Which Are The Best Low-Calorie Foods To Fill Your Stomach?

By Letizia L September 30, 2020

Some people eat out of nervous hunger, others because they eat an unbalanced diet or meal. In both cases, the solution is not to overeat, but rather to learn how to choose the best foods to eat. There are foods that, net of a handful of calories, appease hunger, and fit perfectly into a weight loss regime.

Among these, a great one undoubtedly is whole grains, which is an excellent ingredient for first courses and salads. In particular, oats will surprise you: consuming them for breakfast with milk or as porridge will fill your stomach until lunch without the need for snacks. The same is true if you use it as a substantial element of vegetable soups: the oat flakes can be put directly into the hot soup without cooking, wait 5 minutes and they will double their volume and quench your hunger. Speaking of, soups and broths are another very satiating food for a light evening meal, as long as you avoid too grated cheese.

Legumes are also excellent, as they are very rich in iron and vegetable proteins. All protein foods, in general, are very satiating without affecting our diet, from eggs to fish through to lean meats.

Avocado also has a very high satiating power, but compared to other vegetables it is quite caloric: it is, however, a food very rich in beneficial properties (antioxidants, vitamins, Omega3), so one dinner a week based on avocado, tomato, and arugula can be integrated into a healthy diet and guarantees that you won’t feel hungry until the next morning.

As for snacks, instead, apple and banana are two excellent food to feel satisfied without intaking too many calories, as well as low-fat yogurt, perhaps together with seeds (pumpkin or sunflower seeds) or walnuts and almonds.

Another tip is too always chew a lot. Eating slowly will help you feel full sooner, as does pausing for 5 minutes between one dish and another. If you are trying to consume less food during lunch and dinner without going hungry afterward, eat a nice salad before the meal, which will help you fill your stomach with a very modest caloric intake (provided it is lightly seasoned).