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Genius Or Lazy? 45 People Who Found Ways To Maximize Results With Minimum Effort

We can’t help but admire and sometimes get jealous of very productive people, and we often wonder how they do it. We all have the same number of hours in a day, but they just seem to achieve so much more than most of us. Then some don’t like to do things the way they’re expected to but prefer to find their own solutions. It can’t be denied that sometimes being smart is confused with being lazy. How could you call seeing ways to conserve energy and time being lazy? Here we have compiled photos of people we’d like to describe as creative who have thought of the most brilliant solutions. Each of us can determine if we think these people are lazy or geniuses.

#1 Forget Santa, just put Grinch in there

The holidays are just around the corner and as early as you might think it is, some people have already started decorating their homes for Christmas and New Year. In some parts of the world, the festive season starts on the first day of fall.

Image courtesy of Cradnee/Reddit

Usually, for Christmas, most people go all out with their decorations. However, this dad wasn’t having any of that. Why put up the Christmas tree and plenty of lights when you can opt to do as little as possible? Forget Santa, just throw the Grinch in there a single string of lights.

#2 Think this will make a good meal?

The reality is not all of us are talented and skilled when it comes to cooking, but most people at least know how to fry an egg or make instant noodles. We want to be as healthy as possible, but sometimes we just don’t have the time to prepare meals, so we just eat out or get food delivered.

Image courtesy of pocketsand_shashasha/Reddit

This person doesn’t do any of those. He’d much rather just pile whatever he can find in his kitchen into his bowl until it’s filled up. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mix of fruits, vegetables, sweets, and what-not. That’s a nice meal!

#3 Thanks for the tip

This guy ordered pizza from Domino’s but was too lazy to pay for his order at the door. So, he wrote a note telling the delivery guy to help himself to the $20 and just leave the pizza. Really, who wants to wear pants?

Image courtesy of cn2092/Reddit

At least, he was nice enough to give the guy a tip because we know how much these delivery people and fast-food staff could use some extra money. But we’re just wondering why we didn’t think of this earlier.

#4 Best way to water plants without even trying

Since we’ve been stuck at home, people all around the world have been discovering that they have green thumbs. Well, we’d like to specify some people. Anyway, we all know that if you want to have plants in your home, you must water them regularly.

Image courtesy of Chouette4u/Reddit

If you’re too lazy to water your plants, you can do what this guy did and put your plants in your bathtub. If you need to water them, all you need is to turn on the shower, and you’re good to go. The only problem you’ll have is you lost access to bubble baths.

#5 Smart, not lazy

This is something we consider smart and not lazy. We should all heed what Bill Gates said about hiring a lazy person to do a hard job because they will find an easy way to do it. This is a very good example of that.

Image courtesy of LoosechangeNYC/Reddit

Throwing away paint roller trays is a waste, and it’s too difficult to clean them. So this smart solution is something we should apply: put the tray inside a bag. Once you’re done, you can just turn the bag inside out, remove the tray, and throw the bag away.

#6 Get your cat to help you

What do you do if your light switch is too far from you and you don’t feel like getting up? Go to sleep with the lights on, or do you think of a way to get some help? This guy opted for the latter most creatively.

Image courtesy of That’s Waisis/Facebook

Cats like to chase laser lights, so he made sure that this would work to his advantage. He pointed the beam at the light switch so that once it jumped and tried to paw the laser, it would hit the light switch, and it was a good night for them both.

#7 This man is a genius

Some people might think this man is just plain lazy, but we think he’s a genius. It’s a hassle, and it can be tiring to hold your phone all day long. What do you do if you’re on a long flight and want to watch a movie or show on your smartphone?

Image courtesy of kimantor1/Reddit

Do what this man did, and you’ll never have to complain. Put your phone in a plastic bag and hang it on the seat in front of you and you voila, no more problems! Don’t you think that’s just plain genius?

#8 Too lazy to go down

Here is another clever solution you can use in your everyday life if you live on the second level and your garbage can is on the ground level. It can be troublesome to go down and up again just to throw garbage, especially if it’s raining.

Image courtesy of swagondemhoes/Reddit

Solution? Tie a thick string to the handles on your garbage cans so you don’t have to go out. All you need to do is pull the rope, and it will open the garbage can. You can throw your trash out from the balcony.

