About The Meningitis Vaccine And Its Protection Against Gonorrhea

By Anthony K

There are two effective vaccines that can protect one from meningitis in the United States to keep people safe from life-threatening inflammations of membranes covering the spine and brain. Amidst the increasing number of gonorrhea cases and further resilience to antibiotics, there’s an increase in the number of potential superbugs.

Scientists are combining efforts to find a vaccine for gonorrhea. Fortunately, recent research shows meningitis vaccines offer more protection from gonorrhea transmitted through sexual intercourse. Two of the currently available vaccines to protect against meningitis include MenACWY and MenB-4C.

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The MenACWY protects one against the A, W, C, and Y strains, while the MenB-4C offers protection against the B strain and gonorrhea. Dr. Winston Abara recommends that more studies are needed to determine the vaccine’s efficacy in the fight against gonorrhea.

Ongoing MenB-4C clinical trials are needed to determine the most effective mechanism of protection against gonorrhea.

A South Australia study revealed that two doses of the meningitis vaccine are 33% effective in the fight against gonorrhea among young adults and adolescents. Further studies should be conducted to come to a firm conclusion about the validity of a meningitis vaccine against gonorrhea. Scholars like Dr. Robert Grossberg believe that the meningitis vaccine is instrumental in the fight against gonorrhea.

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Grossberg believes the meningitis vaccine is ideal for fighting against gonorrhea among adolescents and young adults. Meningitis vaccines are more effective despite increasing immunity to antibiotics administered to those who need help against meningitis and gonorrhea.