokemon was and still remains to be one of the most popular cartoons of this age. We remember watching it as kids, and as adults, most of us have watched The Pikachu movie. Do you remember Jessie and James from Team Rocket?

Image: menchtech.com

They were always after Pikachu who has really the least impressive powers in the Pokemon world. However, they never value Meowth, who is not only super powerful but can talk too! How have they not noticed that even once? They really need to do some introspection. 

15. Birds Eating…Other birds

That is the strange logic of Donald Duck’s life. For some reason, this particular duck really loves eating chicken and eggs! Rather strange, isn’t it? As ducks eat worms and not fellow bird species. Plus, he seems to really enjoy it.

Image: dattoantenna.ne

The creators of Donald Duck really did not give much thought to many things in the cartoon. Plus, the chicken’s size is almost the same size as his nephews! Umm, why are they smiling and not feeling scared of being next!

16. Accents and Language

Let us talk about Tarzan again. Many instances in the cartoon left us feeling perplexed. For example, during the first part of the movie, he is not coherent and isn’t able to speak a human language at all. He only talks in “animal grunts”

Image: imgur.com/user/DestructiveGamingYT

But, the English girl teaches him the language and he catches up pretty fast. That is not the surprising part, though. The surprising part is that he speaks in an American accent, even though a British girl taught him.

17. Siblings or Husband & wife?

In the cartoon world, very often, significant others look like brothers and sisters. This is so strange because cartoonists can draw them to look any way they choose. But, they instead end up making the significant others look alike! We wonder why that is ?!

Image: womenadvance.com

Whether we talk about The Simpsons characters or the Dinkleberg family from The Fairly OddParents, they look so alike each other that they could pass off as twins. In the real world, no one would ever think they were married to each other. 

18. Dora The Explorer’s Antics

Remember Dora The Explorer? Yup, that girl who is really smart and can speak four languages. Still, she has some simple issues of able to locate things that are right next to her. Plus, she keeps asking the same things over and over again.

Image: menchtech.com

It is totally awkward to watch her staring at you from inside the TV, and on top of that, knowing the answer as it is just so easy! But kids sure love this TV show which is why it has been running for years. 

19. Another case of strange headphone habits

The whole point of headphones is that they are supposed to help make you hear music. But if they are on your cheeks or on your eyes (?!), how is that possible? Case in point, Mr. Krab of Spongebob Squarepants. 

Image: facebook.com/ FYazdaniDentalKanata

Why do people who draw these cartoons make them like this? They obviously think that it’s humorous, but then maybe the character has no ears. So the creators have no choice? Well, we will never really know. And these characters will continue to wear the headphones on different parts of their face.

20. A mouse afraid of mice

We wonder if the cartoon characters in the cartoon world know that they are in fact animals. Do Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse know they are well… mice? We do not think so, as Minnie Mouse is afraid of mice!

Image: Alamy

The creators maybe were on a quest to be super ironic. Or maybe they did it because they thought it was hilarious? Minnie yelling “Eiiik!” makes absolutely no sense. I mean, why is fear even a reaction here when you are also a mouse!

21. Clothes or no clothes

A lot of cartoon characters wear clothes and talk like humans. But, that is not the case for Tom & Jerry. Both of them, are portrayed as a naked cat and mouse. But, only when he goes to the beach, he likes to wear beach clothes!

Image: womenadvance.com

He is naked all the rest of the time, like other animals, so why would you be ashamed to go on the beach and not wear clothes? Maybe the cartoonists just needed to show their skills or wanted to make the whole scenario more relateable. 

22. Hair with Bones?

The Simpsons have time and again proven to be a smarter cartoon than many of them out there. A lot of adults watch this series as it is hilarious and satirical; plus, it poses some real questions. However, a lot of things do not make sense either. 

Image: dream.co.id

Such as the issue about the family’s hair. All of the family’s hair seems just to be strangely attached to their heads and part of their skulls. It is fascinating! Even their skeletons are shaped like their distinctive hairstyles! That is totally insane, isn’t it? 

23. Washing Dishes

Spongebob Squarepants has many questionable incidents, some of which we have already talked about. But, here is another one- why is a sponge washing dishes using a cloth? Actually, why is he washing dishes at all since he lives underwater!

Image: Spongebob-wikia

So many questions and no answer at all. He could just have used his own body to wash the dishes. How are the plates even getting dirty underwater in the first place? Well, clearly, he has forgotten he is a sea creature. 

24. The Funniest Game of Rock, Paper, Scissors

We already discussed how The Powerpuff Girls do not have any fingers but still eat with chopsticks. In another incident, all three of them decided to play a game of rock, paper & scissors! There are so many logical flaws here…

Image: Biniovska.soup

Without fingers, how do they know who is playing what! Still, somehow scissors won over the paper. And we were left wondering how that was even possible and who knew what the other one was playing? The creators must be having a real good laugh here.