#9 Why even bother to go to the concert?

If we were this man, we wouldn’t even bother paying a lot of money for the concert ticket only to go there and lie down like that and film everything in a GoPro. Then again, we don’t know how good of a time he had earlier.

Image courtesy of dutchy4233/Reddit

We can understand these people. You have a few too many beers, but you still want to see the action onstage. If you ask us, this is an intelligent solution for those of us who love music but are always sleepy.

#10 Are people too lazy to return their grocery shopping carts?

People are too lazy to walk 50 feet or less to return their grocery shopping carts; we have seen this many times and in many places. People often end up leaving their carts in parking spaces or wherever it is convenient for them.

Image courtesy of Barack-OJimmy/Reddit

You might say that if everyone put the carts away, there wouldn’t be a job for cart collectors. Incorrect! They still have to take them back inside, but it’s so much easier for them (and the people trying to park) if we all put them in their little cubbies.

#11 Really now?

The first thing we found ourselves saying after this photo was, Wow! Did the original person hang the square clock before the pole was put in? It isn’t so difficult to move the clock just 2 to 3 inches from where it is.

Image courtesy of RF_Guy1654/Reddit

Unless it’s blocking a huge hole where the old timepiece was mounted (which is what we think). But the maintenance guy who came up with this solution was a cape-less hero, no doubt. At least everyone can tell when they’re late to class, and that’s all that matters.

#12 When laziness meets intelligence

Often, the laziest people also tend to be the smartest. They think out of the box and come up with the most ingenious solutions that most of us wouldn’t even dream of. A good example is this person’s sister who thought of putting a soda can chute in their basement.

Image courtesy of manderpants/Reddit

Well, it can be a hassle to have to go down the stairs just to throw a single soda can in the tiny recycling can. Why bother when you can do it from the top of the stairs, with the help of a pipe on the railing? We give this one 10 out of 10.

#13 Give this boy a medal

We are certain that this little boy is going to grow up and achieve a lot of things in life. He’s showing signs of high intelligence even at his young, tender age. So Momma, get ready to give your little one a medal and a treat.

Image courtesy of MerryAntoinette/Reddit

Would it shock you if you saw your 5-year old watching a show on his iPad like this? This genius hack allows him to lie down and watch shows hands-free at the same time. Why try so hard when you can opt not to, right?

#14 Do you wanna build a snowman?

Some of the joys of wintertime are sitting in front of the fireplace, having a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows, and building snowmen and snow angels with family and friends. But if you’re the lazy type, none of those things will appeal to you.

Image courtesy of Imindless/Reddit

This person might not be lazy, judging from the looks of the snowman he created. It’s not the ideal image we have of a snowman, but we’ll give him props for it. He used what was there, which is what we call ingenuity.

#15 Eww, that’s just filthy

Lazy people are sometimes not the cleanest people. It has been days since this person washed his dishes, and it seemed that life just had too much of his lazy ways that it found a way to prompt him to finally wash his dishes.

Image courtesy of atafies/Reddit

How? By making sure that something came out of the sink. Fortunately, it wasn’t a snake or anything dangerous, just a little plant. There must have been plenty of soil and leftover food in there, and it sprouted a new life.

#16 Whoever did this made us laugh

Some people deserve an award for using their laziness to find ways of simplifying things, and some… well, some people out there need to reconsider some of their lazy moves. We imagine the manager was not pleased with this at all.

Image courtesy of EkkoWan/Reddit

This was seen on Target, and we’re a little impressed that they’d have the gall to dress a mannequin this way. We don’t think the store necessarily lost business because of this, but it would have caught our eye for the wrong reasons.

#17 Uber for birds

If you think Uber and Lyft are unique to humans, you’re mistaken. Even creatures in the avian world hitch a ride, and the best thing about it is that they don’t have to pay. They get the lift for free.

Surfing Bird on Hawk
Image courtesy of

This looks superior to the public transportation we humans have to endure daily. Not only is our commute slow and crowded, but it also doesn’t show us the world from a different perspective. This bird doesn’t even know just how lucky it is.

