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45 Photos Of Wedding Photographers That Went Above And Beyond

Photographers are rarely given the respect we think they deserve, whether in the fashion industry, or making friends with the lions and zebras in the wilderness. Every special occasion needs a photographer, and wedding photographers are now a breed of their own. They make you and your family look amazing on what might be the most memorable for you and your partner. They usually go to any lengths to make the couple happy. This perfect day must be preserved so that it can be remembered. A huge responsibility falls on the shoulder that carries the camera, with people left, right, and center demanding beautiful photos of their own. Here are 45 images of wedding photographers doing so much more than what they’re paid for! 


Lying down on grass and looking up at the sky is a comfort for some, but not everyone likes the feeling of grass on their back. Sure, we don’t quite get those people, but the world is made up of many kinds. 

Wesley Eisenhauer / Facebook

This photographer ignores his love or hate for lying on grass, and does his job. We see the bride and her bridesmaids happy on her special day. This photo will probably turn out to be absolutely beautiful! Give this man a raise! 


Some might think this photographer is barking up the wrong tree, but if the bride and groom are happy, it’s fine! They look beautiful, and want their photos to come out nicely. They don’t seem to mind. And that angle is just perfect.

Azeez Kenny / Pinterest 

Honestly, we didn’t know wedding photography could be so dangerous, and seeing this just makes us wonder if we would have what it takes to be the best in the photography business. We will leave it to this brave and creative professional.


You might not notice it at first glance, but apart from the photographer – who is risking their life balancing themselves on the railing of a bridge that is perched over rushing water – there might be more people involved in creating this ethereal image.

 u/swingusel / Tumblr

Yell it out when you spot it. But for those who haven’t yet, there is a colleague of the photographer’s holding up the veil and dress of the bride to make it look as magical as possible. The end result was definitely gorgeous.


While the couple hugs each other and celebrates their special and memorable wedding day, the wedding photographer they’ve hired hugs the land and grass, regardless of the weather. It could have been muddy, but they haven’t a care in the world. 


They create art with their eyes and hands, and try to make the bride and groom’s most special day as easy and beautiful as possible. That takes motivation, direction, planning, and the ability to see beyond themselves. They truly can make it a day to remember.


When you look through old photographs from events you were a part of, you see the smiling faces and remember the energy that overtook the room during that event, whether it was a wedding, a birthday, whatever. But there is something that goes unnoticed. 


Yup, it is the photographer and their crew, armed with lights, wires, big cameras, and the ability to catch the perfect opportunity for a priceless photo. We can only imagine how beautifully this shot would have come out in the album. 


We’re low key jealous of this couple, because we can imagine just how in love they are, and they have a photographer who can do justice to their wedding. If you don’t think this photograph would have come out beautifully, please leave. 

SP fotografija / Facebook

But apart from that, look at the posture, the poise, and the confidence with which this photographer stands and takes their shot. Framing, the perfect lighting, angle, and perfectly capturing the couple’s joy is an art learned through a lot of practice. 

Quick Sand

This seems like a sticky situation, and we hope the photographer was paid well for the risk they took of venturing into mud that seems to resemble quick sand. Our question though is, how did the bride get there safely?

u/ohnononononono / Reddit 

No, for real, how did that beautiful wedding dress get across the muddy grass and remain completely stain free in the process? Tell us your secrets! But this a classic example of photographers rocking their profession and going above and beyond.


We love nature, and we hope you do, too! Oh, you do? That’s fantastic, but do you love nature as much as these wedding photographers do? Would you be able to climb a tree to get the perfect shot of your friends?


Yeah, we thought as much. Don’t make us remind you, again, that photographers are way too cool and fear nothing, not even falling off a tree. Art is worth any and all sacrifices, and wedding photographers really know how to give it their all.


Despite all the potential discomfort, it is clear to us that this wedding photographer takes their job seriously, but understands the importance of resting. That’s why they have made the rust colored staircase their bed! Now we understand why they do so many shots from the ground.

@asiachri / Instagram 

There is probably another reason, though, and we are seeing it here. Because of the funky angle they chose, they managed to capture an amazing photo of the bride and groom. We hope they framed this shot and hung it up somewhere! It’s too pretty. 


When you’re short, people bully you for all sorts of things. They assume you can’t reach a higher cupboards, or can’t play basketball, or even have difficulty driving. And this is a situation where being short can work against you!

u/unprofezz / Reddit 

This cameraman has not let his height get in the way of his profession. No ladder? No problem! As long as he has his colleagues around, he will never back away from capturing the perfect moment of the lovely pair. 


