5 Foods That Help Improve Cognition And Brainpower

By Stephen M

Are you concerned about your health and general wellbeing? To what extent would you go to in order to ensure that you are in top shape, especially with your organs working perfectly? Most of us are health conscious, trying to do all we can to stay healthy. As a result, the number of people signing up for gyms increases by the day. Also, many are quitting bad habits such as smoking and alcohol to reach their lifestyle goals.

But, are you fully convinced that the food you eat plays the most important role in your general well-being? We hope to shed light on the fact that you can improve your cognition and brainpower using food. You have been taking care of your heart, kidneys, and liver. Now, it’s time to take care of your brain. Is what you are eating killing or improving your memory? Here are five foods that can improve your memory and brainpower.


Grapes have a tremendous effect on the brain according to various studies. Aside from reducing the brain’s oxidative stress, it promotes the flow of blood in the system. Add grapes to your diet, and witness their magical powers.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, collard greens, watercress, and kale slow down the effects of dementia in elderly people. Therefore, incorporating greens to your diet is a sure way of boosting your memory. In your next salad, make sure you add a lot of green veggies.

Image credit: PHUC LONG/Unsplash

Fatty Fish

Studies have found that fatty fish is a great source of nutrients for brainpower. Fish like tuna, salmon, and herring, contain DHA omega-3 fatty acids that protect the brain. Are you scared of developing Alzheimer’s disease? Then make fatty fish a staple in your diet.

Photo credit: brighthorizons.co.uk

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains flavonoids that help boost the brain and cognition. Another benefit is its ability to reduce strokes and Alzheimer’s disease. Enjoy a hot chocolate drink each morning or add some cacao nibs to your morning cereal.

Photo Credit: Charisse Kenion/Unsplash


Walnuts are blessed with antioxidants like polyunsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols, and tocopherols that reduce inflammation. Since inflammation contributes to brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, adding walnuts to your diet can be of great help.