#18 Signing yearbooks made easy

One of the things a lot of people remember about their high school lives is going from one teacher to another and asking their favorites to sign their yearbooks. Well, not just teachers, but fellow students too. Ah, the memories!

Image courtesy of Jameseatscheese/Reddit

This teacher loves his students, but he hates signing yearbooks, especially when vacation is so close. It can be hard on your hand and wrists to sign hundreds of yearbooks, so he had a rubber stamp with a little note and his face.

#19 Can’t even be bothered to Photoshop

Before you renovate your house or rearrange and redecorate, it’s recommended that you Photoshop things onto the space first so you can see how the finished product looks. This way, you can tell if you like it or not before you even start making changes.

Image courtesy of nizzbo/tReddit

But, let’s face it, Photoshopping takes some time, and those that can’t be bothered would rather take some shortcuts to save themselves the effort and time. That description fits this guy to a T. It works just as well, honestly.

#20 Work it for the cameras

Having a big house has perks and disadvantages. An advantage is that you have plenty of space and there is always a place for everything. A disadvantage is that you have to walk long distances to get to different areas.

Image courtesy of itoa5t/Reddit

Since this woman was cooking something and didn’t want to check up on her pot every few minutes, she thought it would be better to just Skype it. After all, the trek from the living room to the kitchen can be a long one!

#21 We think this is a life hack

There is a fine line between lazy and life hack, and we think this one fits the former. This is a fantastic idea which everyone can try in their own homes. If you tell your husband to put away the Christmas tree, you’d natural think he’d box up all the ornaments and disassemble the fake tree.

Image courtesy of 342636_stephy_a/Reddit

This wife’s husband thought there was no need to go through all those steps. Reduce the steps from 5 to 1 and save yourselves time and energy. Just wrap the entire tree with cling wrap and put it away in the basement. When the next Christmas comes, all you have to do is take it to the living room and unwrap it.

#22 Yup, can’t argue with that

If there is one thing that demonstrates a person’s laziness, this is it. They can’t even be bothered to finish putting up the sign for all the symptoms of laziness. They only got to number 1. No explanation, no nothing, just the number.

Image courtesy of pech/Reddit

Okay, fine. This is totally a pun, and we are big fans of it. It’s right up there with, “procrastinators of the world, unite… tomorrow.” It is also a visual reminder that, along with laziness, humor can be found everywhere.

#23 Drink lazy

You can say what you want, but this guy won’t be spilling his drink – at least on himself. The table is already close to him, but he decided he would feel more comfortable sitting back and chilling with his straw.

Image courtesy of Barkboy63/Reddit

He also made sure that he wouldn’t have to get up from his seat by connecting several straws so he could just sit there and continuously take a sip from his glass. Check out the other person’s face. “Why didn’t I think of that?”

#24 Fashionable but lazy at the same time

Who says you can’t be fashionable and lazy at the same time? This lady proves that you can, and people will hardly notice the lazy part, as long as you find the proper footwear. We would have thought that most ladies love to paint their toes.

Image courtesy of YordiRosado/Twitter

But judging from this photo, it seems not everyone does. This woman only painted what would be exposed, only those that people get to see. Whichever nails are concealed in her footwear won’t get painted at all. Makes sense to us!

#25 Disco ice lights

This man was mighty proud of how he left the Christmas lights out even during a snowstorm because it paid off. Thick ice formed around it while reflecting different lights. We can say it looks good but we hope they don’t start falling.

Image courtesy of nieman23/Reddit

Those are literal daggers waiting to fall on someone who walks out of the house. You know what they say, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. This disco ice is clever but it will probably melt by morning.

#26 Parents think of the most ingenious solutions

Toddlers are a real enigma. Sometimes it takes so much to entertain them, but other times, if you give them a simple cardboard box and some markers, they can be left alone for hours on end, happy and contented.

Image courtesy of youandmeandrainbows/Reddit

The little boy was just left inside a big box with a few colored pens, and he hung out in there for a long time. He was just happily scribbling away without questions. It is so nice when kids can entertain themselves.

#27 Why bother buying a nightstand in the first place?

A chest of drawers is a valuable piece of furniture in the home. You can stash many things in there, such as your clothes, a variety of knick-knacks, and whatever else you can think of. They make a good bedside table too.

