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What If Scenarios Most People Haven’t Considered

The world, in general, is mired by “what ifs.” Lost opportunities, paths not taken, knocks on the door left unanswered. “What if instead of veering right, you would have steered left?” It’s part of the human condition to meditate on these possibilities, to contemplate the multitude of ways our lives could have turned out, our destinies could have been transformed and changed. Maybe, in some other dimension or existence, our reality would have been completely and utterly different—all those, perhaps, unanswered prayers. Just think about it. How many “what if” moments do we have in our closets? Well, down below is a collection of pictures, scoured and plucked from the mainstream social platform Reddit. Pictures depicting this innate human quack-mire. Questions surrounding the inherent condition of humans, that condition known as a curiosity. Some of the pics’ really challenge the idea of “what ifs”; some are simply failed science experiments gone wrong; and, finally, some are simply the offsprings of that terrible habit in some folks of carrying out drunken 3 AM ideas even after the sun has come out… A diet for which a great deal of us need no adjustment at all. Whatever the case might be, these 40+ are fun “what ifs” that entertain.


After 40 odd years of using one tool or another, things happen. No matter what material they are constructed out of, even the likes of Superman start to feel the passage of time and the deterioration of constant use. 

Image courtesy of reddit/AgrajagDaMadBat

Up there is a photo of two shovels; one just brought home from your friendly neighborhood Home Depot, the other worked to the bone over a period of 40 years. Same make, same material, utterly and completely identical… notice the difference?


Ice is a force of nature… Right, Duh? Of course, ice is a force of nature. Well, what few people are aware of is that water molecules expand and retract in concordance with the climate variances: extreme weather or temperature changes. 

Image courtesy of reddit/BarnabyWoods

When it’s hot, they shrink, and when it’s cold, they blossom. Water, as the weather dips starts to congeal and turn into a solid-state, ICE. Ice, if it continues raining and the weather continues its downward spiral, they simply get bigger, get more mass. That stump above is what happens when it’s too cold, and humidity is in the air. 


An artichoke is a variety of thistle mostly cultivated as a food. What do we mean by thistle, and why does that term have a Christmasy feel? Well, cause it’s the equivalent of a pine cone. That’s’ right, an artichoke is a pine-cone.

Image courtesy of reddit/BuddyMurphy

What few people know about thistles is that they have buds, and as such, they tend to bloom. They tend to get flowers, which ironically makes them less edible—beautiful small flowers like the one above in the same species as cardoon. 

Beams of Light

That pic’ down below looks like a Pink Floyd light show, right? All Dark Side Of The Moon, maybe Roger Waters behind the door waiting to burst through and give us a night to remember. But the reality is much, much more mundane. 

Image courtesy of reddit/CashMo

That photo above is what happens when light from 3 different sources refracts off a mirror and then slides under a closed bedroom door. The bedroom’s gloomy dark atmosphere mixed in with the geometric patterns of the structure gift us with that fanatic optical illusion. 

Swing A String

That below is not a documentary on what happens before aliens kidnap you but rather what happens when a photographer and a fireworks expert start to brainstorm and clunk heads together. It’s the synergy of two professionals at their best. 

Image courtesy of reddit/CBrandy411

The man in the middle is swinging a glow stick with a ball of burning steel wool at the end. He’s doing it at a rapid pace in concentric circles. Meanwhile, a photographer is stationed a couple of feet away with his camera’s aperture open allowing the light to enter through across a desired period of time. 


Fog is a natural weather phenomenon. It is a visible spectacle consisting of ice crystals and tiny water droplets suspended in the air near the planet’s surface. To a certain degree, it can actually be considered as a low-lying cloud.

Image courtesy of reddit/Christian Steiness

That pic’ above depicts what happened when this low-lying cloud, one of the most recognizable and often damaging weather conditions on the planet, crashes headlong into wind-powered mills. It really is fantastical and worth recording. An event the happens every-so-often. 


Did you know that coffee has acid? Yes, well, most food and beverages have a certain amount of acidic materials. Barely noticeable by humans and one that our digestive track has been conditioned, over countless years of evolution, to process. 

Image courtesy of reddit/CistFurCharlie

We flush out these toxins or simply adapt to them… Tools and other materials aren’t that lucky. Take a look at that photo from up above; that’s what happens to a spoon after it’s been submitted to the same task – stirring coffee – for over 45 years. 