25. Cinderella’s Perfect Slippers

A definition of a perfect slipper is when it fits your foot in the most comfortable manner, i.e., it is not too loose nor too tight. If we talk about Cinderella, then we all know that her slippers fit only her feet. 

Image: imgur.com/user/InfiniteHype

But, if that’s the case, how did it just fall off? Not so perfect then, was it. However, it does fit her feet later on in the story. If it is a perfect fit, then maybe she had really sweaty feet during the ball? It is a strange mystery indeed. 

26. Dexter’s Low-Security Laboratory 

The strangest part of Dexter’s Laboratory is not that he has been able to keep his secret lab hidden from his parents. It is the fact that, for some reason, he just cannot keep his mischievous sister, DeeDee, out of it. 

Image: menchtech.com

Even though he is a boy-genius who has defeated monsters and evil people of the world, he just cannot build a security system to keep his big sister out. Something does not add up there. He really wants his sister around. 

27. A bird who cannot fly

Launchpad McQuack, from Duck Tales, is a duck who neither can fly himself nor is full-fledged pilot! He sure did not get his training right from his mum. Why can’t he fly like normal birds? Clearly, logic has left the building there.

Image: pikabu.ru

This 1987 cartoon totally does not make sense in this matter. If you remember this series, then the catchphrase of Launchpad McQuack was  “If it has wings, I can crash it.” Yikes, we would not want him to pilot any plane we were on for sure.

28. Talking to strangers

Every parent in the world has said this to their kid at some point- “do not talk to strangers.” But, what if the cartoon series they are watching is making them learn the complete opposite thing! Every princess in every Disney movie seems to forget this sound piece of advice.

Image: thredmargins

And then they also get into trouble. But, the always kind stranger helps them. Well, that might not happen that often in real life. These Disney-makers sure need to update some of their storylines. They are teaching wrong things to all the children.

29. Gravity not…gravitating

The Road Runner was known to defy logic as well as gravity all the time. The coyote always managed to run away, while the roadrunner just kept running after him. There were many times when he did not fall till he looked down.

Image: commdiginews.com

What kind of strange logic is that? If that is how gravity would actually work, then we would never fall if we never looked down. Isaac Newton must be totally turning in his grave right now if he saw one of these Looney Tunes. 

30. A little privacy needed 

Just like Tom wears beach clothes when going to the beach. Jerry also feels really embarrassed when he is in the shower. Even though he is roaming around naked all the rest of the time, he still covers himself up with a towel only after bathing. 

Image: Redbubble

The Tom and Jerry makers sure have their logic all wrong. Any bathroom-related situations are supposed to be kept in private. So, peeping Tom, do go away and do not sneak up on Jerry while he is having a bath!

31. Beauty and the Beast’s Strange story

Beauty and the Beast is not really about a princess not caring about her prince’s looks, but quite the opposite, really. How come he kept her imprisoned in the castle for years and waited for her to fall in love with him? 

Image: popsugar.com/moms

Quite odd, isn’t it? This story is actually about a princess falling in love with her kidnapper! The fact that this is such a huge Disney movie and no one saw this – fails to surprise us. Stockholm syndrome is at its work here for sure. 

32. The Perfect Ninja Turtle disguise

One of the most popular animated cartoons of its time, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, has really absurd logic. First of all, they are giant turtles solving crime who live in New York sewers. Plus, they were raised by a rat!

Image: cheezburger.com

Most important of all, they wear teeny tiny masks over their faces to disguise themselves. As if that is really working?! They are giant mutant turtles who all look the same anyways, roaming around the city trying to fight crime. All logic fails in this cartoon series. 

33. Fascinated Ariel

Ariel might just be one of the most loved characters in the cartoon world, but she was a little on the less than brainy side. Her father carries the mightiest trident in the sea, and she was never really amazed by that. 

Image: buzzfeed.com/scarletshine

But, she is always amazed by human things like an ordinary salad fork. Which honestly is a tiny version of the mighty trident that her father carries. Plus, the fork does not even have any amazing powers! Being happy is great, but she is overdoing it a bit here.

34. Sneakathon

The cute little Powerpuff girls have all the amazing powers any little girl wishes she could have. They can fly in the air, they are strong, and they beat crime easily. However, they are always super scared of their dad.

Image: Mundo

Plus, they always tiptoe past  Professor Utonium’s room when he is sleeping. Why do they do that when they can just fly away to wherever they want to go? They do not even need to walk when they have such amazing powers!

35. A bunny with a beard

Bugs Bunny talks and behaves like a human; he even dresses like one with his white gloves. But, shaving his beard? Not only is it bizarre, but insane too. How does he know where does his beard end and the rest of the fur start?

