4 Common Myths about Mental Health Issues

By Francis Tunwase

Asides from a possible apocalypse, there’s really no phenomenon people maintain a strong phobia against other than mental illnesses.

And sadly, mental illnesses tend to affect both the mind and the human body in several ways. So, that makes this category of illness a tad bit scarier than a fever. That’s not entirely out of place, though. After all, it’s in human nature to get scared and react in fear.

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However, some individuals – who are not medical professionals – usually prey on such fears to inflict further damage to people. Their major tactics over time have been spreading misconceptions about mental health conditions.

Here are four common misconceptions that spread like wildfire

Mental Health conditions show that you’re weak

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This statement is simply falsehood on steroids. Several biological and environmental factors cause mental health conditions. They are never the result of a lack of agility or character strength.

You cannot recover from a mental health problem

Mental health conditions do not need to be permanent in all cases. People can and do recover from their challenges, thanks to therapy and medications.

People with mental illnesses are always violent

Violence is a trait that every human being can possess. So, an individual with depression is not any more violent than a wrestler seeking revenge.

Eating disorders are a result of choice

Eating disorders are the result of a chemical disorder in the brain that some people have to deal with, and not merely a lifestyle choice they stumble upon.

If you ever come across these myths, be sure to debunk them and instead show love and acceptance to people living with mental health problems.