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Wait, Aren’t These Things In The Wrong Color?

Have you ever been in that situation where you’ve seen something that looks familiar, but it looks different somehow? Maybe it’s because it’s a different color, size, or texture to what you’re used to seeing? This is how we felt when we were looking through these photos in this article. We’ve put together this extensive list of animals, food, and objects that are a completely different color to what we typically expect. None of these photos have been edited. These are all real-life images of sights that are extremely rare and beautiful. For example, we’re so used to bananas being yellow that it’s difficult to imagine them in an alternative color or flavor, but they do exist! We also learned that every 1 in 2 million lobsters is blue. Read on to see more rare but beautiful images of things that happen to be in the wrong color.

A Black Cockatoo

Yes, this is a cockatoo, even though this one happens to be black. We usually recognize cockatoos as brightly colored birds, which makes this one incredibly unique! It’s interesting how different this type of bird looks when in a different color.

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

You’d be forgiven for wondering if this bird is a new species. This cockatoo is black with gold specks in its feathers. Despite being a blackbird, it just goes to show that this breed of bird is no less beautiful for not having bright, tropical feathers.

A Fluffy Black Duckling

Unfortunately, there is such a lot of negativity attached to black animals, whether it’s birds, sheep, or cats. This has even lead to black cats and dogs getting left behind at animal shelters because few people want to adopt them – how sad?!

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

Yet, it’s difficult to imagine anything being more adorable than this lovely little fluffy, black duckling! Despite its black feathers, this baby duck is just as cute as yellow ducklings, and the fact that it’s black doesn’t make it appear scary or less friendly!

White Chocolate Moose

Moose usually have dark, brown coats, but this one is completely white all over. This beautiful rare white moose was spotted in Sweden. Although it is uncommon to see white moose like this one, there are others in existence, and it’s all down to a gene.

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

The reason why some, albeit very few, moose are white is owing to a recessive gene, which gives them a completely white coat with small brown specks. The condition is often referred to as “piebald,” which explains this type of appearance.

This Chicken Has Heart Patterns on its Feathers

Chickens generally look the same. There are white and black variations, which most of us are aware of, but other than that, they usually have orangey-brown tones feathers. At first glance, it’s easy to see that there is something unusual about this chicken, but when you look closer, you will see what it is.

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

Not only is this chicken white, but it also has heart patterns all over its feathers. This is very unusual, and you definitely don’t see many chickens with little black hearts all over them. The chicken’s white plumage is completely covered in little black love hearts, making her a monochrome sweetheart!

Have You Ever Seen Such a Shiny Horse?

This horse has the shiniest coat! In fact, the horse looks as though it could belong to Barbie, thanks to its perfect posture and gleaming blonde coat. While these types of horses are among the rarest in the world, this horse’s appearance is typical for its breed.

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

This horse belongs to the Akhal-Teke breed, which originates from Turkmenistan. The beautiful, shiny coat on this horse is a trademark quality of this breed. They are known for their intelligence, speed, and endurance. Thanks to their unique coat, they are often nicknamed “golden horses.”

White Killer Whales

Orcas are often known as Killer Whales due to the fact that they are the one species in the water that have no known predator, other than fisherman and whale catchers. Killer Whales are easily recognizable by their black skins and white eye patches, and underbodies.

Credit: reddit.com/nextf*ckinglevel

Yet, this Killer Whale is totally white, which is very unusual indeed! There are only a handful of white orcas recorded in history. This is because the whale has a condition called leucism, which causes a lack of vibrancy in their pigmentation. Unlike albinism, leucism doesn’t cause the animal to have red eyes.

Blue Bananas that Taste of Vanilla Ice-Cream!

The color yellow has become so synonymous with bananas that it’s hard to imagine this colorful fruit ever being a different color! When we’re talking about shades of yellow, we refer to banana yellow as a way to give clarity on the tone we’re describing.