Water, they say, is the most destructive element on the planet. Fire is fast, quick, and in a flash, it can scorch a place to cinders. Wind can blow your house asunder and relocate it in another zip-code. Earth, if properly motivated, can swallow towns… But water.

Image courtesy of reddit/ClearMyFu*înShit

Water takes its time. It runs downhill, over eons and epochs, the silent killer. Water can destroy even that which fire, earth, and the wind had trouble peeling away. Just give it time. That above is a picture of what happens when the same stream of water flows down cement street for 10 years straight.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is a  sap of the sugar maple, red maple, or black maple tree. In cold weather, these trees store starch in their roots and trunks, and once spring comes, that starch is converted into sugar. It’s delicious and a treat.

Image courtesy of reddit/cutelyaware

Indigenous people have used that sugary compound since before Columbus sailed to America. And like all sugar compounds, it’s made of fine crystals. That pic above is what happens if you leave dollops of maple syrup sitting at the back of your fridge for a long time.


Have you ever wanted to do a Bart Simpson style prank? One of those Dennis the Menace mischief makers that stroll into your head mid hangover and seems like a good idea. Something that, if not for your better angels would have landed you in the slammer. 

Image courtesy of reddit/erectile_crocodile

Well, that above, depicted in that pic’, is what happens when someone filters out their better angel and hands the steering wheel to their demons. That’s what happens when you drain a bottle of liquid soap into a fountain. 


We’re about to blow your mind… wait for it… are you ready? Cabbage is the next big thing in flower arrangements. That’s right, next time you’re about to tie the knot, simply go to your local Publix and save yourself a penny or two on that bouquet.

Image courtesy of reddit/FillsYourNiche

Well, cabbage, if properly trimmed and maintained – and not eaten as part of a cuisine – can in fact, blossom and over time sprout beautiful flowers. Dense leaved head of purple, reds, whites, and other colors. That above is what happens in such a case. 

Soap Container

As if an alien life-form, an EBE – Extraterrestrial Biological Entity – had decided to invade your home and set up shop in your bathroom. Call Mulder and Scully cause that below is an X-File in the making. But what are we looking at?

Image courtesy of reddit/g00punch

Well, that pic’ above is what happens when you mix two times of soap in one container. The distinct properties and chemical makeup of each unable to congeal with its cousin. It’s a common phenomenon and one that some people like to partake in to give their bathroom a mystic feel. 


Here’s a fact that’s going to keep you up at night… did you know that chocolate, the one you buy at the store, has at least 8% of insects in it. That’s right, read the ingredients in the back. There are trace amounts of “biological material.”

Image courtesy of reddit/gamergrille

Insects have a habit of sneaking into every stage of production. They are small, and there’s really nothing humans can do to prevent them. One of the most common faux-pass is the chocolate one, but fabric, like the one above, isn’t exempt. Mosquitos can, in fact, sneak into printers. 

The Road

Have you ever been in a hurricane? Unless you’ve been in the middle of a hurricane or a typhoon or a tornado, that pic’ from below will probably seem fake… maybe some digital trick does with some fancy photo-editing tools. 

Image courtesy of reddit/graigrets

The truth is that a hurricane’s destructive power is at times as fierce as that of an atomic bomb. Inside the zephyrs, you’ll get all types of weather phenomena, amongst them localized tornados. Winds so vast and powerful that they can rip the street right out off the ground and move it.


That pic’ blow is the result of a filter gathering up particles of wildfire smoke miles away from the blazing inferno. It’s a damming pic’ that basically tells the viewers all they need to know about the destructive potentiality of smoke inhalation. 

Image courtesy of reddit/ I’m_alwastired

Smoke inhalation is primarily the main cause of death in the middle of a fire. Your oxygen levels are depleted, your lungs choked by the insane amount of toxins, you die asphyxiated before the flames get you. This is a clear example as to why that is. 

The Shirt

In fabric, sun damage, also known as photo-degradation, has a drastic and dramatic effect. Sun damage can cause fabric, no matter how well made they are, to dry out, fade and crack. The sun’s power can destroy a piece of fabric in months and leave it as a husk in its place. 

Image courtesy of reddit/intrepidflow

That above is what happens to a shirt that’s been left for years, under the shade, in the back of a car, with minimal exposure to the sun. Now, just imagine if the conditions might have been a bit less gloomy and more “Here comes the sun.”


Your camera’s shutter speed is one of the most attractive tools it has. A true professional and actual photographer can do marvels with it. They can change the dynamics of a photo without the need of an Adobe filter or some fancy Instagram inspired app.

