What Causes Your Lack Of Interest In Exercising

By Stephen M May 9, 2022

One of the common excuses by exercise avoiders is that “I feel too lazy to exercise.” Strangely, most of them are very dedicated and hardworking in other aspects of their life. This means they aren’t lazy but just don’t like engaging in physical activities. What therefore accounts for this?

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Laziness is when one refuses to work or use energy. Does this definition suit you? If not, your unwillingness to work out could be traced to something else and not because you are lazy. Something is keeping you busy, or it may be psychological.

How Your Childhood Experiences Contributes to Your Lack of Interest

Childhood experiences, especially negative ones, can significantly affect your adulthood activities and decisions. It is effortless to repeat things you enjoyed and felt comfortable with during your childhood days. The same applies to the things you hated growing up.

If you loved playing around, dancing, doing hide-and-seek with your siblings, bike, or skate riding, as a child, why can’t you do it now? Why have you lost interest in anything related to body movement? How did you get here? It is time to do away with the notion that you are lazy and find the root cause. Start asking yourself the following questions.

These and more are questions you need to answer to determine why you feel lazy to work out. How are these connected to your lack of interest now? Well, your experiences mostly influence your future decisions. Therefore, if you once received criticisms after an activity, the tendency of you doing it again is very low.

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These were very hurtful experiences; however, you can make amends. You can change your mindset now that you’ve grown and overcome all those fears.