Anxiety And Fertility: How Do They Correlate?

By Anthony K

The number of documented instances of anxiety around the globe and in the United States has increased in recent years. The situation was made worse in 2020 due to all the events then. While it’s normal to feel anxiety and stress during a time like that, how does it relate to fertility?

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It’s difficult to pin down all the factors that cause some couples to conceive quickly and effortlessly while others struggle far more. Stress and anxiety could affect a woman’s cycle. Yet, it is doubtful that stress can cause infertility. Anxiety may come from a significant loss, a loved one, or your pet.

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A recent study showed that 55% of women involved in a body-mind program had a higher chance of getting pregnant compared to 20% of those not in the program. This study shows that managing stress has proven to improve fertility.

How can a couple deal with anxious and stressful feelings during pregnancy? One of the ways a couple can do this is by communicating their feelings with their partners. This is primarily to avoid conflict and avoid isolation. This can help bring a couple together and find manners to support one another.

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Another way is to practice relaxation techniques by yourself or with your partner. The human body is wired to either take flight or confront a threat. One of the practices you can use to relax is to meditate, practice deep breathing or get a massage. Essentially you should choose a method that works for you.