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

And of course, then there is taste. We all know what bananas taste like, as it’s such a prominent taste. Little did we know that there is such a thing as blue Java bananas that are blue in color and taste like vanilla ice-cream. Do you think you’d make the swap to these alternative bananas?

This Cross Fox is a Rare Beauty

Foxes are known to have fiery, orange-red fur. Unlike squirrels, which you’re just as likely to see with grey, black, or orange-red fur, foxes tend to all look very much the same. They don’t usually have different markings or different colors of fur.

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

It would be easy to mistake this fox for a wolf, but it’s not a wolf; it’s definitely a fox. It is known as a cross fox, which is a partially melanistic color variant of the red fox, which is why it has a long dark stripe running down its back and another stripe across its shoulders. Although cross foxes are rare, they’re more common than the even darker colored silver fox.

A Black Cat with a Pink Nose

Have you noticed something unusual about this cat, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is? Well, you may have been drawn to the cat’s pretty pink nose. Usually, cats’ noses are the same color as their fur, or at least they blend in well with their markings.

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

This is what makes this kitty’s nose so cute and special. It’s pink, and it stands out. It kind of looks like a little heart, which makes this cat look so cute and adorable. Cats with pink noses have actually become popular on social media.

Half Peacock, Half Albino

Peacocks are well known for their brightly colored feathers. Not only do these birds have beautifully bright plumage, but they are also made up of unusual markings and unique prints. There is no mistaking a peacock, as they stand out from all other birds.

Credit: reddit.com/interestingasf*ck

This peacock stands out too. We know that peacocks are considered unique and one of a kind, but this one is even more so! Their feathers on one side are typical for a peacock, whereas the other half is white. There are several fully albino peacocks in the world, but this one is the only half albino one.

The Only Albino Hump Back Whale in the World

Each year, thousands of humpback whales migrate to Antarctica to feed and breed, so seeing humpback whales in this area is not a rare sighting. However, spectators were given a wonderful treat when they spotted this albino humpback in one of the pods.

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

Albino humpback whales are very rare. It is thought that there are only four white humpback whales on the planet. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this species of whale, humpback whales are usually grey in color with white underneath.

Coke in a Yellow Can

Coca Cola has released many additional flavors and variations of its classic fizzy beverage over the years, so it’s not as though we are unfamiliar with alterations to their branding. However, Coca-Cola Light, Coca -Cola Zero and other varieties of the soda always include their trademark red logo.

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

A yellow Coca Cola can isn’t something you’d normally see. Don’t worry, though, if you stumble across a yellow coke can, as they are actually limited edition. Coca-Cola released a limited edition line of yellow cans a few years ago, and only a few people were lucky enough to get their hands on one!

Cute Baby Polka Dot Zebra

What’s the first thing you usually think of when you hear the word ‘zebra’? Well, we think it’s safe to say that you probably picture zebra stripes in your head, and so that would be the most obvious answer, right?

Credit: Crafty.diply.com

We’re so used to seeing zebra with their lovely stripes that it’s difficult to get our heads around this one. This little baby zebra was born with polka dots instead of stripes. Although he may not bear much resemblance to her mother, she sure is cute with those little dots!

Metallic Tarantula

Believe it or not, this is actually a tarantula. It would be interesting to know whether those who have phobias of spiders still fear that about this spider, seeing as it is metallic blue instead of the normal black or brown color that spiders and tarantulas tend to be.

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

This blue metallic tarantula is known as the Poecilotheria Metallica, also known as the ‘gooty tarantula’. It might be one of the most beautiful and colorful of its species, but it’s also one of the deadliest. The gooty tarantula is one of the most venomous tarantulas on the planet!

Meet the Woman Who is Both a Blonde and a Brunette!

Many women spend a lot of time wondering what color to dye their hair. Are they better suited as a redhead, a brunette, or perhaps a blonde? The best way of overcoming this indecisiveness is to let nature take its course by deciding for you!

