All You Need To Enjoy Matcha Tea At Home

By Stephen M

Matcha is an antioxidant-filled tea with great health benefits. Originating from Japan, many people have enjoyed this traditional tea for several centuries. It is easy to prepare, yet a complex process, and you need to be careful with each step.

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To enjoy matcha tea at home, you need the right set of tools to enjoy its wonderful flavor and goodness. Candice Kumai, a chef and author of Kintsugi Wellness, emphasizes the need to have the correct tool when preparing this Japanese powdered green tea. According to him, preparing matcha is more of a ritual. He enjoys it in the morning because it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Kumai’s first matcha tea was from his grandmother, and anytime he prepares it, it feels like a homage to her.

Some companies advocate providing this high-quality green tea for sale. One of such companies is the Mizuba Tea Co. that prides itself on sourcing from Uji, recognized as the top quality tea growing hub in Japan. The company website states, “Being able to share this matcha is a complete blessing and a gift, and as such, Mizuba hopes to impart just a taste of the larger, beautiful experience of Uji with you, the drinker.”

Assorted Flavors of Mizuba’ Matcha Tea

Mizuba’s House Organic Matcha Tea House:

With difficulty growing and harvesting, the Mizuba’s House Organic Matcha Tea House is sourced once a year. The tea contains ripe red fruits like raspberry jam that has a soothing umami flavor. It comes in 20 to 30 servings in a 40 g tin.

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Yorokobi Ceremonial Organic Matcha

Matcha comes in different grades, being higher and lower grades. The higher-grade has a strong, bitter, and aromatic taste, while the lower grade is lighter in taste. The Yorokobi ceremonial organic matcha is light and smooth with umami flavor.

Tools for Preparing Matcha from Maziba Tea Co.

Chasen Bamboo Whisk

It would help if you definitely had this chasen bamboo whisk for blending your matcha tea with water.

Chawan Matcha Tea Bowl

This bowl helps you to mix your tea smoothly with water. You can enjoy your tea straight from this glazed ceramic bowl.

Sesame Chashaku Matcha Scoop

This spoon helps you to scoop the right amount of this powdered green tea to enjoy in the right proportion.