For some of us who are fans of photography, it is blatantly clear that this beautify landscape shot could only be taken in beautiful lighting at the perfect angle. This photographer is amazing at their job, and we would like him at our next event, please.


We all might refuse to go into a big puddle just for the sake of an taking an artful photo, but this professional took off his shoes, rolled up his sleeves, and got right to it. Dedicated artists create beautiful end results. 


The perfect crew is one that works together to produce the best photos for the client, and when it comes to wedding photography, there are a hundred things to keep in mind before clicking the shutter. And the right photographer will have all that covered before arriving.

@Slydor1 / Twitter

Dresses have to be positioned perfectly, hair has to be shiny, love has to be in the air, and everyone should be having fun. This is why the crew member is crouching below with no shame to ensure the dress looks perfect. 


Many couples across the globe like to go above and beyond to make their special wedding shoot as fun and magical as possible. Often, their ideas are given wings by the photographer and their team. And the results are something from a glorious dream.


Shooting in the forest with smoke and fire is dangerous, but this is an eco friendly, natural smoke that doesn’t sting the eyes or smell. Trust the photographer to ensure everyone is comfortable, and that the landscape is left untouched!


We’re starting to think photographers either don’t get enough sleep when they need to, or really like lying down on paths and floors that are not the ideal spot for a nap. What do you think? Maybe we’re missing the point?

@salihtazz / Instagram

This groom and his groomsmen seem so ecstatic about this pose that if we were their photographer, we wouldn’t have been able to deny this pure and joyful request. Here’s hoping they all landed safe and well, and didn’t injure themselves! 


Whether this is for shade or an after effect, one thing is for sure: photographers know how to make magic happen with whatever everyday objects around them. And of course, the wedding dress is one of the absolute best props.

@16laorussian / Twitter

As artists, photographers view possibility in everything that exists around them, and use this artist’s eye to make their art is the best it can be. Can you imagine how lovely this picture would look framed on a large white canvas?


This may not be for the faint-hearted viewer. If you and your partner love the mountains, are athletic, and not scared of heights, this photo idea might become your theme for your dream wedding. It really is one of the most stunning photos on this list.

@jaMBu.fuNny / Facebook

If you’re scared of heights, but are looking for an adventure, and have a partner you want to do this with, pro tip: don’t look down, at all. Best of luck! We have no words for this photographer; they’re too skilled to need our two cents.


Waterproof make up for the bride? Check. A flowy wedding gown that looks amazing in water? Check. A crew that is comfortable going under water to do an amazing shoot? Check! Everything is set for this unique couple’s incredible shoot, and we wish we had the final results!


Photography equipment is heavy, and unless you’re a risk-taking photographer, you’re gentle with your camera and gear like they’re small children. Evidently, this photographer has everything in place and knows exactly what they are doing. We can’t help but admire them.


If you’re a wedding photographer, we think you might need some training in yoga if this is the kind of stuff you need to do to get that perfect image. If not, at least make sure you stretch every day.


We’re worried this photographer may have, at one point, fallen into the pond, so if you’re like this one, maybe also learn how to swim and float. Your client wants the perfect shot and you need to deliver, like this guy did.


When photos are developed, edited, and finally delivered to this beautiful bride, we’re sure she was happy with how she looked against the natural green that surrounded her. But we’re unsure of whether the same can be said for the photographer.

@loayshobaki1 / Facebook

Natural bodies of water like these are rarely ever touched by humans, and the risk of fungi, infection, and injury worries us. But as we’ve said time and again, photographers have got guts! She looks so natural with that camera, regardless of the pose or location!


Look, did we say this could happen? Yes. Did it happen? Yes! If this photographer was curled up on a tree branch as thin as the one visible in the picture, that fall was kind of inevitable. Even so, we hope he finished the shoot!


But hey, at least he did a semi summersault and fell in a way that seems to have made the groom and the bride laugh a little. Slightly weird, but all in all, we hope the fall wasn’t too bad and he’s okay! 


No ladder, no staircase, no base, no foundation, just a human body climbing on top of another human body to increase height and depth in this beautiful couple’s wedding photograph. We’re sure this sweet-looking couple got amazing shots. both photographers look like they’re enjoying themselves!

 u/humloveers / Reddit

The photographer’s focus – even though the love displayed by this couple could have been really distracting – is commendable. The “ladder” in this case seems strong and reliable, and hopefully they both have insurance, and a whole lot of mutual trust! 