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

This woman appears to have naturally blonde and brown hair, and her eyebrows match accordingly, too! One side of her head is blonde with a matching blonde eyebrow, whereas, on the other side of her head, she has brown hair and a darker eyebrow.

Zeus is a Blind Owl with Beautiful Starry Eyes

Meet Zeus, the little screech owl. Unfortunately for poor Zeus, he is blind. However, it is because of his blindness that Zeus has the most beautiful, starry blue eyes. Usually, owls have amber or black eyes, whereas Zeus’s eyes are sparkling blue.

Credit: twitter.com/Nature_Is_Lit

Sadly, the little owl’s unique, midnight-blue eyes result from cataracts and clots of protein and blood pigment. Zeus’s rare and wonderful appearance has attracted a lot of attention on the internet, and he even has his own Twitter account.

Two-Tone Cherry

How about this then?! A two-tone cherry. This isn’t something you see every day, yet apparently, two-tone cherries, as well as other fruits, are more common than you might think. Sometimes the ripe fruit we pick is two different shades.

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

However, we are sure you will agree that it is rare to find a two-tone piece of fruit that is as symmetrical as this cherry. It almost looks as though it is two different cherries stuck together. We wonder whether each side of this cherry has a slightly different flavor?!

An Iridescent Rainbow Thresher Shark

Sharks are usually blue or grey in color, so this shark immediately grabs our attention because of its unusual skin color. This is an iridescent thresher shark. Not all breeds of thresher sharks are iridescent in color. This extraordinary skin color is a good way of determining the shark’s breed.

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

Thresher sharks tend to be silver or grey with a white belly. However, around the California area, it has been reported that there are a group of iridescent thresher sharks living in the Pacific Ocean. Thresher sharks are not known to be aggressive and only grow up to 1 meter in length.

The Cat With Millennial Brows

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will probably know that eyebrows are a popular beauty trend right now. Whereas in the 90s, it was fashionable to have super skinny brows, these days, the Millenials and Gen Z generations believe: ‘the bigger, the better’.

Credit: pikabu.ru

As soon as we saw this picture of this cat, it immediately reminded us of the current brow trend. We’d even go as far as saying that we bet the kitty’s owner is a fan of big brows too and probably belongs to either the Millenial or Gen Z generations.

This Kitty Has Half Brown, Half Blue Eyes

Although it is uncommon for a cat to have two different colored eyes, such as one green eye and one blue eye, it sometimes happens. Cats or any animal for that matter, born with two different colored eyes tend to get named “Bowie” after the singer David Bowie, whose eyes were different colors.

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

What is even more unusual is seeing a cat with two different colors in each of its eyes, like this pretty feline here. The kitten’s mixed eye color is due to a rare genetic condition called sectorial heterochromia iridis. This is why little Olive, as he is named, has eyes that are half brown and half blue.

Purple Peppers

Purple peppers are not something you’re likely to see in every supermarket. But before you ask, no, purple peppers are not fake. As peppers ripen, they usually darken in color, appearing either red or purple. This variety is known as the purple bell pepper.

Credit: reddit.com/mildlyinteresting

Peppers usually develop into a purple color when they’re left to mature in cooler temperatures. The climate and temperatures will impact the intensity of the color pigment. The color purple is often associated with chocolate and candy, yet purple peppers are not a sweet variety of pepper despite this sweet association. They taste more like green peppers.

Kenya is Home to a Rare Breed of White Giraffes

Does it feel as though something is missing on this giraffe?! Yes, you’re right! These giraffes are missing their spots – the large brown patches on their skin. The white giraffe is native to Kenya. The first sighting of this rare breed was in March 2016.

Credit: Caters News Agency

Sadly, the overall giraffe population has declined by 30% in the last 30 years. Giraffes are vulnerable to poachers. There is now only one known white giraffe remaining in Kenya, after two rare white giraffes were killed by poachers last year. 