Image courtesy of ImWadeYo/Reddit

We’re just asking why this guy even bothered to buy a nightstand if he wasn’t going to assemble it in the first place? He just put his alarm clock and lamp on top. Hey, if it works, it works, right?

#28 Same here, bro

Do you prefer dazzling Christmas lights, or are you an advocate of minimal decorations? Check this out, and you will know exactly which category you belong to. Can you say that lazy people belong to the same category as minimalists?

Image courtesy of drukqsx/Reddit

Anyway, the person living in the house on the left can’t be bothered to spruce up and decorate his home, even if it’s the holidays. Since his next-door neighbor has gone all out on decorations, he just put up lights that said DITTO.

#29 Not a good use of your time

Sometimes our laziness backfires, and that’s what happened to this guy. He bought someone a gift but forgot to bring the wrapping paper with him. It was in the car, but he was too lazy to go to the garage and get it.

Image courtesy of fancymcbacon/Reddit

He wrapped the gift in some used clothes, and he was even nice enough to put a pink ribbon over it. The only problem was the time and effort it took to do that was considerably more than just getting the wrapping paper from the car.

#30 Wish we had this technology

This place is so technologically-advanced that we only hope our offices can catch up by the end of the decade. Talking for a long time on the phone can strain your hands and shoulders, but you can say goodbye to all of that with this technology.

Image courtesy of unstablereality/Reddit

With this hands-free technology, you can be on the phone for hours and do other things, such as type, play games on your phone, or browse on your laptop. Or you could just connect the phone system to a headset if you want.

#31 We don’t know what to say, mom

Often, parents are more than happy to do things for their children. It doesn’t matter how old they are; parents want to take good care of their kids, except maybe when they are too tired or when they are having bouts of laziness.

Image courtesy of sophiebillo1/Twitter

In this case, both parent and daughter are having bouts of laziness, so the dog had no choice when dragged into the situation. The daughter was too tired, and mom was too lazy to bring her charger. The dog ended up being the courier. Look how proud he is!

#32 Dad, you made an effort with this one

We have to hand it to this dad; he just may be the laziest person on this list. He wasn’t encouraged by the holidays around the corner. That would not prompt him to exert more effort trying to decorate the house with Christmassy things.

Image courtesy of JessicaRabbit4/Reddit

Why bother to go out, pick a tree and bring it back home when he could find something is lying around the house? Does it matter if it’s an air freshener for cars in the shape of a Christmas tree? Not only did he save energy, but he also saved money too.

#33 Make good use of space

This guy would like to think that he isn’t lazy. On the contrary, he made sure that he made good use of space, regardless of its size. Why throw the tissue roll out when it still has enough space for more cardboard?

Image courtesy of Dylsta23/Reddit

People on the internet say this is also an excellent way to save space in the recycling bin. They even have a few recommendations on what other things it could be used for, such as a hamster or rabbit toy. Gotta hand it to the netizens!

#34 This guy wins the dad of the year award

When you leave children with their fathers, they often say that you have to be ready to expect the unexpected because dads are not conventional like moms. They tend to be creative when watching over their kids, and they don’t apologize for it.

Image courtesy of Reddit

Take this dad, for instance. He wanted to enjoy his drink in peace and ensure that his daughter was safe on the swing. We never knew that there was a way to do both with convenience. We will try this next time and see if our kids let us get away with it.

#35 Happiest birthday to you!

If this happens to you, there are only two reasons, either your family and friends are just plain lazy, or they don’t like you at all and wish you ill, or worst, both. How pleased would you be if you got a cake like this?

Image courtesy of Entermeus

We’re pretty sure that you wouldn’t have a smile on your face if you saw this. They had the energy to buy go buy you the cake mix but they couldn’t just buy you a ready-made cake? It would have taken the same time and effort. We’ve decided this was a joke.

#36 She’s never getting up again

We’d like to think that laziness has different levels. There’s the tired lazy, woke up lazy today, and the born lazy. Would you like to guess where this girl belongs? She thought it would be too much of a hassle to get up from bed and do something on her laptop.