If we don’t define human nature with the sheer existence of this photo, we don’t know how else to. It seems almost insensitive for this photo shoot to be happening, even though there really isn’t anything morally wrong in it.

u/humloveers / Reddit

Would you choose a construction site as a spot for your romantic photographs with your partner? We’re split. But the photographer’s job is to not care, and not caring is what this one is up to! And it will certainly be a very unique series of photos!


This looks like a perfect placeholder image for the photo frames you find at large home décor stores. It is a classic black and white, and shows the couple having fun and in love on a ride they obviously love. 

@naribana1 / Facebook

With the right gear and skills, a photographer can turn this moment into a beautiful memory that graces this couple’s walls in their shared home. Wedding photographers will do anything to make a client happy, and for that, they have our respect.


Look, grips, crew, gear, and equipment are all very expensive, and very often a photographer’s talent is such that they really deserve much better cameras than they can afford. Sometimes, the clients can’t afford the whole crew, so the lone photographer must improvise.

@pamelaorellanaphoto / Facebook

So what do they do? They use the body they were given, and use it to their entire advantage. Using their toes to help create a drift in the bride’s gown is not just genius, but a hack every photographer should test. 


This photographer might look like they’re sunbathing or taking a quick power nap while the bride decides which angle and pose suits her the best, but we can assure you that is definitely not the case here. He is hard at work.


We can’t help but wonder though; the scene is beautiful, so is the background. The waves beneath them look absolutely calm and cooling. How are they not closer to the water? The photographer could float on the water if they wanted. 


Everyone knows the most popular phrase taught to children as they grow older: “sharing is caring.” But have you ever seen a production crew sharing one umbrella in the rain to ensure their gear doesn’t get damaged while getting the dreamiest shot possible?

@fixdanang / Facebook

Creative professionals like photographers really will go above and beyond to ensure you and your partner are happy with the results and vision of your wedding. That’s adorable. And when the crew is tight, and shares so nicely, it must make the work that much more fun.


If the photographer you’ve hired for your wedding shoots is willing to put on a swimsuit and follow you into the ocean with their gear in tow, you’re in luck; this photographer could never let you down. A true ride or die.


Risking sand, water, and moisture from the air affecting the equipment is a risk only an experienced and confident artist would take, and this proves again what we’ve been saying all along; wedding photographers are angelic and the highly-skilled ones just wow us.


We like the hats the crew members are wearing! They all have different styles, but they work so well together. They know they’re on the job and maintain the perfect lighting to the best of their abilities, allowing the photographer space to do their thing.

@salihtazz / Facebook

We bet this image turned out like a butterfly or bee was spying on this couple’s cute kiss and was in awe of how human beings can love each other so much. How adorable! We’ll never get over the dedication of wedding photographers.

Another Water

We’ve covered water shoots before, but we just had to highlight this; the image below is from a nighttime shoot! Meaning they were in water with their equipment, gear, crew, and enthusiasm to create memories for the happy couple in the middle of the night! 


Everyone looks so happy and content with how things are going at this shoot, and to be honest, we’re really glad. Often weddings can become a headache for many couples. To see them having fun together and making memories is incredibly special. 


We don’t know about you, but we definitely see a robot in white holding the light reflecting device to ensure that the sun hits all the right spots and makes the bride and groom glow. Okay, maybe it’s not actually a robot.

@deemotionwedding / Facebook

In hindsight, that is definitely a person there to ensure that the photographer lying on the ground has the shadow over him so the couple looks luminescent. A member of the crew doing the necessary adjustments on the side is a cherry on the cake. 

And More Water

We promise we know that this is perhaps the third water-based photo shoot that we’re showing the behind the scenes moments for, but we can’t get over just how elegantly these photographers manage to pull this off while the couple is struggling! 


Just proves that photographers can handle anything and everything you throw at them, and they really shouldn’t ever be taken for granted. Someone as integral as they are in capturing and preserving your wedding memories deserves all the praise. 


When the weather just doesn’t agree with the dreams and aspirations of the bride, groom, and the photographer who planned for this moment and client for days, adjustments have to be made! But a good photographer is always prepared!

@deemotionwedding / Facebook

This photo probably came out looking as magical as a dark night in one of the Harry Potter movies. God bless photographers and their patience! If this isn’t out-of-the-box problem solving, we don’t know what is. Everyone should get a photographer like this for their big day!


If anyone needs a definition of dedication, this might be the best picture to show to them. We wonder why photographers bother wearing such fancy suits if they’re going to get ruined? We guess a quick brush off is good enough for the guys behind the camera.