This Yellow Cardinal is One in a Million

Cardinal birds are bright and colorful anyway. Male cardinals are usually red all over with a black face. Female cardinals are normally pale brown with warm red tones on the wings, tail, and chest; they too have black faces. A yellow cardinal, however, is not a common sight.

Credit: Al.com

Recent reports of a rare sighting of a yellow cardinal in Alabama got the internet discussing yellow cardinals in general. Yellow cardinals do exist, but they are extremely rare and now endangered. There have been many issues with pet traders trying to capture yellow cardinals to sell as pets.

Pink Flamingo, Pink Flamingo, Black Flamingo

Admittedly, this can make you question everything you learn and everything you’re told. It’s drummed into us that the grass is green, snow is white, and flamingos are pink. So when a black flamingo pops up from out of nowhere, it leaves us wondering where it came from.

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

It’s true that flamingos are not necessarily always light pink. Depending on their species, their feather color might be pink, orange, or red. This black flamingo is extremely rare. It is believed that it could be the only black flamingo in existence.

This Baby Reindeer is as White as Snow

The idea of a white reindeer makes us feel all Christmasy again! Reindeer normally have brown fur and brown antlers. Depending on where in the world you live, you will probably never see a real-life reindeer, but spotting a white one is even rarer!

Credit: Caters News Agency

White reindeer are white all over and even their antlers are completely white. Although white reindeer do exist, they only make up 1% of the total deer population. These white reindeer are known as leucistic deer, as this is the gene that gives them their white fur and antlers. They are not albino deer because they don’t have red eyes and noses.

And in Maine They Have Gold Beetles

Beetles tend to be a bug that people either love or hate. But did you know that beetles come in a variety of colors? If you saw pictures of some of the different kinds of beetles, such as the chrysina gloriosa, the chrysina resplendens or the jewel scarab, you might form a different opinion.

Credit: reddit.com/whatsthisbug

These little gold beetles look like little gold jewels. They’re so beautiful and bright. They have a hard metallic shell and vary in color between silver, gold, and green. The jewel scarab is also one of the smaller species of beetles.

Alolan Fox

Those of you who are Pokemon fans will know what we’re talking about when we say that this is an Alolan Fox. You have to admit that this black and white fox looks a lot like the Pokemon animated character – Alolan Ninetails.

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

This breed of black and white foxes also resembles Husky dogs in a small way. What you’re seeing is a Canadian Marble Arctic Fox. They’re quite small and have unique markings. They are mainly white with black facial markings and a long back stripe along their back.

A “Stop” Sign Approved by Goths

On road signs, red means ‘stop’ in pretty much every country in the world. We’re not sure where this black road sign came from, so we can only venture a guess as to why this sign is in the wrong color.

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

One popular internet theory is that the sign was painted black by Goths or that the sign manufacturers were Goths. We’d like to elaborate on that theory by suggesting that the sign might be located in a residential area inhabited only by Goths and Emos!? What do you think?

Purple Frogs

Wait! Frogs aren’t supposed to be purple, are they?! It’s very unusual to see a purple frog. We’re used to seeing brightly colored frogs, but we didn’t know there was a purple species of frog. That said, there have been many new species of toads found in South America.

Credit: reddit.com/Naturelsf*ckinglit

Among the 24 new species discovered in South America is the purple florescent frog. Scientists say that it is possible to uncover new species of bugs and reptiles that you may not have known when you go exploring in these areas. This type of frog was discovered in 2006.

The Albino Wood Turtle is One of the Rarest in the World

Turtles tend to be green or brown, so when you look at this one, you’d be forgiven for wondering what it is. You might even mistake it or say that it looks a little bit like a crab with its shell and orange color. The albino wood turtle also has unusual markings on its head and legs.

Credit: reddit.com/interestingasf*ck

If you’ve never seen one of these turtles before, that might be because they are extremely rare. The albino wood turtle is not only one of the rarest species of turtle in the world, it is also an endangered breed too.