Image courtesy of Lyxodius/Reddit

So, she built a swing to float over her bed so she didn’t have to get up again if she needed to press or do what-not on her laptop. Yup, we think she belongs in the last category, the born lazy people. Also, the genius category.

#37 Why not just adjust the clock?

At times people take shortcuts to save energy and time, and we completely understand this. After all, why would you want to go through 20 steps when you can achieve the same results by doing only five steps, right? Sounds intuitive.

Image courtesy of Madfruit

Why opt for solution B when it takes the same time and effort as Solution A, which is the best. They could have just adjusted the clock, which would have taken roughly the same amount of time as writing a note and climbing on a chair to paste it.

#38 Google knows everything

This is funny and sad at the same time. It’s more than just an employee being so lazy that they can’t be bothered to answer questions or assist tourists that they would rather direct people to Google. This tablet works there now.

Image courtesy of frivus/Reddit

To us, who prefer doing our own research, this isn’t so bad. But it does take away the coolest part of having a live person at the information desk. If they’re locals, they can give you way better information than Google.

#39 Not a bad parent

If you’ve spent all your energy at work that you find yourself exhausted the moment you get home and can no longer walk the dog or play with your kids, does that make you a bad parent? We don’t think so. Just like everyone else, parents are humans too.

Image courtesy of NoTrickWick/Reddit

They get tired and fed up, but no matter the circumstance, you still do your very best, just like this parent. His daughter wanted a fort and asked him to help her build one; he no longer had the energy, so he just covered the top of the bed with a fitted sheet. Not bad, Dad!

#40 Cereal killer on the loose

Do lazy coworkers grind your gears, or are you the lazy coworker? When you share space with others, you have to be mindful of your habits, including picking up after yourself. This is irrespective of if you have cleaning staff or not.

Image courtesy of unthused/Reddit

This fellow though would rather be the most hated as long as he doesn’t have to clean up his mess, even if it’s been jokingly made modern art by others. The response is so passive-aggressive and creative, we give it the slow clap.

#41 These appliances are going places

The kitchen is one of the most difficult places in the home to organize, especially if you have a multitude of cooking appliances and utensils. Most people have mixers, blenders, good processors, pressure cookers, air fryers, and a slew of other things.

Image courtesy of whisk_kid/Reddit

This man didn’t want to have to carry them from one place to another, especially because some of them can be heavy. So, he made wheels for them. Well, if he hears a sound at night it’s probably just the mixer rolling to the living room.

#42 Going round and round

Mowing the lawn is something that a lot of people dislike doing, however, it’s something that must be done if you don’t want your yard full of overgrown grass. A lot of people grudgingly go about the task. And then there’s this family.

Image courtesy of Madfruit

They managed to find a way to make it energy-saving and funny. No one wanted to move around in circles mowing. Thus, someone came up with this trick. Before seeing the picture, we would have said it would never work.

#43 At the edge of laziness

We’re not denying the fact that we also take shortcuts. If we think that a path takes a long time and a lot of energy to follow, we’ll make another one that is easier and shorter. After all, that’s the reason why we have brains, right? To make difficult things easier?

Image courtesy of Aukrust/Reddit

You’re not going to save a substantial amount of time with that shortcut. Maybe a few seconds at most. We would say there’s no sense cutting a path through the grass to save a few seconds, but we think we’ve all done this.

#44 Another child with genius-level IQ

This child must be a friend of the previous one on this list who was watching a show on his iPad or maybe this is the same child, only he’s gotten older. What do you think? Their brains seem to work on the same frequency.

Image courtesy of voiceofreasoninchaos/Reddit

This is a young intellectual, no doubt about it. He knows his ways and he’s cleverer than most adults we have seen. His parents must be very proud of him. They just have to make sure that the tablet doesn’t fall on his face.

#45 Who needs a costume when you just use tape?

Halloween is a time when people go into the world of make-believe and pretend to be someone they are not. It has become more of a holiday for adults rather than a holiday for small children threatening to egg houses.

Image courtesy of beingginger/Reddit

We have to give it to this guy because he resembles the artist very well that he doesn’t have to put in much effort. Just a tape on the ear and instant costume. If you haven’t guessed who he is supposed to be until now, we’ll give you a clue: “Starry Night.”