Image courtesy of reddit/linusnielson

Under the right hands, it’s an amazing tool. Under the hands of an amateur, it’s a nightmare in the making. Things like that above might happen. Look at the kid’s reflection, notice something strange? That what happens when the shutter speed is low. 

Water Damage

That below is what happens when water pipes burst in the middle of a basketball field. Such is the power of water. Water energy and its force are measured in cubic meters per kilogram and can, in fact, be one of the most destructive and constructive forces on the planet. 

Image courtesy of reddit/longjohnsilvaa

Those pipes above burst, and the pressure was so great that it managed to transform the basketball’s arena’s field into a surface of little landmasses and hillocks. We wonder how much that will set the school back in plumbing fees?… a pretty penny, we bet. 

Food Coloring

A Rose by any other name and all that nonsense. Roses have the ability to absorb large amounts of water, and their petals can, in fact, adapt to the color of that water. That why in certain places, you can actually measure out an aquifer’s pollution by the roses in the region.

Image courtesy of reddit/lyssuemiller

Staining the water a rose consumes with food dye can alter a rose’s color. It’s a fun and harmless way to experiment with nature and let your wild side out. Transforming roses and plants into rainbow hues. Its’ easy, and anyone can do it… all you need is water, a rose, and some food coloring. 


The zipper was invented, or at least patented, by Elias How in 1851. He called it the “Automatic Continuous Clothing Closure.” The man didn’t hit the jackpot simply because his branding savvy wasn’t up to par… The name wasn’t marketable. 

Image courtesy of reddit/mathiasbloodaxe

There are dozens of types of zippers, even some developed by NASA, and each, depending on the maker, has a different strength value. The one that curled that hair up above so perfectly probably has a strength value to match those of scuba divers. 


Lightning is a naturally occurring phenomenon. It is an electrostatic discharge between the ground and the atmosphere. It can rise up from the ground due to plasma discharge or heat, or it can rain from above out of monstrous thunderclouds. 

Image courtesy of reddit/mosesmcclure

The bolt from the blue – as early people were prone to call it – has always fascinated humans. Why? Mainly because it is nature at its most hostile and awe-inspiring. That above is what happens when a bolt of lightning hits the asphalt.

Wood burning

What happens if the wood is burned in high voltage? What happens if you use specialized tools in order to tattoo or stencil wood? Well, that below is a prime example of the outcome. Wood is a great medium for artists and was one of the first canvases used by humans. 

Image courtesy of reddit/mtnman720

Wood burning is also a skilled art, one that requires time, expertise, and countless hours of experimentation. Why? Because pieces like that above are one in a thousand. They are unique and if done by a true artisan, irreplaceable and truly unique. 

The Wheel

That below is not a sea urchin… What is it? It’s the outcome of what happens in the middle of an ice storm while a car is in motion. Ice can form rather quickly under the right conditions. It doesn’t need more than a second to solidify. 

Image courtesy of reddit/NeoVeci

That spike wonder occurred in sub-freezing temperatures and is one of the many wonders and awe-inspiring ways ice can leave us flabbergasted. It’s a force that constantly defies expectations and can leave beautiful sculptures in its wake. 

The Drill

Ever had that below happen to you? You’re in the middle of your breakfast, enjoying the day, basking at what it might bring when BOOM, you hear your neighbor down below starting up his weekend obsession with home improvements. 

Image courtesy of reddit/p4r4v4n

You gasp, knowing once more you’re going to need an aspirin. You reach for the pill when out of nowhere, following the shrill of the drill, your feet are almost impaled by a drill head popping out of the ground. 


Nowadays, cameras have fantastic stabilizers. The best of the best, and in many cases, you can take your camera into a storm, jump out of an airplane, and it would still get a rather neat and crips photo. It’s part of their appeal.

Image courtesy of reddit/poppinpez333

But, there was a time when that wasn’t the case. When something as simple as a case of the shakes really ruined a photo. The image above is a prime example of the hell some of us golden oldies had to deal with. 

Oil Fire

Rule number one, one that most people have a nasty habit of learning on their own, never EVER, not even if your life depends on it, put out a grease or oil fire with water. Why? Cause that below is what happens. 

Image courtesy of reddit/poppinpez333

Oil and grease burn at a higher temperature than water. When you toss water into a grease fire, it tends to sink below and is flash-boiled into steam. The steam volcanoes up and makes a tiny yet extremely powerful explosion. 