Image: Onedio

Well, we guess he is intuitive. But, what is the whole point of shaving the beard? Instead, he should start brushing his two front teeth! That’s just strange cartoon logic, we guess. Whatever the case is, it definitely makes us laugh.

36. Cinderella and her unique shoe size

Most women have an average shoe size between 8.5 and 9, but no one shares her shoe size in Cinderella’s kingdom. And how does the prince know about this? What if a woman shared her size and he thought it’s Cinderella.

Image: Mentalfloss

The whole logic is a total fail, and it makes no sense. How small or large can her feet be that no other woman can fit her foot into that shoe? Her step-sisters tried pretty hard to fit into her elusive shoe size but failed, but c’mon, someone else must have had the same size foot in the town? 

37. An inter-species family

Though Mr. Krabs family is not shown much in the Spongebob Squarepants cartoon series, we know that his daughter is Pearl Krabs. The strange part is that his daughter is not even a crab; she is in fact a giant whale!

Image: womenadvance.com

In reality, she could have eaten Mr. Krabs long ago. Maybe she is not really his daughter; what else could explain the fact that she is a whale and not a crab—another of the failed logic shown in cartoon series which no one explained. 

38. Immortal Tom

Have you applied logic to Tom & Jerry? There have been so many times that Tom has been on the wrong side of explosives, weapons, sharp objects, and what-not. But he never really gets hurt and never dies. In real life, these gags would have resulted in certain death.

Image: Tuxboard

We have seen Tom getting smashed, electrocuted, and even slammed onto doors. Yet, he always escaped unscathed and is fine after that. Well, that is a strange cat who has some immortal powers. This is another of that cartoon logic that made us facepalm. 

39. The most accurate bus pass

Remember Hey, Arnold? The cartoon where his head is shaped like a football, and he lives with his grandparents. There is a very strange thing that someone noticed in the cartoon. If you see his ID closely, you will see it too. 

Image: Tumblr

His ID reads, “Name: Arnold. Birth: Yes.” Well, that is the strangest logic ever. Who will ever know how old he is? He could be 11 or 40, and he could get into nightclubs, movie halls – anywhere he wants, really. 

40. That spidey sense

Before the Spider-man movies, Spider-man the cartoon used to air on ABC from  1967 to 1970. It never really caught on with the audience, but that may be because of the faulty logic in the cartoon. Just see the arms of spider-man here.

Image: Onedio

Clearly, they are not even bound up in the restraints wrapped around him. Either the creators had some strange logic or the animators were hired on a low budget. Nevertheless, it gives us a couple of laughs for sure. 

41. Challenge Accepted

Cartoons from a few years ago did not exactly do wonders for female rights. They always showed female characters looking for a man to marry, instead of having dreams of their own. That was the case with Ariel too. 

Image: Twitter/ poster unknown

Ariel changed everything about herself, left her family and even the sea to live on Earth for a man she barely knew. That is certainly not a lesson that any mother would like to give her little girl at all.

42. Jasmine and her safety concerns

Aladdin and Jasmine in Arabian Nights are seen flying on a carpet soon after they first meet. But, at first, Jasmine is hesitant to get on the carpet as it looks dangerous. Although, she has a huge pet tiger with her all the time. 

Image: Onedio

Although, that tiger does look pretty cute. Maybe that is why she is hesitant to fly on the carpet with a stranger and roam all around the world without her pet. It is a wonder that she returned home on it in one piece! 

43.. Spongebob and water

We have seen a few examples of how even though Spongebob lives underwater, he washes dishes and blows bubbles. This is the most hilarious one of all though, one time Mr. Krab goes to the pool to find it empty!

Image: ifunny.co

We cannot even begin to talk about how flawed the entire logic is. Mr. Krab creates this pool to earn a profit and to make it look like an endless summer. Umm..everyone is living inside a giant sea anyway! Go figure

44. Yikes!

Scooby-Doo was and still is one of the most popular cartoon series. Shaggy and Scooby-Doo are always scared of monsters who always turn out to be greedy humans looking for something. However, there were a few real monsters in the show too.

Image: nairaland.com

For some reason, the entire crew is never scared of those! Plus, there are way too many real monsters and fewer phonies on the show. Scooby-Doo never really gets scared of the real monsters, and that is some strange logic. 

45. Befriending furniture

Belle from Beauty and the Beast is shown to befriend her furniture in the room she is trapped in. People find that hilarious, as why would she really do that? All that beast wants is to befriend her. But, she would rather talk to her closet.

Image: Onedio

Maybe all that alone time in the room has made her a little crazy. Well, we are not judging. She is in a strange situation and is doing what she can to survive! Go ahead, talk to your wall clock, Belle.