5 Things to Do Before Taking On a New Diet

By Letizia L

Dieting and resisting the temptation of opening the fridge a little too often is not easy. Skipping meals, drastically reducing portions, and excluding food from your menu will not help you lose weight. The lack of gratification during diets leads to eating more and gaining the weight back.

A too restrictive diet is difficult to follow and is destined to fail, while a balanced diet tailored to your tastes and needs will allow you to win your fight against the scale and lose weight in a healthy and lasting way.

Here are five things you should do before starting a new diet:

  1. Program your menu. Mark all the ingredients, highlighting those you need to buy. This strategy is also useful for saving time while cooking and to follow a more balanced and healthy diet.
  2. Always make a shopping list. Writing down what you need in order to follow a healthy and balanced diet will help you avoid giving in to temptation when you are at the supermarket.
  3. Get spices and herbs. Spices (cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, etc.) and herbs (rosemary, oregano, basil, bay leaf, etc.) are excellent substitutes for salt and sugar in the kitchen, as they flavor dishes without adding calories and fat. Besides, they ensure a wide variety of valuable nutrients for a healthy body.
  4. Stock up on seeds and dried fruit. They are practical to carry and comfortable to eat. Besides, they have excellent satiating power ideal for calming hunger attacks between meals. They provide essential fatty acids and fiber that help keep blood sugar spikes in check and satiate you for a long time.
  5. Fill your fridge with vegetables. They are essential foods for your diet and health. Vegetables are rich in fiber, which will calm your hunger.

Once you’ll have completed these five steps, you will be one step closer to succeding with your diet!