Siberian Iridescent Clouds

It is difficult to predict the weather at times, but usually, we can get an idea of the weather for the day by looking up at the sky and watching the movement of the clouds. So answer us this, what weather conditions would you predict when looking up and seeing this sky?!

Credit: reddit.com/interestingasf*ck

These are the Siberian iridescent clouds, also commonly referred to as ‘fire rainbows’ or ‘rainbow clouds.’ Iridescent clouds are quite rare. They are formed when the clouds are very thin and full of ice crystals or water droplets. A rainbow usually follows iridescent clouds.

Black Petunias, Anyone?

Black petunias are a relatively new type of plant. Rumor has it that this specific type of flower was created because, as we all know, black goes with everything, and therefore they are a very universal plant to have in our homes or gardens.

Credit: reddit.com/r/gardening

Black petunias are also known as ‘black velvet’ plants. It’s difficult to find a flower as dark as this one, as it is uncommon to find jet black flower petals on any plant. Not only does the striking color of this plant make it incredibly popular, but because petunias are also very easy to grow and last longer than many flowering plants too.

A Stunning Strawberry Finch

Most of us have undoubtedly seen plenty of finches in our lifetimes. The regular brown finch is a common bird, and groups of them often accumulate in our gardens or in nearby parks and grassy areas. Less common, however, is the strawberry finch.

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

As its name suggests, the strawberry finch is a radiant shade of red. The males, in particular, have the most colorful plumage, especially during the breeding season. This little bird’s official name is ‘red avadavat,’ but they are also known as ‘strawberry finch’ or ‘red munia.’

Two Flowers in One

Imagine having a garden or field full of these stunning flowers? There’s no doubt that pretty much all flowers are beautiful anyway, but these two-two flowers are like nothing else we have seen before. It appears as though they are two flowers in one. So what are they, and how do flowers form in this way?

Credit: reddit.com/naturelsf*ckinglit

Well, this genetic mutation is not isolated to one particular type of flower; it can actually happen to any living being. In plants, it is caused when the plant produces another identical offspring but which is different in color or physical appearance. It is definitely one of those unique genetic mutations that make things even more beautiful rather than defective.

A Blonde Dalmatian

We’re so used to seeing white Dalmatians with black spots that it’s difficult to get our heads around the fact that there is actually a blonde breed of Dalmatians too! How did we not know this?! Perhaps they should redo the “101 Dalmatians” movies with blonde Dalmatians for fun.

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

As a pet owner, it must be wonderful to have one of each – one black and white Dalmatian and one blonde Dalmatian. You rarely see these spotty dogs in any other color than black and white, yet it turns out that they can also be brown and white or blonde and white, with the latter being one of the rarest types.

How Cute is this Piebald Deer?!

When we have a set idea of how something is supposed to look in our heads, it can be difficult to accept a different version of that object or animal. If we didn’t know better, we’d say that this piebald deer looks more like a goat than a deer.

Credit: Montanaoutdoor.com

Piebald deer stand out in the wild, making them an easier target for poachers and predators. Piebald deer are scarce but not as rare as albino deer. Only 2% of whitetail deer are piebald, which is why you won’t spot many around.

This Black Gecko Lizard is a True Beauty

Black gecko lizards, known as ‘black night leopard geckos’, are the rarest type of gecko lizard morphs. Because of their rarity, it makes them one of the most sought after breeds of lizard among reptile owners looking for a gecko pet.

Credit: reddit.com/NaturelsFuckingLit

Although it might look like a tropical, exotic breed of lizard, the black night leopard gecko actually originates from Europe. Some back geckos are jet black with a white belly, whereas others are spotted instead of solid black in color.

Wait, Is That Really a Rottweiler?

At first glance, this famous breed of dog is almost unrecognizable as a Rottweiler. As you look closer, you begin to notice distinguishable features that help you decipher the canine as a Rottweiler, but why is it a different color?!