Ever wonder what happens when you stick a color marker or a highlighter into a microwave and then crank the power up? You haven’t? Why? It’s the sort of thing that keeps scientists up at night. It’s a puzzle for the ages.

Image courtesy of reddit/rainesoo

Well, some Reddit user decided to once and for all lay that enigma to rest. The outcome of their experiment was incredible, to say the least. The Microwave has its own Burning Man festival in the span of 10 minutes. Glorious. 


How many out there had to leave their workplace like it was on fire the minute the WHO organization came on screen and said: “Folks, it’s a pandemic.” No time to grab your things, get home and stay there… just hit the road, Jack.

Image courtesy of reddit/edCatBro

Well, that above is what happens to fruits, veggies, and other perishables that were caught in the cross-fire of the COVID firefight. Hundreds of office managers opened up months after discovering desiccated foods and rancid things waiting for them in office lockers. 


That’s not an egg, that pic’ down below, but what happens when a person has too much time on their hands and is stuck at home for multiple reasons. That below is a coconut that’s been polished to a high sheen.  

Image courtesy of reddit/roctupus420

Why would someone polish a coconut so perfectly?… Well, the question should be, why not? That’s part of the fun behind the human dynamic; you never know what might pop into someone’s head. Something like that pic’ above is what makes strolling Reddit so much fun. 


The whole gummy sweet phenomenon began in the late 19th century in England, precisely Lancashire. Gelatin based gummy candies were first produced by the Fryers Corporation and were initially called wait for it… Unclaimed Babies, we kid you not.

Image courtesy of reddit/sexytimespanda

The whole company expanded and was absorbed by Haribo from Germany. That above is what happens when you stick a gummy worm in the freezer for a period of time. The gelatin-based confectionary expands under the cruel climate change.

Oil Change

Have you ever wondered if the big conglomerates are pulling your leg with that whole “check your oil after 1000 miles spiel?” Well, that below is a clear example of what happens to your motor if you decide to turn a blind eye to their advice.

Image courtesy of reddit/slothsandstuff

That pic’ above is a motor that hasn’t seen an oil change for over 84,000 miles. The mechanism all but destroyed, and every cog and gear was swallowed whole by the grimy stuff—a clear example of why, sometimes, your mechanic is right.


What the hell is AGAR? Agar is a mix of two components, polysaccharide agarose and a smaller molecular component called agaropectin. It is, in essence a jelly-like substance that’s obtained from red algae and was discovered in Japan in1658 by Mino Tarōzaemon.

Image courtesy of reddit/TashaStrum

Agar is used in a lot of Asian Cuisines and has amazing properties. It is also used in microbiology as a growth median inside a petri dish. That above is what happens when an 8-year-old sticks their hand in one of these growth mediums… and the bacteria of that kid mixes with the agar.

Beet Soup

Yup, if you ask us, there’s nothing worse than beet soup. To this day, few, if any, can actually tell you what they find attractive about it. It’s simply yucky. It is a culinary staple on many Eastern European tables and a tradition for those same regions.

Image courtesy of reddit/ThePahntomDullbooth

Well, that above is what happens to beet soap after it’s left out in the open and on a counter for too long. What happens when a 12-year-old decides to risk it and go to bed without any food. The parents thinking it’s a punishment when in reality, the kid is doing the sanest thing possible.

Spray Tan

A spray tan is made from a chemical coupon known as Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and is used in the concentration of the product at about 3-5%. The higher the amount of DHA a product has, increases the shade and intensity of the tan.

Image courtesy of reddit/thiscontradiction

The more DHA, the darker the tan’s color. The compound reacts to the protein present in the skin (keratin), and this in tune is responsible for the pigmentation. Nonetheless, the compound has to stay on for quite a while… That above is what happens when someone starts crying after getting a spray tan.

The Golf Pole

Did you know that more than 51 Americans die from being struck by lightning every year? And did you know that the riskiest activity, the one with the highest number of deaths, is… that’s right… GOLF! Golf followed by boating.

Image courtesy of reddit/tuff_spuff

Why is that? Well, golf courses, of account of those metal poles, attract lightning bolts like moths to a flame. That above is a pic’ one of the dozens, of what happens when lighting hits a golf pole/flag. It scorches the field raw.


The coconut is not only one of the oldest fruits/seeds we humans have consumed. Since ancient times, it has been a primary source of nutrients for humans and, in most parts, an essential tool for building. The origins of the coconut were most likely found in South East Asia.

