3 Effective Ways To Lose Those Extra Pounds

By Stephen M

With our bad and late-night eating habits causing unwanted weight gain, many people search for the best ways to remain in shape or lose weight. While some have resorted to one/two of the many diet regimes, others are using exercises. Here are the three best ways to become your healthiest self.

Eat fruits and vegetables

Munching on more fruits and vegetables is one of the best and effective ways to remain in shape or lose weight. Replace your junk and processed foods with fruits and veggies and experience incredible changes in your body. Changing your diet overnight is not recommended because it’s not sustainable, so start slowly. Start by adding small portions of veggies dish to your breakfast or dinner. Increase it with time and experience the vast difference in how you feel.

Green leafy vegetables like lettuce, kale, spinach, and collard are loaded with fiber and calcium, which improves dejection. They are low in calories and carbs, and hence, aid weight loss.

Other fruits and vegetables like carrot, broccoli, apple, grape, papaya, watermelon, lemon, etc., can all help in the process.

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Exercise is key

Exercising is critical in staying healthy and balanced. It promotes digestion, blood circulation, and physical activeness. But be guided and start slowly. Starting with too much and long hours of training can break you down and even discourage you. The best way is to start gradually, adapt, and increase it. You can start with some stretches, squats, and few meters of jogging. With time you can add weight and other endurance training. Exercising helps the body communicate with itself while burning calories.

Photo credit: Jonathan Borba/Unsplash


You need to be consistent in whatever way you choose to achieve your weight loss target. Consistent exercises help you to build endurance to take on more intense ones. Also, adding fruits and veggies to your diet consistently helps the body easily adapt to your new way of eating.