Credit: rottweilerpupdog

There is nothing wrong with the dog, and no, it isn’t an albino Rottweiler either. This is what you’d call a white Rottweiler, and they are a recognized breed in their own right. However, many true dog lovers doubt the pureblood status of these white rotties, believing them to be the result of over breeding, interbreeding, or cross-breeding with other dog breeds.

Every 1 in 2 Million Lobsters are Blue

We doubt very much if any of you have ever seen a blue lobster in real life. The reason is that only 1 in 2 million lobsters are blue in color, like this one. This makes blue lobsters really special when you think about it, seeing as they’re not just 1 in a million, but 1 in 2 million!

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

Your chances of catching a blue lobster are even rarer. Statistics state that you have a 1 in 200 million chance of catching a blue lobster. Blue lobsters are, of course, very unique and rare. Their highly pigmented shell color results from a genetic defect that causes the lobster to produce higher than normal volumes of a certain protein.

This Moth Has a Chicken Face

Admittedly, we’ve never really taken much notice of moths’ faces before. However, this moth is rather difficult to ignore. Often, we get excited when we see a butterfly, and we observe its pretty markings. Yet, we never really give moths much notice, and we don’t whip out our cameras when we spot one.

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

Yet, this moth is unlike anything we’ve seen before. It’s clear white for one thing, instead of the dusty grey color than most moths tend to be. This moth in particular, is very interesting indeed. It has the wings of a moth but the face of a chicken. Can you see it?!

Is that a Piebald Python?

This is what you call a piebald snake. Despite what people think, the name piebald doesn’t actually refer to a specific breed of mammal, as it’s actually the name given to animals born with a genetic mutation. There are piebald varieties among every species, albeit piebalds are very rare.

Credit: reddit.com/interestingasf*ck

Piebald is the name given to describe this genetic mutation, which affects the physical appearance of the animal’s fur or skin. It is a name made up of new words, ‘pie’ from ‘magpie’ and ‘bald’, meaning ‘white patch’ or ‘spot’.

This Kitty Has a Rare Red Coat

Not only does this kitty have the most unusual rusty red fur, but the rest of her body is also an entirely different color to her face, which is black. Cats are known to have various fur colors and coat patterns, but this rusty red color isn’t so common.

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

This isn’t an exotic breed of domestic cat, nor is she a wild feral cat. Her unique coat shade is the result of a hair color mutation, known as pheomelanin. It gives a highly saturated red or yellow pigment to the animal’s fur, which can become more visible when exposed to sunlight.

Half Zebra, Half Dalmatian

It does seem strange to see a zebra that has spots instead of stripes. Admittedly, this zebra has a mixture of both spots and stripes, which is highly unusual. It makes the animal look half like a zebra and half like a Dalmatian dog!

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

The spots are owing to a genetic mutation, which isn’t common among zebras, yet on the other hand, there have been several zebras spotted (if you’ll pardon the pun) with spots instead of stripes or with different color coats. Stripes are very helpful to zebras because biting insects try not to land on striped surfaces.

Rare Blue Diamond

As if finding a blue diamond wasn’t unique enough, there is increasing competition on finding even better and more valuable blue diamonds, which are, of course, worth a lot of money! Even a 1-carat blue diamond is said to be worth somewhere close to $200 000!

Credit: reddit.com/RealLifeShinies

In 2019, Botswana released the largest rare blue diamond ever to be found within their region. The diamond is said to be super fancy and incredibly rare. The fancy blue diamond weighs more than 20 carats and was discovered in Botswana’s Orapa Mine.

See-Through Lemon Pie

Before we put you off your appetite, there is no genetic mutation or defect with this dessert! This is actually a clear lemon meringue pie. This unusual take on the classic fluffy, white lemon meringue tart has become a hit online.

Credit: Onenewspage.com

We’d imagine that this version would taste slightly different from the original, considering the filling is clear gelatine instead of lemon cream filling. Apparently, the main appeal of this dessert is that it’s been titled: “the pie you can see through!”