Image courtesy of reddit/tw272727

That above is what happens to a coconut once you stick it in a freezer for an inordinate amount of time. The fibrous meat plus its oil crystallizing is a spectacular display of nature’s glory. Another cool thing, the coconut is called that because it remained Spaniards of “El Coco”, the boogeyman.


The toy marble is one of mankind’s oldest playthings. Small balls of stone, used for entertainment, have been excavated by archeologists in the Indus Valley near Mohenjo-Daro. In Roman culture, these tiny things were often mentioned. In Egypt, people used to play with marbles.

Image courtesy of reddit/unicornheadbutt

That above is what happens to a marble, which today are mainly made from a composite of glass and other materials (for hardening purposes) when you superheat it and then immediately drop it into an ice-cold drink.


Tree roots have an amazing way of sculpting themselves to their surrounding. They don’t necessarily have to borrow deep or in a straight line in order to latch on to something and grow from those nutrients. They are highly elastic.

Image courtesy of reddit/viskn03

That above is what happens to a tree in a cemetery… Why just a cemetery? Because trees like to seek out food, nutrients, and sometimes they edge into a coffin and start acting like biological vampires. That above is a tree root unearth from inside the head cavity of a cadaver.


The COVID pandemic has a dozen, hundreds, thousand, a million things to hate… Still, it allowed us to see the world in a different light. One in which humanity’s involvement had dipped, and we no longer mattered. A world not as virgin, but untainted.

Image courtesy of reddit/watercatte

Animals prospered, trees grew, Mother Nature went into overdrive during those months. The above is a pic of a fresh stalk of bamboo. One that hasn’t been manhandled and one that obtained rainwater not as polluted as its brothers. Amazing, right?

Vinyl Records

Vinyl records that blast from the past that’s somehow making a comeback… leaving all of us with HD headphones and a Spotify account dumbstruck at the power of hipster and great marketing. What’s next, 8 tracks? Will wonder never seize us.

Image courtesy of reddit/whalejazz12

That above is what happens to a vial record that’s been left out in the sun for too long. Well, for a day. They aren’t the most reliable source of musical entertainment. God only knows why they are coming back in fashion.

Severed Nerve

Did you know it’s not uncommon to have a severed nerve? Some of us have them and aren’t even aware of the fact. Once a nerve is cut or injured, both the nerve and the insulation are broken. The nerve stops the transmission of signals to the brain.

Image courtesy of reddit/WhiskeyForElephants

This in part causes the muscle to stop working and causes a loss of general feeling in the area supplied by the nerve. That above is what happens when a nerve is cut in one part of a finger. Notice how water affects it… there’s no pruning.


Between 2000-2017 there were about 9 bear attacks on humans in the United States. A person living in Ohio has a greater chance of getting attacked by a shark on their vacation than a bear. They are extremely uncommon.

Image courtesy of reddit/WhiskeyThief209

Nonetheless, as that pic’ above documents, attacks on personal property by bears is extremely normal. Why? Bears are curious animals. They love to sneak around and get a look at what’s happening. Play with things. Try to snack on whatever crosses their path.

Lighting 2

Yes, we’ve talked about the destructive power of lighting but have we really delved deep into its constructive power? Doubt it. It’s always “God will strike you down,” and all the jargon. The truth is that lighting gets a bad rap.

Image courtesy of reddit/xycryy

Did you know that there are sculptures and artists that live near the coast and like to stick lightning rods into the beaches? Why? Because if lighting hits them, it creates a natural distal rupture from the melted sand. That above is what happens to a coastline that’s been used in such a fashion.

Outdoor Swimming

Outdoor swimming in -40º… Is simply put… insane. Out of this world and not even worth mentioning. Still, it seems to be a hobby in certain places in the world. Don’t believe us, look at that photo below. That’s proof.

Image courtesy of reddit/youracat

That above is what happens if you decide to jump into a thermal pool, while outside the weather is a cool -40º. The temperature variance tweaks your hairdo, and suddenly you look like a castaway or background player from Narnia.


Play-doh is a modeling compound manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio, way back in the 1930s. In the beginning, it wasn’t a kid’s toy but a wallpaper cleaner. It was reworked and rebranded in the early 50s and sold as an educational toy to different school districts.

Image courtesy of reddit/wumthininteresting

The main ingredients are water, salt, and flour with petroleum additives and retrogradation inhibitors. There are a few more, but in general, it’s safe. Nonetheless, the mixture of all those ingredients can cause the compound to harden and, over time, develop mold… like that pic above.