You think this artist took a rest here? We totally would have if we were in his position. But this guy is a professional, and certainly knows what he’s doing better than we would! Our hats are off to you, sir!


It’s obvious that, along with patience for finding just the right lighting and angle, along with deciding about the flash, this photographer is also great at influencing the photograph with realistic editing. The couple looks like they’re in a Hollywood production! 


The number of cars behind the bride and groom would have been an issue for the friend who you call a photographer because they have amazing Instagram account. Not for this professional, nope! Just them, their love, and the sunset. 


It looks like the bride, groom, and their friends are shooting a really cool music video, or a magazine cover, from the early 2000s, and we’re digging it. Unfortunately, we don’t have the final result for this one. What a cool concept!

 u/britsgotchrist / Reddit

We hope the photographer sees this through the same happy lens (hehehe) that the wedding party seems to be enjoying, but considering his posture, he might need to stretch a lot. This professional must know how to make sure he doesn’t pull a muscle! 


Don’t have a mirror to put in the mud to get the best reflection of the wedding couple ever? No worries, there is almost always a puddle lying around waiting to be used by a photographer for this exact purpose. 


You’ll find your puddle, we’re sure. We’re rooting for you; don’t give up. With the puddle, you might also find your one true love and get married to them! Romantic things happen when there is water and camera equipment present. 


There is finally a ladder in this series, and not a man standing or sitting on top of someone else’s shoulders to get the perfect shot! This seems like a more well-funded crew as compared to some the ones we saw earlier.

@aocuoinganhanongcong / Facebook

The creative direction seems to work really well, too. The veil looks beautiful and the team and the couple have obviously brainstormed this shoot to ensure it’s a beautiful and lasting memory. The muslin tent is really lovely touch to an already gorgeous photo!


The water under the bridge looks very refreshing and enticing enough to relax anyone who takes a quick dip. But we’re sure the photographer has fastened himself on the railing so that they don’t tip over. Straddling bridge railings must be a Photography 101 topic.

@AuCuoiNganHa / Instagram 

We’re not sure, but we hope so! Imagine your photographer falling into the water while you and your partner muster up the courage to do a cheesy pose in a public place. That’s a massive oops! But we admit those photos would be great.

Lean on Me

They say a person’s best friend is there for them to lean on when the going gets tough. We would like to introduce the role of the puller. Here you don’t lean on your friend, but you sure depend on them.

@aocuoinganhanongcong / Facebook

How? By ensuring they don’t let you fall for or on the wrong things and people! Holding you by your pants so you get the best angle to view your subjects, and swinging you back once you’re done. Perfect friends.


This is slightly different from the other water photographs we’ve seen from some beautiful and graceful couples. In this, the photographer looks like they’re observing animals in the wilderness and is at a distance. We wish we had this artist’s eye.

@Andersostman / Instagram

Notice how the photographer is not in the scene in the water, and the couple is doing their own thing and having fun, allowing the photographer the space to observe the couple in order to capture their joy and love. 


Apart from water, one of the most consistent thing this compilation of photos has seen are what we’ve been calling photographer’s naps. Naps here, there, everywhere. On a rock, on a mountain, on a beach, on a road, and highways! 


We don’t really know whether to call these wedding photographers unabashedly unashamed to a fault or innovative. We also love the humor in this one – she, or someone, photoshopped her into their cute photo. We hope this was a good laugh!


What, you thought the bride and groom and their drunken friends are the only photograph-worthy aspects at a wedding? How ridiculous. The effort that goes into décor is unimaginable. Artsy photos of the flowers make for great background photos in fun collages!

@wesaestheticander / Instagram

So, the flowers and décor definitely deserve to be shot and stored away in wedding albums for years, so you can remember the aesthetics of your wedding, and the painstaking attention to the details you and your partner maybe fought over. 


Frankly, we’re as lost as you are at this point. There seem to be ornaments to ensure that the bride’s dress and veil don’t float in different directions, but we can’t figure out why the groom is being hugged by the crew. 


Did he need some moral support to be able to look into his gorgeous wife’s eyes and pose with her in public while a shutter clicked around him nervously? What do you think? We know we are the ones missing something and the photographer knows exactly what he’s doing.


We thought only Spiderman had the license to hang from trees at that height, but we guess we’ve been proven wrong by this last image, huh? Because whether he has a license or not, this photographer definitely has the core strength to stay on the tree for as long as he needs. 


We just hope he doesn’t fall down, because there isn’t grass to support him, but the bride and groom lying down and posing for his camera. They all might incur injuries, and no one wants this lovely couple or this hard working photographer to go through anything like that.