3 Simple Methods To Improve Brain Health

By Francis Tunwase

In his new book, Dr. D. Amen’s groundbreaking scientific studies provide the basis for You, Happier, in which he details the ways your nervous system can make or break your mood. He also provides actionable advice for enhancing your own sense of well-being.

Image courtesy of @linkedin / Pexels

In an interview, the expert discussed the things—from a relaxing snack to a stimulating phone app—that he thinks are crucial for anyone trying to improve their cognitive functioning.

Hapibrain App

Keeping your brain healthy requires simple, regular habits, says Dr. Amen. He mentioned loving an app, Hapibrain, which was created by Dr. Amen himself. The app is packed with mental exercises, including puzzles, games, guided meditations, and quizzes that will help you maintain your mental acuity around the clock.


When it comes to stimulating your brain, Dr. Amen favors the timeless classic Boggle for families. The game helps exercise the language part of the brain. If you want to remember things, feel emotions, refrain from acting on impulses, and solve problems, you need a flexible frontal lobe, which is why mental exercise is so beneficial.

Pickleball Racquet and Ball Set

Dr. Amen suggests trying pickleball to improve your brain health, and we agree—especially after seeing this stylish pickleball set on Amazon. The game helps with physical and mental health, according to the doctor. Coordination games that require moving your hands, feet, and brain together are good for your brain since they engage the cerebellum and influence automatic learning processes.

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