Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water

By Ruby M

We’ve heard it before -“drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.” Drinking adequate amounts of water assists with skin, muscle, and joint health. Studies have also shown that there are even more benefits to your health when you drink a few hot glasses of water every day whether that be tea, a cup of coffee, or a hot glass of water with lemon. Here are some of those benefits that we think you need to know about!

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Digestion and Detoxification

Drinking hot water helps to break down food and aid in digestion quicker than warm or cold water, and also reduces the risk of irregular bowel movements. If one drinks enough during the day, hot water also assists in naturally detoxifying the body by causing a person to sweat out toxins through countless pored. This helps to promote a healthier digestive track and a happier, healthier body.

Weight loss

Research has found that drinking at least 500ml of hot water before eating a meal, especially lemon water, not only tricks the body into feeling fuller faster, but it also boosts metabolism by as much as 30%. The high temperature of hot water helps break down fat, and makes it easier for your body to burn fat cells, leading to weight loss.

Increased circulation and anti-aging

We have already talked about how hot water can cause toxins to release in the form of sweat from our pores. This effect, coupled with increased blood flow and circulation, also cleanses our pores, and leaves our skin looking softer, with a more youthful glow! Hot water also helps add moisture back into the skin, also adding to that youthful glow.

Decongestion of sinuses and sore throat

As well as inhaling steam, drinking hot water helps to soothe an irritated, burning, or sore throat. Hot water aids in decongesting nasal passages, allowing one to breathe much easier- especially if you are suffering from a cold or seasonal allergies! The amount of hot water, such as tea, should be doubled when the body is feeling under the weather.

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