Breaking The Addiction: How To Detach Yourself From Your Smartphone

By Francis Tunwase

Our smartphones have become the fifth limb we can’t do without, but this addiction comes at a cost. According to research, the longer we use technology, the more detrimental effects we may experience, including but not limited to anxiety, stress, and sleep disturbances.

Source: @tofros-com-83191/Pexels

However, the apps on your phone are designed to keep you hooked, making it challenging to detach yourself. Psychologists recommend systematic desensitization as a way to wean yourself off your phone gradually.

To reduce the frequency of phone checking, start by setting an alarm for 15 minutes and allow yourself a one-minute phone check when it goes off. Repeat this until the urge to check subsides, then gradually increase the time to a minimum of 30 minutes. Repeat this process until you don’t feel the urge to check, then gradually increase the time to at least 30 minutes.

Additionally, experts advise avoiding phone use before bedtime due to the disruptive effects of blue light on sleep. If you must use your phone, adjust the brightness and enable night mode. Making your phone less enticing can also help break the habit.

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Disable all notifications, except if it’s from a relative or someone important. Putting social media apps in individual folders on the last screen can make them less accessible and cut down on impulsive check-ins.

While smartphones are incredibly convenient, they can also be very distracting. Implementing these tips from experts can help you break the addiction and live a more balanced life.