Backache: Mistakes To Avoid

By Letizia L

Too often, without even realizing it, we make mistakes that hurt our back and shoulders. Here are the most common ones:

This is generally the most common problem. A sedentary lifestyle and long days sitting at work or on the sofa impose unnatural positions on our spine. Over time, this creates tension in the muscles. Generally in this case we are affected by lower back pain.

A very common behavior when we walk is to keep our head down and the chest closed. Instead, we should walk with our belly in and an open chest. That way, the weight of the body is not all on the back, but also moves on the glutes and quadriceps. The chest out allows the closure of the shoulder blades. The neck must be elongated, the chin slightly raised.

The excessive use of smartphones is a regrettable mistake for our back. Keeping the head lowered often and for a long time imposes an enormous effort on the first vertebrae of the spine. The main problems resulting from this are neck pain and back pain.

For many reasons, most of us often have our shoulders and neck contracted. Whether because of tension or because we feel cold, we are led to hold the tension in that area. Plus, this position also leads to headaches.

Another mistake to avoid is to carry weights only on one side of the body. Students who only place their backpack on one shoulder and women who carry heavy bags often suffer the consequences of this. It is important that the weight is divided over the entire column.

What other mistakes that hurt your back do you oten make?