Always Close The Toilet Lid When Flushing The Toilet

By Anthony K

On average, a person flushes the toilet five times daily. A majority aren’t getting it right. In this article, you’ll get some hard truths on why you should always ensure that you always have the lid closed when flushing the toilet. On pulling the lever, on top of taking the sewer down the drains, there’s also a toilet plume released into the air. Toilet plume essentially is a spray that contains microscopic bacteria such as E-coli. A study done in 1975 established that germs in the spray can stay in the air for up to 6 hours, dispersing all over the bathroom, including on your beauty products, towels, and toothbrush. The toilet Plume is a significant reason you should always ensure that you close the toilet lid when flushing. Other reasons you should keep your toilet lid down include:

Toilet bowl in modern bathroom interior

Pet safety
Toilets often have fresh water and a funky smell, which makes pets love them. Mainly, cats and dogs can be curious animals and may want to know what goes on beyond the porcelain bowls rims. They may end up drowning or getting in contact with the water, which is unhealthy. Always ensure you leave the lid closed to avoid this.

Child Safety
Toilet locks help ensure that children aren’t able to open the toilet seat. However, statistics continue to record cases of children who fall inside toilets. With children in the house, always ensure that you close the toilet lid. In addition, on bathroom doors, you can include child-safety locks.

Image: Shutterstock

For these reasons, always keep your toilet lid closed, put a lock if possible.